How To ACTUALLY Impress a Girl

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welcome back everyone my name is

Gabrielle Moses today I am here to help

you with your relationships once again

today's video is on how to impress a

girl because being a girl know that we

sometimes have highest standards in

their way up here and they should be way

down here but I'm gonna help you get up

to those high standards okay the first

thing you can do to impress a girl is

remembering things sometimes you don't

remember things I don't remember things

cuz but you do need to remember things

so don't forget that fight whenever I'm

singing remember things I'm saying

remember if your girlfriend or the girl

you like has a big test and she's been

studying for it and she's been stressing

over it ask her that next day oh how did

your test go or hey did you think you

did good cuz then that will show that

you care that you want to put forth the

effort to remember something important

to hurt so then she'll think it's

important to you as well and it's just

showing once again that you're caring

and you couldn't even remember other

things like your anniversary date if

you're dating or what her favorite

restaurant is so then you don't have to

keep asking her babe where do you want

to go eat then she'll look at you give

you that look like you should know this

by now we've been dating two and a half

years what you see I do that what's my

favorite restaurant it starts with a

letter men ly manly manly men are also

very impressive you can be manly by

doing just a bunch of different things

one of those things is by doing sports

being athletic because whatever your

athletic it just shows that you work

well with the team it shows that you can

work well with other people that

impresses girls but another thing about

sports that impresses girls is the body


playing that soccer doing YouTube

seriously something about being athletic

girls just thought that and even if

you're not athletic sometimes girls love

when guys are gonna video game / if

they're really good at art it's just if

a guy is really good at something

everyone has to literally be good so if

you don't do sports don't don't worry

you can be good at something else

cooking that's another one you can be a

master chef girls love men who could

cook for them

you can cook pretty well okay girls love

guys who are smart or intelligent who

get good grades because honestly getting

good grades it's hard to do when you're

doing so many other things in high

school like sports if you do any clubs

if you work it's hard to balance

everything especially with fortnight I

never got a chance to see rates to like

video games they're fun to do it's

something having friends going out with

your friends is cool too

but if you can do everything while

having good grades that's impressive

because we I know how stressful things

get like if you have school work if you

have to I have to make you tube videos

after school I have to save my comrades

and fortnight go up god oh geez but it

is a hard thing to do so if you're

getting good grades in school

that's even more impressive if you're

smart okay smart guys are so not even

they don't give up credit it is so

attractive and impressive when a guy is

smart when they could talk about smart

things like molecular biology what I'm a

biology so that's why I think that's

really attractive talk biology to me

maybe I'm gonna lick all your molecules

was that good but whenever they read

things other than comic books I used to

be obsessed with comic books it was

about these four girls he had these

super powers and they were these tight

jumpsuit one had red hair with had brown

hair and Powerpuff Girls no it wasn't


and like silly bloke oh I remember it it

was white purple black round with a

green and pink flower I don't remember

the name of it though Powerpuff Girls no

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a guy is able to have a bigger friend

and make them laugh that's hard to do I

know by experience I'm kind of awkward

sometimes and I'm not the best at

communicating with other human beings so

talking with people I know it's hard so

when a guy has a big group of friends

that could talk what's up they can make

them laugh you know keep a actual

conversation going as a friend that's

awesome like it's hard to do I'm a freak

and I can't ever talk I can't even talk

about video sometimes but whenever I can

talk to another person that shows that

you're not gonna be bored when you're

hanging out with him that he's

interesting he knows how to talk to

other people that he can keep a

conversation going so your date it's not

gonna be boring

the next thing a guy can do is being

polite you know just walking up in front

of a girl opening the door for her

letting her walk through it because

obviously he's gonna walk through the

door so may as well open the door for

her or he can just say please or thank

you it's pretty much just anything just

being polite especially one of the big

ones is when he goes to meet the parents

do the whole manly know you don't want

you don't want that that's a girl

handshake manly shake it grip that hand

and say I will be dating your daughter

eyes deep into their souls and it works

every time my contact is such a big

thing too it's just polite to be looking

at someone in the eyes instead of you

know looking all around like if I'm

doing this video right now and I'm just

turning around not even looking at you

guys watching this video you're not

gonna be interested in what I'm saying

it's hard to have conversation with

someone that they can't even look at you

in the eyes so that's a big thing for me

at least it's not important to you it's

important to me another thing that some

guys might not think of or they might

over think of is acting like an adult

there's times to be funny and act like a

kid but there's times when girls are

stressed out and you just have to take

it is gonna be okay you know stroke her

head a little bit and just say calm down

it's gonna be okay so whenever a guy is

acting their age or acting super mature

that's also super impressive cuz if I

get in a very stressful situation I get

super stressed I start yelling and I my

brain literally stops functioning I

don't know why it happens but my brain

just stops and I'm like I don't know

what to do like if I get too much

homework then I just stop I don't do any

of it I'm like we're just gonna let the

homework do itself guys also have the

tendency to always agree with their

girlfriend or you may not but I know

some guys who definitely do do that

I definitely groove my boyfriend

sometimes just to make him stop talking

okay but seriously if you're able to

have your own opinion like say if she

says do you like this color of this

shirt I'm wearing be honest don't just

say no I hate it and not give her an

explanation like no I like it

but it looked better with the different

pair of shoes I don't know where I was

going with that with that situation or

whatever but have your own opinion is

what I'm trying to say just tell her

what you think say it nicely though

because it is hard to say your own

opinion one of the other people don't

think the same ways as you do but it's

impressive if you can even say what you

believe in or say what you really are

thinking because especially when you're

around other people who definitely don't

agree with you I know it's a hard thing

to do this is gonna be the last one - it

is when guys are able to think before

they talk and I know sometimes I don't

think before I talk you might not think

before you talk so I'm talking about

that filters we all know someone without

that filter on their mouth and they just

say things like what what the heck why

are they saying these things every time

you talk about fortnight for tonight oh

my gosh shoot those people maybe I squat

up with the brothers you go to battle

every day so you can have a nice

comfortable safe bed to sleep in and

you're gonna give me that kind of

attitude are you serious right now for

tonight for tonight is for that life

it's a passion and dedication and a

lifestyle so for me thinking before I

talk is not asking a dumb question about

for tonight even though I don't know for

tonight terms like what's a kill called

before tonight

what what the kill will called a kill

okay see what like that or how does

someone win see I don't ask stupid

questions like that if your girlfriend's

already leaving her house she says oh

I'm on my way but send you a picture of

her outfit and she's like do you like

this don't be like no that's absolutely

hideous you gotta leave turn around no

you just say yeah that looks fine just

wear your sweater it'll all be okay

that type of thing just think before you

talk or if you accidentally say

something super offensive just brush it

off pretend like

you didn't say or think next time before

you talk thank you guys so much for

watching and be sure if you're

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whatever you guys want I hope you all

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