How To Tell If A Dominican Woman Likes You | Dating In Dominican Republic

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how can you tell if you're the mini

gunman like you


hi guys welcome back to my channel if

you see first time the channel welcome

if you like American culture learning

Spanish learning Dominican food fashion

and lifestyle you are in the right place

so welcome and on today's video we are

talking about how to tell if you do

minicam movement is interesting you

there are several science that you need

to pick up to tell if you the minicam

movement is interesting today imma talk

about seven signs and most guys in or

when they are around at the medical home

the first one is eye contact that can be

truthful any one but with a dominican

woman is more like a lonely

dominican women are not shy to they

should know today are interested in you

that will happen the first time that

they see you after the initial contact

like for example if you ever meet you I

probably give you the eye contact that's

what we normally do but if you really

really like you imma keep giving the eye

contact us to let you know that I'm

interested typical dominican women don't

approach to mean but they're gonna keep

give you the eye contact just to let you

know that you have they could be like to

approach thing what i notice he is it

even if you give a black eye contact me

will approach you so though computers

like I can tell wouldn't be eye contact

you get the be I contact you have in

shows so go here and make you move

partner I'm the second one she let you

eat into her personal space that also

can be true for any woman but with a

Dominican if it would really like

someone would want you close to all

physically do you don't have to get if

you ship one you in your personal space

you will know by your body language like

for example if you go on a date for the

first time with a Dominican no funny

weird that they hold your hand sit very

close to you or even if they allow for

you to hold hand that doesn't mean that

they want sex or anything that

like you and the next one is she

constantly touches you this is similar

to the last one except that this one

happened when you first meet a woman in

letting the club or bar or any type of

social setting if he/she constantly

touches you and brush up against you

that might be a sign that she like you

but this is one design that doesn't mean

a hundred percent that she's interested

in because the mannequin women are very


so you have to read the sign that she's

giving you before to make the next move

the next one is to flirt with you

dominican women can be be first no

although many young women do because

some does Dominican movement play I'm

left for example when I go out with my

cousin's when I'm in the dr sometimes it

for a lot in the club if they go for

many reasons sometimes for guys to buy

drinks okay to ask us to dance

or even if they are inter significant

but guys don't be reading too much into

that thinking they want something else

more than that it can be true in some

cases but for the most part is just a

cool night out and the next one is she

put a little bit more effort on her

experience and I know that I said before

the Dominican would be take really good

care of their personal life please

but if he should really like you she put

a little bit more effort on her face and

how you know that because she would look

better that the first time do you mean

she will go to the extra mile just for

you and the way that she will do that

she would add some extra makeup she

would put that nice dresses she was

saving for that special occasion with a

nice health and they will do that just

to impress you and the last one and the

easiest way the Dominican

they are interests you they would tell

you straight in your face I like you do

you don't have to read body language

they assist you to science or eye

contact they would take it straight up I

like you if you are looking for a

dominican woman pay attention to this

science and Dom in your day now if you

have makes any other signs or if you

have any comment leave a comment down

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