6 Qualities Christian Guys Find Attractive in a Woman

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hey everybody I'm mark from apply God's

Word calm a place where we apply the

Bible to your life in this episode I'm

gonna give you six qualities Christian

guys find attractive in a woman so to

begin with we have to first define what

we mean by attraction I certainly don't

mean sexual attraction or lustful

desires I'm not talking about hairstyles

and clothing choices when I say

attraction I mean what is a Christian

man drawn to to attract means to draw

something towards you so another way to

ask this question is to say what type of

women will most Christian men want to

pursue obviously each Christian man is

unique and will be attracted to a

certain type of woman based upon his own

preferences romantic relationships are

supposed to be subjective Christians are

not commanded to be married but they are

given the option to pursue marriage if

they want to so of course any list about

a man being attracted to a women will be

debatable and subjective but with that

said most Christian men will be

attracted to a Christian woman with

these six qualities number one a man

will want to pursue a woman who is

secure with herself because she is

rooted in Christ men often seek their

identity from women and women often seek

their identity from men so this is not

an issue specific to women but what

effect does being insecure with yourself

have in the context of a man wanting to

pursue you a woman who is insecure will

not be attractive to a Christian man

because he will sense her constant doubt

but he will not know where it's coming

from he may interpret it as her doubting

her interest in him

or he may sense her trying to find her

identity in him and this will scare him

away a man who was truly walking with

Christ does not want a woman to worship

him he wants a

we'll be by his side as they worship God

together and as they both find their

identity in Christ first and foremost

number two a respectful Christian woman

is attractive to a Christian man respect

is one of the most misunderstood words

in the Bible a husband and wife are both

called to respect one another however

the way a man craves respect is

different than what a woman craves a man

and women both need love but they

receive love differently the way a man

receives love is by being respected when

we are single you know we often look at

someone of the opposite sex and try to

imagine what life would be like with

that person if a man imagines being

disrespected by a woman in their

marriage he will not get to know her and

dating a respectful Christian woman is

not a quiet woman and an opinionated

woman or a woman eager for a man to make

every decision for her

rather a respectful Christian woman is

someone who values a man's strength and

wants to encourage him to use it in

Christian leadership service and for the

protection of others a Christian man

doesn't want a woman who's helpless but

he's also unattracted to a woman who

will not allow him to use his strength

to serve her in humble leadership so in

other words it doesn't matter how

physically stunning a woman is if she

disrespects a man he will absolutely not

be attracted to her number 3 a Christian

man is attracted to an outward beauty

expressed through modesty rooted an

inner character so I know that was a

mouthful so let me explain it a little

bit a Christian guy who is mature in the

Lord is not going to want to date a

woman who dresses sexy and in a way that

purposefully incites passion in a man's

eyes of course men are responsible for

not lusting after a woman's body

regardless of what she is wearing

but let's not also

pretend there are not appearance choices

a woman can make which she knows will

arouse a man visually rather than be

attracted to a women who does this a

Christian man will actually try to stay

away from an immodest woman if he is

also trying to obey the Word of God

proverbs 6 25 says do not lust in your

heart after her beauty or let her

captivate you with her eyes so again to

be attracted to means to be drawn in a

Christian man finds a modest woman

attractive because biblically he knows

it is safer to get to know her than it

is to get to know us a ducked of woman a

Christian man will actually be pushed

away from a seductive woman because he

knows God has called him to flee sexual

passions outside of marriage for example

in 1st Corinthians 6:18 it says flee

from sexual immorality so when you flee

something it's the opposite of being

attracted to it or for example in

Genesis 39 verses 10 through 12 we have

a great example of what Joseph did and

it says although she spoke to Joseph day

after day meaning Potiphar's wife he

refused to go to bed with her or even be

with her one day he went into the house

to attend to his duties and none of the

household servants was inside she caught

him by his cloak and said come to bed

with me but he left his cloak in her

hand and ran out of the house a godly

Christian man will act like Joseph

around a woman who has a seductive vibe

around her he'll run away for more on

this you may also enjoy a video I just

filmed last week which I will link to it

says what does the Bible say about

modesty and women's clothing point for a

Christian man is attracted to an

emotionally predictable woman so it's

okay to be emotional it's okay to be

sensitive it's okay to have certain

buttons that should not be pushed what's

going to be a huge turnoff is when you

are totally unpredictable

most men are completely fine if a woman

is emotional he just can't stand being

around an emotional woman who acts

differently every day so if your

emotional buttons completely change all

the time that's going to keep guys away

if you don't want him to pull your chair

out for example because you feel like

that's demeaning to you most guys will

just completely accept that and say you

know that's fine I don't have to do that

no issue there but if you then get mad

at him for not opening the car door

that's going to drive him nuts because

now you're being inconsistent a guy just

wants to know where he stands men like

patterns we like to figure things out

now of course no man will ever fully

understand a woman because we're

different and we can't understand anyone

completely barely you know let alone

know ourselves completely but a man has

to at least know what to expect a little

bit or he will just avoid you now

granted all humans are emotionally

unstable sometimes guys and girls

included however if you are unstable all

the time and are constantly coming up

with new ways to be offended or to cause

drama this is going to push guys away

proverbs 21 nine states it is better to

live in a corner of the housetop then in

a house shared with a quarrelsome wife

so point five an inviting Christian

woman is very attractive to a Christian

man perhaps one of the most attractive

qualities to a Christian man is when a

woman is being inviting a Christian man

knows he's called to pursue a woman in

dating and to lead his wife in marriage

but if a Christian man is being honest

he has his own fears of being rejected

rejected just like everyone else no one

wants to pursue a woman and be turned

down and no husband wants to try to lead

his wife only to be shamed for trying to

or totally disrespect it in the process

while no Christian man should want all

the risk to be taken out of his pursuit

he will not pursue a woman if he does

not sense an inviting presence

around her so when I say inviting I mean

she's open to being pursued she

reciprocates the efforts that a man is

putting in she's not playing games and

sending mixed signals she's encouraging

to him and clearly communicates her

willingness to get to know him more and

interact with him if a guy does not

sense she is open to his pursuit he will

eventually stop the pursuit and number

six which I believe is most important a

Christian man is attracted to a woman

who has a genuine relationship with God

rooted in truth if a man is truly

following God himself his first

requirement for being interested in a

woman will be her walk with God if a man

truly loves God he will not compromise

his devotion to the Lord by linking up

with someone who does not share his

passion for Christ proverbs 31:30 verse

31 says charm is deceptive and beauty is

fleeting but a woman who fears the Lord

is to be praised honor her for all that

her hands have done and let her works

bring her praise at the city gate a

Christian man looks ahead into the

future and knows physical beauty always

fades a wise man knows he will be old

one day and so will his wife if he only

married her for shallow reasons their

relationship will get worse and worse

the older they get but a Christian man

wants a life partner to grow old with so

he will not pursue a woman just because

of her physical beauty so most

importantly a Christian man wants a

Christian wife who loves God just as

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