All about Dominican Men

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one of my subscribers so I'm gonna read

to you what he said and then I'm going

to give my opinion on it okay so let's

go ahead and get started hi newbie I

talked to some friends and we all have

something in common we feel attracted to

black American girls I would like to

hear from you what you ladies think

about Dominican guys so this is I can

only give you my opinion or what I think

about Dominican guys for number one

I find American guys to be really just

not scared of women at all like the men

will just approach you and talk to you

just doesn't even matter they will

always be so flirtatious and really I

remember going to get when Willner and I

were doing the medical for the

immigration process like they're really

strict you can't have your phone they

say no food no drink none of that but

here I am with my big belly just looking

so pitiful and I was there for we were

there for hours you guys and so I

remember getting up first of all I'm

looking for the bathroom if they're like

this Dominican guys huge he just told me

where it is that way okay so I water on

to the bathroom and then I get back and

then like the security guy is coming up

to me with like a slice of pizza and

something to drink you guys amazing is

so in a place where you're not supposed

to have food and drink you know so I

just love house chivalrous

you guys are tourists women in American

culture is hit-and-miss like I'm from

the south

and I live in the south so you know

there is some ship or there are some men

who are still chivalrous but mmm it's

like a 50/50 chance

but in Dominican Republic I find that

like most like 70 80 % of the men are

just like really friendly to the women

what else can I say about Dominican guys

now I definitely will show you a good

time definitely good teachers of the

culture just will show you around invite

you around their family I just I don't

know I don't really have anything bad to

say um some American women really like

the fact that you're foreign so the fact

that you speak Spanish oh god you say

mommy one time and she's just pulling up

her underwear so there's that some women

find Spanish to be attractive I don't

think Spanish is that sexy I like Island

accents I like Island accents and like

those those languages that sound really

really deep when you speak though that's

what I find sexy but some women really

really really really like the way

Spanish sounds a woman so some women

really like that you guys seem to be

pretty passionate and just like take

control so that's another thing and

lastly um some men some men who so women

like the way some women like that

dominican guys come in so many shapes

sizes and flavors like ones that are

blond hair blue eyes all the way down to

the ones who are charged

there's no need if you know your whole

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