Handling Angry Customer

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yes sir how may I help you I got this

phone from your shop channel 9 and it

doesn't work I want a refund yes I will

look into it right away could you just

excuse me for a second sir I'm so sorry

for the inconvenience caused but could

actually see your receipt also could you

explain the problem to me completely

I bought this phone two weeks ago and it

didn't work I brought it here for repair

and it's still not working

I'm really sorry to hear that sir I'm

sure it's extremely inconvenient for you

to come all the way from Chandan Nagar

just to fix the phone but let's see what

we did you know where I come from oh

it's on the six I read back so under the

terms of your warranty of the phone you

can actually get it repaired I will

personally make sure that it's repaired

sir I just told you that I got this

phone repaired two weeks ago and it's

still not working I just want a refund

sir I'm really sorry but according to

company policy we cannot issue a refund

it's even mentioned here on your bill

I'm really really sorry for the

inconvenience caused so but I will make

sure that it's repaired and it's working

fine actually sir can you hold on I will

ask my supervisor and we'll see what we

can do just give me a second

we're really sorry but we couldn't get a

refund approved for you but what we can

do is get you a new phone at no

additional cost would that make you

happy that's fantastic

thank you you're welcome sir and again

we're really sorry for the inconvenience


hello good morning sir this is primo

film channel 9 is your partner's working

fine sir

oh yes the new one is working just fine

thank you I'm very glad to hear that's

it also I would like to invite you for

our tenth anniversary so we are running

50% discount on all electronic products

wow that's fantastic

thank you for inviting me I will

definitely be there thank you so much

good day