Hot Latina Girls - 6 Tips to Attract and Date Hispanic Women

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Latin girl's big hips a little waist

tight bodies caramel skin has the flow

has the moves sassy saucy dating the

Latin girl is a whole other experience

my friend and I lived about a year in

South America in Brazil Venezuela

Colombia Costa Rica and plenty of time

in Miami so I have a fair bit of

experience in this area of Latino women

and I feel qualified to give you a few

juicy tips and that's what today's video

is all about six tips for giving

yourself a senorita chica with the hips

that don't lie under your spell now

quick word of warning it's not really

fair or accurate to love all Latino

women together as you've got Latin girls

who lived in the USA all their lives and

they've incorporated in American culture

you have the Argentine women who are

more stiff shall we say in German like

in their demeanor and you've got the

more easygoing Caribbean women who just

love to dance to about anything you have

the more reserved women of the andean

mountain range and in brazil everyone

speaks Portuguese and not Spanish I mean

we're talking about women across North

America Central America South America

thousands of miles of territory most of

it not even connected by decent roads

it's a very big place but if I had to

pick just 6 tips to attracting Latin

girls I'd go with these number one my

friend learn Spanish

nothing will not collect Tina's socks

off more than when you speak a little

bit of her home native tongue of Spanish

even if she speaks English is just

wildly cute for the girl to hear you

speak Spanish in your North American or

European accent my top recommendation is

to grab yourself Pimsleur it's about 90

audio lessons each one is 45 minutes

where you listen and then repeat and

repeat and it's a fast and fun way to

learn Spanish in fact I can guarantee

you that you're going to learn more

Spanish doing Pimsleur one hour a day

for 30 days than you did in all of high

school another popular program is the

rosetta stone however I recommend the

rosetta stone if you are more of an

intermediate and have completed the

first 90 lessons of Pimsleur so I highly

recommend that you do Pimsleur first now

don't be lazy about this I think

Americans in particular are very lazy

about learning languages in part due to

our shitty high school

where the teachers have no clue on how

to quickly teach a language but believe

me learning Spanish through Pimsleur is

way more fun and ten times faster than

how you learned in school so don't let

your past experience intimidate you but

because so many guys are just

straight-up lazy about this point if you

learned a little bit of Spanish you're

going to stand out in a big way tip

number two for winning over the Latin

ladies is learning how to dance a little

salsa you don't need much just the basic

steps will suffice

you see you don't need to be that good

what's important is that she sees you've

made an effort and you know at least

enough to get that girl out on the dance

floor and get her into your arms just a

little bit goes a long way and she will

be impressed and you will stand out you

see my friend dancing is deeply infused

into Latin culture and if you take a lot

teen a girl out on a date dancing is a

great way to make physical contact with

her to create some comfort and amp up

that attraction juice so if you're

serious about getting those Latin girls

spend the time and the money my friend

to sign up for some group dancing

classes tip number three for attracting

the lovely Latin ladies colors here's

the thing my friend when you visually

stand out from the general population

you're going to catch that latina girls

eye and look more attractive it's just

like a woman wearing a white dress in a

sea of women wearing black dresses she's

going to visually stand out and look

more attractive or a woman wearing a red

dress in a sea of women wearing white

dresses is also going to stand out and

so it goes with Hispanic girls if you

have blond hair and blue eyes you're

going to stand out you're going to have

an advantage because those traits are

relatively rare and represent genetic

variation so here's what you can do get

some blond highlights in your hair or if

you're feeling even more daring go

blonde all together you can also grab

yourself a pair of cosmetic blue

contacts to color your eyes is it fair

that works no but does it work yes so

you can take advantage of that little

hack or not it's up to you tip number

four for getting Hispanic girls show

ambition now let me explain exactly what

I mean Latin America is a region of the


that has one of the highest income

disparities and that means very few

people at the top hold most of the

wealth while everyone else gets by on

relatively little and men in that

culture are typically expected to be the

breadwinners and because of those

reasons Latin girl's value economic

stability more than a lot of Western

women do now this does not mean that you

should be wining and dining her this

does not mean that you need to be rich

this does not mean you need to be

driving around an expensive sports car

you can get latin girls being broke but

what it does mean is that you should

dress well dress on a level above

everyone else err on the side of


just give yourself a couple of nice

pairs of really high-end clothes or when

you're talking to that latin girl

enthusiastically regale her about your

ambitions where you want to go in life

what you want to accomplish or if you're

well-traveled short pictures on your

phone of the places you've been to tell

stories about them the point is just

don't come across or look like a lazy

bum or a scrub or a lovable loser tip

number five for scoring with the

luscious latin ladies lead lead lead

lead gentleman you must be leaving yes

leaving is very attractive to any girl

whether she's Hispanic or not but with

Latin girls I place an even greater

importance on leading Hispanic women

generally expect a man to lead at all

times from picking where you're going to

eat to what you're going to do to paying

to making the moves to keeping up the

conversation in North American and

northern European cultures women have

this idealistic notion that they're

going to contribute half the effort but

to let women they expect nearly all the

effort to make things happen to fall on

your shoulders as the man so you need to

step it up you need to step up your game

you need to put your action taking

muscles into first gear and step on the

gas good thing bad thing I don't know

but you've got a lead that's just the

way it is with Latin girls so that about

sums it up number one learn Spanish

through Pimsleur number two learn the

basic dance moves through taking a group

dance class number three shamelessly

sport those blonde highlights and

cosmetic contact blue eyes because it


number four show ambition and dress on


number five lead lead lead okay guys six

and final tip for winning over the Latin

ladies latina women are very passionate

and fiery and the formula to their

hearts lies in spiking her emotions and

leading her on a roller coaster of

feelings how by peppering your

conversation with covert lines that

spike up her attraction and hook her

attention on to you simply watch this

presentation right here for more on how

to get that senorita latina chica under

your spell with the right lines and

being the gentleman that you are do the

gentlemanly thing and subscribe if you

enjoyed this video until next time my


Jesse L