How To Connect With Customers Like A Friend

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hey it's 7:00 right here in this video

you will discover a key to customer

experience management for more advice

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video earlier I mentioned that we have

this channel we go on to almost it's

like business communication mode where

you're talking to your friends and

you're saying hey how's it going hey

would you do the other day oh great man

did I tell you about this and then a

customer calls and we're like hello yes

Evan pagan speaking altitude program

what can I do to help you let me check

my manual and get back to you is that

what people want no they they truly want

when you call for you to say hi how are

you I'm glad you called what can I do

where yeah what's your problem what's

the situation you're going through what

do you need what can I do to help how

can I assist you getting what you want

it's a different mode of communication

it's a different way of communicating

and you can do it in a professional way

okay when your customers call you don't

have to go a dude whatup it's altitude

and you can find that happy medium hello

Frank would like it if I answer the

phone that way a lot so let's talk about

the way that you build a relationship

with another person I've thought a lot

about this as you might imagine coming

from the dating advice world and also

from marketing and I see that there are

a lot of parallels and ultimately the

more you do things the more you do

different things the more you study

different processes especially processes

that involve humans the more you see

that there are a lot of commonalities

and what I've seen and I realize I'm not

the first one that's ever seen this but

we all go through a few simple general

steps when we're connecting with and

making friends with another person the

first step we go through is attention

where we have the attention of the other

person or we get their attention there's

some attention-getting thing you're

going about your life and all of a

sudden this other person's there and

they've got your attention you stop what

you're doing and you pay attention to

them the next step is connection there's

some connect some

we're right oh you're a Padres fan I'm a

Padres fan you love Jethro Tull

I love Jethro Tull you're in marketing

I'm in marketing you live in California

I live in California it's always some

connect that happens starts this rapport

building process but there's always a

connection there's got to be a connector

and then finally there's a commitment we

get past the connection and we say you

know what this is something that I'm

going to be committed to this is a real

this is a friend this is somebody that I

want to have a relationship with and

when you have that attention connection

commitment process happen this is not

something that happens intellectually

right we don't say okay I'm going to pay

attention to this person oh I see the


so that's logical so we should continue

to develop the dialogue and oh you know

what I'm going to make the logical

decision to make a commitment to this

person all emotional all unconscious not

things that we are conscious of having

happen and in business when we have this

I mean and this is the process that we

go through when we're marketing right we

run ads to try to get someone's

attention we write some copy or we send

out promos or we do whatever to you know

engage them and connect with them on an

emotional level and get them amped up

and then we want a commitment on the

relationship we want them to buy

something how do you know someone's

committed to you they act on it they

behave in a way that shows that they're

committed so that's what we're asking of

our customers have you ever considered

maybe trying to do that for them because

guess what your customer wants the exact

same thing from you it's what you want

from other businesses you want them to

pay attention to you you want the

business to connect with you and you

want the business to commit to you and

demonstrate that commitment and in most

business processes that I look at most

marketing processes conversion processes

that are broken this is absent

there is no I'm demonstrating to my

customer that I want to pay attention to

them and that I have paid attention to


there is no demonstrating to them I want

to connect to you I me as a person I'm

interested in you and I want to connect

to you and there is no and I'm so

committed to this thing that you're

trying to get done that I will make the

commitment to help you get there and I'm

going to act on it let me show you let

me prove it to you that spirit just is

not inside of it it's here's what I'm

selling you should be fortunate enough

to buy it from me that's it I put my

wares out on a table and if you're too

stupid to buy them then that's your


I I get a lot of experts content experts

topic experts that if they see me talk

or they see one of my products they come

to me and they go oh I've been looking

for you all of my life I've spent 20

years developing the ultimate poodle

clipping system and method where you can

take any pair of shears and shear your

poodle in seven minutes and it comes out

perfect every time and I just haven't

found someone to help me market it right

it's very spooky when I hear that and

then I say well how about this there are

a couple of interesting sales and

marketing books that I recommend that

you read when you read these and then

get back to me and maybe I can work with

you and help you a little bit and they

go oh no no you don't understand I don't

want to do any of that sales and

marketing stuff I'm not good at any of

that stuff I just want to be the best

poodle clipping seven-minute technique

developer the world's ever known let

that sales and marketing stuff that's

for somebody else we all think that our

ideas and our products are the best in

the world the best the world's ever seen

we think everyone should just see them

and go it's self-evident I would suggest

that you try just recommend maybe

testing out broadcasting to your

customers you know what I'm going to pay

attention to you I'm going to connect to

you I want to connect with you

and I want to make a commitment to help

you get the result you're looking for

deliver you from pain deliver you into


pleasure that you want give you the

result just try that something that

inspired me by the way is I've seen this

process but there was something that

helped catalyze it I guess or kind of

just sum it up and crystallize it I have

three books in my collection each one

are profound the first one is called the

attention economy the second one is

called the experience economy and the

third one is called the support economy

I said no wait a minute these client it

can't be an attention economy an

experience economy and the support

economy because every one of them is

saying this is the answer but then I

realized that they're all right they're

just talking about different phases of

the relationship the attention economy

is about getting the attention of the

customer the experience economy is about

giving the customer and experience that

they enjoy the experience I believe of

being connected with and to and the

support economy is about supporting the

customer in the result that they want

delivering the result taking them by the

hand and leading them to the promised

land so as it turns out the it is the

attention economy the experience economy

and the support economy all rolled into