How To Flirt In Danish | Danish Lesson

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hey guys in today's video I'm going to

teach you how to flirt in Danish in case

you ever want to impress a girl or guy

from Denmark I've made a couple of

Danish lists before that you guys really

enjoy so I'm just gonna put the links

below to those stains lessons and let's

just get started with this one

I thought to myself is there any better

way than to begin this video by teaching

you some cheap pickup lines they might

never have worked for anyone if you know

a story about somebody use pickup line

where it actually worked leave your

story down below that would be so much

fun to read pickup line number one are

you religious because you are the answer

to all of my prayers in Danish that

would be a no valid use for duis file

for element burner fun fact the word

burner in Danish also means beans but

now when we're added let's just take the

difficult letters in Danish it oh they

are pronounced like this eh it

Oh Oh okay so they're really really

important that you remember those

because we use them quite often pick up

line number two I seem to have lost my

phone number can I have yours

in Danish that is going to be yellow to

her mrs. mr. fornum

Kellan did pick up line number three

there's only one thing I would change

about you your last name in Danish

I couldn't eat it give it into Veda to

Destin oh and the last cheap pickup line

is did it hurt when you fell down from

heaven and in dania that would be your

wonderful net for him so by now you do

not only know for stupid pick-up lines

but you can also take a look at them and

look at each individual worked in those

sentences and learn them as an example

you just learned the word heaven in

Danish which is human you learned

surname if the now you learn the word to

change something the word change intra

and a very important one you learn the

word phone number telephone Noma

till Oh No

yeah that's so good the next thing that

I'm going to teach you is super

important and is to be able to give a

compliment there is just one thing I

want to let you guys know because stains

are not used to many compliments and it

makes us pretty uncomfortable if you

just share them too much so be careful

and use them wisely because stains are

not used to many compliments and you

actually quickly seems like needy or

easy if you use too many of those that's

just for me to you guys remember not to

use them too much because that's gonna

make you not interesting to the person

so but here are some compliments that

you could use firstly you need to be

able to say you are you are in Danish is

do a if you just remember those two

words you can pretty much put any word

complimenting adjectives after those two

West's so you can also practice a bit

more advanced version of that sentence

and that is I think you are

yeah students do app and now we just

need the adjectives so let's move on we

got beautiful smoke smoke smart / clever

clove I think you're clever yaar soon's

do a clue

lovely Dai Li do err Dai Li fantastic

fantastic just notice how I like those

two words are fantastic fantastic cute

so do acyl charming Jame Anu or

attractive till tightener if your

flirting is going just really really

well you might want to invite this

person on a date but how do you do that

you ask do you want to go on a date with

me video print date memo vist Duke 0.8

mm I'll so what date is actually also

something with youth in Denmark not

because a date is such a normal thing

like we don't use the date term as you

do as an example in America but we can

be asked on a date or we can just be

asked out in general but we don't really

use the word date as a you know when you

see a guy for sometime we don't really

say that with dating a guy we are seeing

someone so we don't really use the term

in the same way as you do sometimes but

you can ask a person on a date so where

do you go in Denmark if you're on a date

that's a good question to ask yourself

number one go to the cinema that's the

most natural thing that's the most

normal thing to do in Denmark to go to

the cinema on a date cinema in Danish is

beautif it's also very popular or normal

to go and have lunch or go to a cafe to

just drink some coffee together if you

want to do that caffee is just the same

thing cafe caffee but in case you want

to do something special you can also

make a picnic you can ask the person to

go with you to a concert or you can take

the person to a sports event the most

popular sport in Denmark is football

which you from America call soccer but

it is football you use your feet but

we're not gonna go there but that's the

main sport in Denmark and even I have

been on a date watching football last of

all I should just want to give you some

links to some love songs that you can

learn and then if you ever meet someone

that you really like you can sing these

love songs to them I'm just going to say

that these songs are old and them I only

think they're popular in like older

generations in Dunlop but I just wanted

to give you some danger zones that you


just listen to a laugh off because it's

pretty funny to hear like what is the

love song in our country and the first

one I think one like I don't know it was

not a price but there wasn't kind of

talking about the most popular Dainius

love song and this was like one of them

I don't know if it like was number one

but this is one of them

it's called given me which means my

woman but there's also a couple of more

songs but I'm going to put them down

below and you can take a look at them if

you want to nest of all if you do really

fall in love for someone I love you in

Danish is yeah it's good I but I will

sit thank you guys so so much for

watching this video leave a thumbs up if

you enjoyed it I found it just a bit

like interesting or funny if my help in

this video is gonna make you fall in

love with someone or get somebody to

fall in love with you please send me the

story that would be cool I don't think

that's gonna happen but that would be

nice though

so but I really hope you enjoyed this

video and you got some new words that

was interesting for you

so yeah just leave a thumbs up that

would be amazing and I'll see you in my

next video bye guys