How to Impress The Coach at Tryouts - 5 Things You Need To Do

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how's it going guys coach javi here and

today is going to be the first of very


stoppage-time Sundays today we're gonna

be talking about how to impress a coach

at tryouts let's roll the intro first of

all shout out to our hinnies Rohan our

genis Rohan I don't know I'll put his

comment right here for giving me the

idea of calling it stoppage time Sundays

so the fourth official has indicated an

additional time of three minutes so put

the clock on the board and let's get

started alright guys one of the most

important questions I get asked all the

time is what do I have to do in a tryout

to stand out what if a scout is looking

at me how should I prepare what should I

do and how can I make sure that I get

seen and I stand out from everybody else

so to tryout you got a very limited

amount of time to impress the coaches

you have to make sure you do everything

right and you have to make sure that you

put yourself in a position where the

coaches are talking about you after the

trout is over I got 5 things here that

we're gonna go through that are gonna

help you stand out number one

introduce yourself make sure you go talk

to the coaches you go shake their hands

make sure you venture out and show a

little bit of initiative find a way for

them to remember your name

hi I'm javi you say with an H you spell

it with a J boom coaches are gonna

remember your name number two once you

begin automatically stand out through

your presence and through your

communication be the one that's talking

the most nice and loud so the coaches

can hear you if your presence is felt

and heard you're gonna get the coach's

attention number three do the simple

things right and make the hard things

look simple you don't need to dribble

past everyone or score every single goal

coaches are looking for the players who

make the smartest decisions if you never

lose the ball you're gonna stand out

more than the player who dribbles past

two opponents and then loses it on the

third you stand out by demonstrating

experience and intelligence number four

your movement off the ball is just as

important if not more important than

your movement with the ball coaches are

watching you when you don't have the

ball at your feet are you watching the

play or are you moving into space are

you walking around or are you scanning

the field and getting into open

passingly is the other team taking you

out of position or are you following

your mark these split-second decisions

will make the game more predictable and

will prove to the coaches that you're

always focused especially when you're

not directly involved in the play number

five lastly enjoy yourself and look

relaxed don't get frustrated if you miss


sprint back to your position as if

nothing ever happened if you get scored

on grab the ball quickly and bring it

back to half if you took a bad touch

start thinking about the next one

coaches want to see how you react to

certain situations if you're a center

mid who likes to possess how do you

react when your team doesn't have much

of the ball if a defender is faster than

you how do you change your game in order

to get past them adapting to the changes

that each game presents is key to your

success it's important for coaches to

see how you react when the game isn't

going your way here's a little bonus tip

find a creative way to stand out for

example I've seen girls who wear rainbow

colored socks during the tryouts when

the coaches are talking about the

players afterwards it's very easy to

remember the girl who was wearing the

rainbow colored socks if you don't have

to wear something specific come dressed

in a full Leonel messy kit believe it or

not the coaches are gonna remember the

kid who wore his messy uniform besides

that guys just have some confidence

relax and enjoy the tryout the coaches

want to see someone who's enjoying what

they're doing who loves the sport and

you can tell on the field when they're

playing that they absolutely love every

single minute of it don't be nervous

just relax if you're talented enough

you're gonna be seen you're gonna stand

out and the coaches are gonna be talking

about you afterwards so that's it for

our very first stoppage-time Sunday be

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