4 Mistakes To Avoid On The First Call With The Client

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I used to freak out when I got a call

from a client I didn't know what to say

how much should I price or how to make a

first good impression but he'll nailing

this call can pay the rent so here are 4

mistakes you can avoid to take this call

I can boss first impressions are

everything this call can affect if

you're going to get the project if the

client likes you or not and even how

much you can charge for it this is why

you should do it like a pro in a quiet

place where you can sit down and take

some notes don't do it in a noisy place

like the mall or a bus station just tell

the client listen it sounds awesome but

let me call you back when I'm in the

office in an hour

ready to talk business wait a second

first try to understand who is your

client and how did he get your number

did he get it from another client of

yours from a friend of a friend how did

he find you in Instagram Facebook

LinkedIn tinder yellow pages let's say

he got your number from your friend Joe

then you should tell him your best Joe's

story like how use the suck in college

basketball this bonding is important

your client is wondering if it's fun to

work with you so be nice and friendly

this will help you win the project and

even allow you to charge more

did you hear the phrase the client is

always right

your client heard it too this is why you

should be listening not talking you want

to learn as much as possible who is the

project for what is it all about what is

the vision you also want to figure out

if this project is right for you what is

the timeline and does it sound like a

fun project let the client talk as much

as he wants

if he's not a big talker just ask him a

lot of questions the more info you get

the better remember you're not here to

sell yourself you're here to learn he

called you remember the scary part is

here the client will ask you how much is

it going to cost me personally it used

to freak me out I had no idea how to

answer the question I would begin

sweating and felt like there is

something stuck in my throat

good news is you shouldn't talk money on

this call

tell your client you need to sit down

and do your math you need to understand

what's the best for you and him promise

to get back to him within a day or two

he'll respect it and you will end the

call with the ball in your court

ready to take the call hello

push you're my bro hello miss or lack a

pasta hello how can I have I told you

not to come

sorry wrong number