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hey you guys what's up it's me Catherine

and in today's video I'm going to share

my top tips on how to impress casting

directors I know a lot of you guys know

but if you're new to my channel I'm a

working actress I've cast a pilot I work

for an equity theatre company eyes cast

short films and I've been behind the

table on even bigger and more exciting

projects so I'm going to share the top

things that I've learned the things that

I've kind of picked up on in the room

through my experience of a good thing if

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Instagram so let's get into the video so

this first tip is probably the biggest

tip it might seem like a no-brainer but

I am so shocked to see people time and

time again break this rule show up to

your callbacks at auditions off-book

sometimes you have a lot of auditions in

a row and you don't always have time to

get off-book you might have stuff going

on in your real life outside of your

work life I get that but just so you

know it shows a lack of professionalism

it shows that you don't take this very

seriously and it really inhibits your

performance if you don't know the lines

like the back of your hand then you're

wasting precious brain energy trying to

remember things rather than acting if

you're not really good at memorizing or

if you want some tips on how I memorize

things I just did a full video on that

I'll link that down below in the downbar

tip number two do your research know the

directors know the writers know the

original Broadway production if you're

auditioning for a play or a musical if

you're auditioning for a TV show or a

movie know the network know the feel

know the tone know the expectations

you're doing yourself a major disservice

if you aren't going in as well prepared

as you can be

question of the day what part of the

entertainment industry do you want to

learn more about leave it in the

comments down below I always check out

all the comments I always go there

or video suggestions and ideas so if you

have something that you want to learn

more about as an actor or as an

entertainer in this awesome industry

leave it down below I might just do a

video on it tip number three show up

early oh my gosh like again that sounds

like such a basic tip but it is shocking

how many times people are late it's so


honestly like outside of a car accident

or something equally awful there's

really no excuse for you to be late

actors who come in late to auditions

immediately start off with a bad

impression because if you show up late

to the audition you might show up late

to rehearsal or you might show up late

to shooting or a show and you know it

might have just been a one-time thing

there might have been traffic or car

problems or you know whatever stuff

outside of your control but casting

directors really don't care do what you

got to do to show up early if that means

leaving your house ridiculously early to

ensure that you have enough time to

accommodate for traffic and car problems

and getting gas and whatever do it kiss

number four hold your side this is more

of a preference thing I would definitely

say that there are some exceptions to

this test but like 95% of the time holds

your side for those of you who don't

know a side is like an audition side

it's your script that you're auditioning

with basically I know a lot of actors

who are off-book and they want to show

that they're all booked and they know

what they're doing so they won't hold

their side during an audition but you

might drop a line you might forget a

line and even if you're not going to

look at the paper or reference the paper

it's still a good thing to keep it in

your hand just in case you need it I

will say however if you're auditioning

for something really really physical

then maybe don't have the script in your

hand and I think that's one of the few

exceptions that it's okay to ditch the

side kiss number five be super clean and

I don't mean bathing but also bathing I

definitely mean bathing oh my gosh bike

readily nasai mean keep your lines and

intentions super clean

don't let all of your lines and

character choices meld into one dirty


you want it to be defined you want

structure unless you're auditioning for

like a mess of a human then you know go

for it be messy but the majority of the

time keep your lines intentions beeps

shifts character choices stuff like that

super clean on that same train tip

number six make good choices bold

choices make smart choices you have to

make choices about your character

choices about the scene choices about

how you say things and what they mean

did that just kind of rhyme it just

rhymed make clear big and smart choices

don't make a big weird twist just for

the sake of being remembered tip number

seven confident confident Wow confidence

shows big-time like big-time

be confident be strong I know that

auditioning is scary everyone still gets

nervous about auditions I also did a

full video on how to be super confident

how to deal with audition nerve stuff

like that so I'll leave that in the

downbar below if you haven't checked it

out or if you want to see what my tips

are kiss number eight dress

appropriately again another thing that I

thought was like kind of

self-explanatory or very basic I don't

know basic but it's shocking to see how

many people show up to an audition

dressed inappropriately wears something

that would be appropriate for the

character don't wear a costume but wear

something in the same vein as your

character this goes for hair and makeup

too and remember it's always better to

be overdressed than underdressed tip

number nine get physical stand it go

there is a great power in stillness but

depending on the show the situation the

character the company that you're

auditioning for it's okay to bend the

rules interact with the pianist interact

with the reader again this is a

judgement call on your part and it

depends on each different casting

director but every time that I've been

behind the table and there's been an

appropriate situation for people to

interact with the team directly it's

gone really well for them it shows

personality it shows a sense of humor

which is definitely definitely important

depending on

project it shows creativity fearlessness

like I said that's not appropriate for

every audition but when it is it can be

super effective so there you guys go

those are my top tips on how to impress

the casting director remember to leave

your top questions about being an actor

or the entertainment industry in the

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time bye