Alright! | How to Impress Your Crush | Ft. Parikshit Joshi, Pratishtha Sharma & Mehek Mehra

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Hi guys. Welcome back to my live session. Today I thought we could play, ask me anything,

But you guys ask everything in anything, so I'm playing safe.

Hi Kanika, Hi Srishti, Hi Sakshi, Hi Rohan, Hi Gaurav. Guys c'mon ask something other than Hi as well.

Are you single?

Okay then, here comes the obvious question, Am I single or am I not?

Should I go on? Yes, Rohan1852, I'm single. And don't flirt with me, I'm not looking for love on Instagram.

Instagram love is as expiry as Instagram stories, but I do believe in destiny & I'm trying mine on HAPPN.

Who knows you cross paths with someone special and sharing meaningful with them.

Okay now, enough of personal talk now!

Oh hello! No more birthday wishes for me? You've been forgetting for the past 2 years now.

I was about to wish you, Happy Birthday sister!

Thank you! You know I'm thinking to do social service this year & what better year than 2020.

Right! If you're thinking to donate some money, start from your home.

I'm not donating any money, If I get stuck in controversy like Baba ka Dhabha, I will get defamed.

I want to do something, like life-changing social service.

What do you think I am good at?

Having multiple affairs?

It's just that you had multiple boyfriends as well.

They were all dogs, the last one left me for a girl who was 2 years younger.

But karma is a bitch! You know what? That called him brother.

Funny & tragic

This is what will be the topic of social service,

My love might not be complete, but I don't want others to go through the same fate.

Do you know anyone like this?

I was saying, let's start with me, given I'm single these days & you will be able to test your social-service skills as well.

My brother is so nice! You tell me! Where do you need help? I will help you out with everything.

What should I write here?

Write, exercise enough to keep up.

But I haven't been to the gym for so long!

Oh! we'll continue it later, effort is the key to impress someone.


See the next question.

Click on the good chef.

Foodgasm is as important as an orgasm. Got it?

It's correct, but if she asks for spaghetti one day & I offer her Maggi instead, will it look nice?

I will write know a few recipes, that will be alright. I believe honesty impresses girls these days, isn't it?

Yes, we girls get impressed by honesty. But I didn't find anyone honest yet.

Sister, I got a crush back from her, you see how it's mutual between us now.

I'm so proud of you! I'm glad you did something good in life.

Now tell me what should your brother forward?

Okay, tell me first, is the girl cute?

Sister Shalu, you're quite shallow! You'll judge the girl on the basis of looks?

Is she cute or not?

She is very cute!

Did you check the profile? It's not a fake profile, right?

Yes, she has a blue checkmark on her profile. It's a verified account.

That's very good, okay now, next, we have to fill a form.

If a guy wants to hook up with a girl, is it necessary to fill a form?

It's a procedure to rate you out of 10, for sex appeal purposes.

It will give us an idea to calculate how much effort is required to put forth. Get it?

Okay, tell me the name of the girl.

Definitely not.

You don't know the name of the girl?

I know it but I won't tell you.

I'll always have a doubt about you and, today you proved that you are weird.

Okay forget everything & imagine she is sitting right in front of you, how will you talk to her?

Viku, Hip-hop, or rock?


Ghazal! Jagjit Singh OP!

Monthly income?

Whatever amount dad allows me.

Family-oriented. Wow!

Are you sapiosexual?

I'm a very innocent man.

One-woman man! Amazing!

Who called you funny last time?

Two years back, when I proposed Shefali.

You're really funny.

How much did I score?

You get 1/10, that too because of your honesty. This won't work.

What kind of a brother are you?

Put some life, humor in your texts. Not just of any kind, but witty humor. Be a dude. Girls like that.

Yes, that's what we like brother

Sorry, my ball came rolling towards you

This ice breaker is so outdated

Old is gold

Hmm... agreed

Hey! I love humming. Infact whenever I see a bee, I let it sting me

Doesn't it hurt?

I'm not a kid! In fact I'm a Mohammad Ali.

If any boy happens to trouble you, do tell me. I sting like a bee.

Uhmm.. yes there is one creep

Just give me his number and address, I'll sort it out

You're moving too fast dude, tell me something more about yourself

I told her everything, what should I say more? That I've fallen in love with you?

Shut up! Crazy! Share memes & playlist with her, tell her your favorite song.

Prateek Kuhad?


That top-rated song of his?


Hold on! One second, turn around & show me your room.

What happened? See!

Oh god! You don't know how to carry yourself at all, do you? Be a man that you want your sister to be with.

C'mon sister, think before you speak, we're not the Lannisters.

But dumbo! clean your room, learn to cook, learn to express yourself, to listen, to cry, to understand emotions.

Okay now! Start working. I'm getting awkward. Bye.

You should be. Bye.



Did you get a makeover?

Nope. I just washed my face, I feel it is too clean.

Sudden video call?

There was a new feature on the app, so thought of trying it.

If you didn't like the suprise, I can cut the call!

Nothing like that. We should use this feature as well.

That's also alright! Tell me, yesterday night at 3, you liked my 1 year old picture by mistake?

Yes, I guess I was super sleepy that time.

Oh! Okay! I thought you were some kind of serial stalker.

There's nothing about stalking. It can be romantic as well.

Romantic from the very start? Do you say this to impress everyone?

Everyone? Hello! What do you think I'm? Only you have reciprocated my feelings.

You have a crush on me?


Yes, I saw you at Monty's birthday before lockdown, that's when it started.

We're in a big problem. There are very high chances you might not like me,

According to crush psychology, You might have a certain image of me & higher chances are that I won't turn like that.

Then you will complain saying, I am this, I am that, how is she like that!

You know what I am saying right?

That's why I took commerce without maths, I don't want to use the 100% potential of my brain.

Are you taunting me?

I just cracked a joke.

Making fun of me?

Say sorry!


You say sorry quite easily.

Please don't do this, I can cry easily as well.

You're super cute, that's nice.

Thanks. You are also cute.

Flirting with me?

You said it as well.

You could have said it, Did I say no to it?

You talk too much!

See! I told you wouldn't like me.

Hello, I like you, big time, okay? You tell me, did you like me? Why did you like my profile?

Dude! I called you funny, cute, you're decent looking as well, but height...

Don't worry about that, I have collected money for woodland shoes.

Leave woodland, start collecting money for my flats, I only have heels with me, I hope it won't be a problem later?

Yes, I'll talk to Khurana to sell 1BHK to buy everything. Sorry! I know it was a bad one.

It was a very lame joke. Don't continue with jokes like these, otherwise, I'm not coming to meet you.


Let's meet soon! I'll text you the details. Bye.

Putting your life at risk to go on a date? I hope you remember your table manners or you have a plan to go to Oyo?

Tell me her name now!

Wait let me send her picture to you, judge her on the basis of looks, my dear shallow sister.

Send bro!

(Who's she?)

(This is Yukti. )

(Did you propose to her in an instant?)

(I didn't, I just said I love you & I can't live without you. Just that.)

(That all means a proposal! )

(It's not a proposal, give me your hand, c'mon, I said it by mistake, it's you I can't live without you.)

Yukti? Really? Be it, my boyfriend or my brother, why everyone I'm close to. is after her?

No! Cancel this relationship now!

How can I cancel it? It took me a lot of effort for her to like me. I'm not canceling anything!

You prefer Yukti or your own sister?

She's a boyfriend stealer!

Hold on! Your boyfriend was a loser, she called him brother technically.

Don't say this, Decide now! Yukti or me?

Don't come for help now! I will find a new brother for myself. Bye.

Okay, I know how to make it up to you, Bye.

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