How to IMPRESS your NATIVE Chinese friends! Substitutes of commonly used Chinese words.

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what part of a dead body is hanging

use your imagination

hello everyone welcome back to social

chinese show sho zhongwen i'm sure your

chinese native speaking teacher live in

bangkok thailand

mandarin chinese this intricate and

mysterious eastern language

can sometimes make you look cooler

immediately but have you ever thought

about that you can also impress your

native chinese friends

and by saying impress i'm not talking

about this

hello what is your name what y'all lilly

jongwen jen hao


it is definitely awesome if you can

speak fluent

standard mandarin but in this video i

will talk you through some substitute

of some daily used words which you are

already very familiar with

by using this substitute you can impress

your native chinese friends

effortlessly let's see what is the first


how do you say what are you doing

of course is the right answer but you

can also say

is a casual way to say to do but just a

little heads up

you don't want to say this word loudly

in taiwan

you're welcome ma means shenma

but it cannot stand alone without gang

ganma is a great substitute of


what are you doing and sometimes we want

to add

a na at the end as a softener

now repeat after me nizai


now let's speed up a little bit remember

the more casual the better


good job another substitute

of sham is shah unlike

ma shah can be used independently

let's say if your friend said something

to you but you didn't catch

so you say sha or

let's speed up a little bit

can replace shema in many situations

for example


if you have ever lived in southern china

you will hear this word

a lot gao is a verb that used

very common in spoken language it's kind

of like a casual

sure for example

are not always exchangeable let's see

some examples

we can see that gao is more like a very


action it can be translated into to make

to get or to create

let's see those example sentences again

what gao puts into

is used independently it also has

another meaning which you guys will


want to know

originally means to retreat

for example

but if you are at a party and you want

to leave first

of course you can say

but you can also say

it's kind of like i'm gonna bounce some

other examples can be


although not being impolite this word is


casual to use in some formal situations

like you wouldn't want to say to your


it took me quite a while to think about

whether should i tell you guys

the literal meaning of these words

because you know

they are not that appropriate so

the kids who are under 13 again

please get out of this video and maybe

you can set a reminder

on your 14th birthday and you're welcome

to come back

now for you guys who are more than 13

let's analyze this word

the outside of this word is pronounced


which means a dead body and inside of

this word

is pronounced diau that's why the whole


is pronounced diao this diao

means hanging so what part

of a dead body is hanging

use your imagination

but i need to say that diaw is not super

dirty or super inappropriate

because you can see a person as polite

as me

can say this word on the screen and also

i remember

seven years ago when i taught my 15

years old

student ming this word oh my god she

loved it actually in our daily life

we use this word to make compliments

it means great amazing and

awesome i don't know why maybe it has

something to do with the fertility code

say you just watch an awesome movie with

great efforts

and you're talking about this movie with

your friend


so if you think my channel is amazing

and helpful

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and i would be really happy to hear that

nyobi is pretty much the same meaning

but what is the literal meaning i will

let someone else to tell you

but one of the things that was funny is

i remember like before i ever went

anywhere a friend of mine went to uh

paris for the first time and comes back

and goes oh quinn you know one of the

things that's really cool about paris is

when they speak english

they use the word cool a lot and when

something is

is really cool it's super cool

all right that is super cool

okay all right so well you know mandarin

has its own version of super cool

and that is neil big

nail bit it was like oh yeah big


where have you been

that bush

so you're so you're saying that that's

there it doesn't really roll off the top


if you spoke mandarin it would roll off

the tongue all right but the uh but

here's the thing here's what neo-b

means okay it means cow's vagina

why why why is that super cool in china

well you know after

you're saying it constantly on yeah

you'll be all right

i said you know i'm gonna ask somebody

all right so i asked the chinese member

of the crew i go

what is so great about cows of vagina

and he goes it's so big

so feel free to say to your friends

but again don't say that to your boss

is an exclamation it's a great

substitute of thai

for example if you see your friend's

daughter who is only one year old

and you want to say that she's adorable

she's so

cute you can say taya taika


this phrase conveys a feeling that she's

even cuter than you could expect

some other examples could be

clear her heart filler bomb do it high


all right so these are all the seven

words and phrases that you can use to

impress your chinese friends when you

are enjoying the praise and admiration

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others please

hold syllab


i'm sure from social chinese shoshone i

will see you in my next video