How to Pick up a Colombian Girl

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oh hey sorry I didn't see you there

what's your name what's your name

Sophia nice to meet you my name's Cody

my name is Cody

yeah sure you too so I wrote you a song

I wrote you a song I was just walking

down right here and I wrote a song in

like ten seconds just for you okay ready

do you want to hear it it goes like this

okay cool


hey them a baby I saw you you make me

crazy Sophia I love you inside that pink

this is something that I think I think

we should go to dinner soon I wanna get

you in my room

Oh Sophia that's just you I picture us

having multiple babies what do you think

that's crazy but if I were to do that I

would love you as you live here you live

here no you're just visiting yeah cool

well hey thanks for listening yeah that

kind of sucked oh you are back to earth

Columbia Wow nice no I've never been

there before really oh really yeah

oh cool oh no I have it yeah you just

all over the place you've been

everywhere oh you're going to more

places in America oh cool where you

going next

well I went to some vehicle I'm gonna go

to earth you're going to New York next

nice no it can I come with you

can I come with you yeah oh yeah I got a

passport let's go you show me around

I've always wanted a Colombian

girlfriend yeah yeah

you seem pretty nice cool so we're so

we're dating now you're just down just

like that yeah yeah yeah well okay

well thanks for listening so how do you

do this in your country do we like kiss

now or a whole year very okay that makes

sense now that works better for me yeah

I don't like the kiss right way either

no way that's disgusting

I'm glad that you're keeping us safe

honestly if you went in front right now

I'd be like what are you push you to the

ground so that's just how it is well

okay well then I guess I'll just give

you a high five

oh you can you can get it to me oh

that's probably better that way

because I have like hella diseases on my

cheek knew it have been infected like

that so all right yeah all right well

y'all have fun in America I'm gonna I'm

gonna go if you take me I'm not just

gonna walk up in there like I own the


I need your help exploring Sofia yeah as

Bolivia in Colombia so I don't know


yes no I don't know any place in

Colombia but you probably know how the

places in Colombia you know where to get

down and dirty in Colombia huh look at

that tell that told me right there that

you definitely know some places get down

and dirty hey Sophia you dirty girl I

could tell really okay okay that's okay

I like the first one so it's whatever so

I get your number now or how does this


you got like a Colombian number yeah oh

yeah like that's not works what is it I

got like international you know yeah

yeah so I could text you like all the

time send send you nudes or whatever

alright so plus one oh okay yep plus 57

you don't know your known number yeah

you don't give your number out to guys

usually huh it's okay I know you know

your number I don't know how you check

it either but guess what I'm just gonna

find you somehow somewhere yeah yeah oh

you want to follow me on Instagram

okay okay and then you can just hit me

with that DM you got a slide into my DMS

so I know it's real you feel me yeah

y'all I'll sing to you for our lives

okay just for you yeah yeah so that's me

right there it should pop up yeah yeah

see all about the songs yeah

Greek I don't know no I I just I just

thought that looked cool I just put it

there yeah I'm just you know I'm all

about the looks you know like what looks

cool no meaning within me at all

I'm just all about the the outside just

looking cool yeah nothing deep or

meaningful it within me at all yeah so

don't so don't even think I'm gonna fall

in love with you it's probably not even

in there okay all right Sofia yeah nice

to meet

don't okay I love you okay bye let's

just let's just go