Things Patients Say At The Dentist (Part 3)

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where do I sit in the chair

oh thank you are you the hygiene how's

it going why are you still here will you

be finished with school okay so did you

free Matt a cake today with Viagra any

new medications nope and then no

allergies correct

nope do you want the first and last days

of my period - okay no other changes in

your health history you don't have any

allergies other than latex ray oh it's

only condoms I swell up and I have to go

to thank merchants Iran so those are

getting the teeth that we just took

pictures of Oh

teeth max please you know like toes

don't they I'm trying to go after all

these x-rays how about you was app this

so I can't have kids anymore

my face feels warm when that x-rays

pointed at me

is that just me or should I be concerned

face feels warm

I I need that like suction the suction

uh-huh oh it's just your spit

you could swallow your don't spit what

one has ever told her to swallow my

don't saliva before but we just took

x-rays okay we'll get started remember I

like it rough

I actually don't think I've brushed my

teeth yet today it's like 4 p.m.

oh I remember to put on my sunscreen

this time sunscreen

well yeah last time I was here that that

light on your head gave me sunburn you

have a really nice eyebrows so who

cleans your teeth mmm am i bleeding am i


oh I 2 more on that side of my mouth so

I tend to get more tartar there I chew

on that side of my mouth so I don't get

as much tartar there did you know I have

a crown here so don't pull it out okay I

can't stop looking at your eyebrows when

I have a suction

we still haven't used water yet it's

just your own spit all right no no I I

do I did there suck should do can you

put that up my nose to clear my sinuses

do you fill in your eyebrows what if I

can't have a cavity on my front tooth

and there's no surface on it I don't

even use my front teeth to chew mm-hmm

yeah well you know my baby did steal all

my calcium from me when I was pregnant

so that's probably why I have all these

cavities mmm piece of broccoli there Wow

I think I had broccoli last week Chinese

food it's a good place last week uh-huh

okay time to polish oh I don't like that

mint prophy paste it makes my feet

tingle please give me the strawberry

this time I hope my daughter has

eyebrows like you one day