How to love... in Dutch? ❤️🇳🇱

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I made a huge mistake:

I fell in love with a Dutch man...

and if I knew at that point how hard it will be to speak...

I would cut the relationship off

at that moment!

Each time you meet with a Dutch guy and you speak in Dutch...

he is positively surprised with the fact you try Dutch.

They don't care about the mistakes.

And somehow I think that it even makes guys feel better

that they can show the proper way of saying it.

They can teach you something.

They are like... "Can I explain you this..."

I met a Dutch woman in my home country, in Ireland.

And eventually that us led to here.

My wife and I, we've known each other for 18 years.

And all of a sudden to change from an English spoken relationship

to instantly speaking Dutch is not that realistic.

I attempted it before and we fell over very quickly.

The risk for us is that we keep on talking in English,

because that's what we are used to so far.

So we have a big intention to learn each other's languages.

It's very important.

When I arrived to live here, I put around all my apartment post-its...

everywhere with the Dutch word and the English word.

The very first time he entered,

he saw post-its everywhere...

on the mirror, on the drawers, on the table, even inside the cupboard...

at the beginning his sigh was like...

maybe this is not a good idea to have met this girl.

Just say one word or two in Dutch and he will be so extremely happy.

You don't have to convince a Dutch guy to speak Dutch to you.

It's enough that you show that you try,

that you are keen on.

And then you can steal the heart very easily.

What I've been advised to do, and what's working so far, is...

pick a moment or maybe a couple of situations a day

that you speak only Dutch.

So for us, we've decided that at dinner we speak Dutch.

When we're in the car, I speak Dutch.

Polish men are more like a gentleman.

So, they will open the door for us.

They will take the heavy bags for us.

They will take our coat and open the door in the car...

while Dutch guys don't do it.

Sometimes I was opening the door for Dutch guys.

And for Polish girls that's really something like,

"What the f*** is wrong with them!?"

Don't get upset with the fact that he is not a gentleman.

To his way of thinking he is a gentleman.

And you can be completely yourself,

because Dutch people are really easy going.

They don't judge you.

Through the language you can learn, and feel, and inhale more about values, roots...

So that's the main thing for me.

It's even more important, I guess, than learning the language by itself.

By diving into someone's roots or history

you really extend and expand your boundaries.

It's also very valuable for yourself.