What Christian Girls Look For In A Guy

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this is going to be a different video hi

guys I'm very she's Hannah and welcome

to this video I kind of wanted to do


I guess relationship advice video which

I don't know that I am the best person

for this but I'm going to give it a shot

and not to be overstepping any bounds

but now that Katie Gregoire is in a

relationship I guess I am now Hanna the

relationship cougar that's never been in

a relationship just kidding I would not

feel her title like that Katie you are

my girl anyways the reason I got the

idea for this video in the first place I

was watching my friends Pollin Morgan's

five things guys wish girls knew and

then five things girls wish guys knew

and I was watching it and I'm like huh I

wonder if I can make my own list like

that that's any different so I was

making my list and it was basically the

same thing for what I would want guys to

know so then I kind of decided to take

it maybe in a little bit of a different

direction and make a video on as you can

see in the title things that Christian

girls look for in a guy because I'm sure

there are guys out there who are

wondering like what exactly do girls

want you know because apparently we're

super Moody and we don't know what we

want excuse me excuse me

and I'm not like insinuating that every

single guy's going to find the perfect

girl because some guys just won't get

married in their lives you know some

some ladies won't get married this is

just specifically for people who are

interested in dating I guess I don't

know it's 2017 someone's going to find

something offensive about the way I'm

putting this out there basically this is

just a list of things that I look for in

a guy as well as most Christian girls so

it's kind of generalized so first and

foremost they have to have a genuine

love for Jesus you know I think that we

ladies have some special type of

intuition where we can tell like if

you're faking it if you're lying we can

tell so make that a priority

make sure your relationship with God is

as strong as it could be at this point

even if it's not as strong as it could

be when you start dating that's probably

okay to you like I'm sure you could grow

with a significant other but I just

think it's important to be tethered to

Jesus not kind of have one foot in the

door and be like well Christianity looks

good so far buddy you gotta be in or

you're out and also we want a guy who's

going to love like Jesus you know not

come passing over our heads with you

know different accusations and not just

us if it relates to others - you know if

you're judging other people by the cover

just by looking at them like would Jesus

do that so get in your Bible more read

more about just how loving Jesus was

towards everyone he even loved the

people who killed him enough to die on a

cross so that they could have the option

of choosing him or not I'm not saying

that guys need to go die on a cross

roast ladies but just try to figure out

what loving light Jesus could look like

in your life and just side note I am

going to be making a video for the

ladies - a lot of this probably relates

to both sides

I don't want guys to think that I'm like

only talking to them because they're

terrible and they're all wrong like us

girls are flawed - I'm going to be

making a separate video about that so

just don't worry about that it's coming

going with all of this is passion drive

and motivation to do God's will it's not

so much that you have to know what God's

will is right now and get into action

but you know you should be pursuing it

like trying to figure out what exactly

God could be you know working up in your

life another thing I think a lot of us

look for in a guy's maturity like we

don't want a guy who's going to act like

he's 12 his whole life like in moderate

amounts that can be fun and of course

not to say that you should lose the

child like this is that a word basically

don't lose the child at heart just grow

up a little bit we also want someone who

has the affinity to lead a household you

know so ever since we're kids girls are

already looking ahead like I'm sure most

of us in the playground at school

used to play house right we were already

domesticated from that point in our

lives and I'm sure feminists are

completely against this personally I

wouldn't mind being a housewife like I

would like to have a job and to be out

doing things but if my calling is to

serve my husband as a housewife then so

be it but you know what that takes a man

who can lead you know we just want a guy

who can lead us towards Christ and also

represent like our household to Christ

stop being said we also look for

potential husband or father qualities in

a guy

I'm not exactly sure what that is but

like I know when I see it

you know like guys that are just good

with kids that's awesome

if you don't want kids like like that's

you guys but me someday I would probably

like kids so for me having a guy who

could you know deal with children is

kind of a good quality kind of an

important one also oh my gosh I cannot

stress this one enough we want guys who

have no problem helping us with our

female issues unless it's just me but

seriously like what is with guys being

so afraid of periods or so grossed out

what I'm saying is just get to the point

where you would be okay with maybe

someday having to buy pads or tampons

for your lady along with like chocolate

or ice cream of course because we

deserve it the cramps are terrible we

deserve it and there's just one last

thing that I'd like to add in this and

that's it most girls seem to want a guy

who's in the addition so if you guys

have any free time look into maybe

taking up an instrument because girls go

for that sort of things anyways if you

guys out there have any more questions

about this go ahead and ask me it

probably wasn't as in-depth as I could

be but anyways I hope you guys enjoyed

this video I hope you guys learn

something from it

don't necessarily take my words as

gospel because I'm sure there are ladies

out there who want different things in

their future men it's just maybe a

foundation to start with and you

guys out there can go ahead and leave

down below in the comments what you look

for in a girl and maybe I could make a

video on that if I get enough comments

on that sort of thing if not I already

have a video planned out like this video

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