Learn 5 Magic Tricks To Impress Girls! Daniel Fernandez & Rich Ferguson

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this do wait I opened the mission this

morning and it was quite an interesting

one you know what this actually get

please have the honor sir teach simple

magic tricks but to do this I brought in

one of the fastest-growing youtubers on

the platform a close friend of mine an

incredible magician mr. rich Ferguson

rellis how you doing there men you guys

not to be here yet fun stuff we got some

powerful things to teach you do you have

any lipstick on your friends and close

your hands just like this this will or

try to do I'm actually going to put this

right here I want you to go ahead rub

that little piece we'll throw this bit

you see wow it's disappearing oh my gosh

but if you take it a step further

go ahead opening hand okay okay okay

first thing you need for this one is

pretty obvious lipstick this is kind of

one of those tricks that works better

when your spectator it has that object

on them and you're like okay your

lipstick you know a girl's big purse

they probably have a lot more that is

lipstick exactly before the trick even

starts you want to put just a little dab

on your finger just like this then

you're gonna ask girl to put out your

hands like this are you right-handed or

left-handed all right beautiful I want

you to go ahead close out your hands

just like this the work is done all I'm

doing is putting the mark with my finger

onto the hand

the trick is over before it even started

all you do now is put a little dab right

there you draw the same thing on the top

of their hand that you had drawn on your

finger because now what's on your finger

is inside of their hand and all you got

to do now is rub you rub it to the point

where it disappears you've got to

reinstate the fact that you know I

haven't come near your hand which again

you really haven't since the trick

technically started and their hand has

been closed the entire time so that

moment when they open the hand and they

see a marking inside it's absolutely

crazy you know underestimate this this

is a classic magic done with other types

of ploys that is so powerful and super

interactive you can make it a real

connection yeah trace number two I don't

know how even works but I want to try to

do is that cool if we try it you're

welcome to go grab any book off the

shelf or in library I'm going to riffle

through the book like this just tell me

when to stop

okay perfect if you could can you think

of a large word in the top line you got

it you saw lots of words focus on one

right now you have it lock it in and you

can verify to your friend here they're

all different right hip free choice send

that word to me say it over and over in

your mind it's a kind of a bigger word

to like it's hard to say just like I

have it I have it it's um Marjorie and

imagination and magic imaginative

imaginative imaginative

dude it works how does that do that how

does it do that

you've got to show me how to do that

this is a reputation maker this is big

this is powerful it is there's so many

different versions that magicians use

for a book test some of them are

unbelievably advanced that truly like

some editions can even do elements sail

heart and under something like this

where you're cheating this one will let

you look as if you're a mind reader so

the trick is this which is perfectly the

bow because everyone's out okay if you

would look at the top line think of a

large word there you got it and got it

okay perfect and I already know the work

yeah how do I know that word I find the

page I like like this one and all I do

is like to the quarter that it hasn't

that's its put it in there right there

is fine I filled it up it'll never know

and now look what happens to both groups

pop and it pops open to that company

when you pull back because it wants to

pop yeah I think this page because I

like that this had lots of small words

and the only big word was impressive and

I thought that would be a good on the

job line yeah not like this word

incessant this would be really

impressive if I can get this right yeah

I liked about more than that complain

yeah you got to hold it by the spine of

the book nothing falls out there's no

visible breaks or anything like that it

helps it pop down books it's a lot

easier first where on the page is good

but taking the risk of like think of a

large word in that sentence just make

sure there's not a lot of large words

but yeah it's a miracle it's really cool

remember it's not about what you're

doing it's all about how you do it so

doing in a good way you got a phone here

yes yeah look at my hand watch my hands

give it like this you can actually see

oh my god I Hershey's kiss

appears onto the screen and if I take it

a step further you can actually see the

kids come do real-life bad right and

that's a kiss from me do you say Madame

it was nice I like this simply because

it involves phones involve technology

and involves visual magics so you're

going to need a small object in this

case we decided to take your kids but

you can also do it with a coin you can

do it with anything small a ring

actually works as well and it's smaller

than your screen so step number one all

you're doing is pressing your camera

against a black surface and snapping a

picture now what you're going to do take

a picture with the black surface of the

background of an object and the third

thing that you want to do is take yet

again another picture of the black

surface so you have picture of a black

surface picture of the object picture of

another black surface before you get

into the trick though what you want to

do is take the object and hide it below

your phone and so you want to show your

hand first off front and back then all

you're doing is transferring the phone

with the object and show your other hand

now all you got to do is swipe over to

the first picture that you took it seems

like my phone is just locked so all

you're doing right here is taking your

hand and swiping your thumb slightly and

making the object appear and what you

want to do now is you want to put your

thumb on top of

the object and then literally drag it

out of the phone boom

all you got to do now is lock your phone

and you're completely take the cards

shuffle them up yeah shuffle them up and

I'll tell you inside of here here I have

a prediction I want you to deal cards on

to my hand a stop whenever you want

ready to get they're going to eat

through me uh no y'all told you the

prediction side here so here's what

going to do open it up and look at the

prediction all the cards are here I'm

not going to do anything else what to


six exceed the six of Spades kind of

take the car and see what you stopped at

whoa are you impressed or what that's

pretty impressive video you feel I am

mystified you're mystified

so not just impressed mystified I know

you're all thinking they're all six of

Spades they're not oh thanks so much for

mystifying me today I can't believe I

pulled off a magic trick successfully

you did it uncle Thank You grandson

you'll get on Ellen there you know I'm

hoping I'm inspiring to get on Ellen

here blowing our minds man sliders you

actually start off by taking the box and

revealing that there is a prediction in

here and that does a couple things one

it covers the fact that you are hiding

this card that's loaded right here the

card at the bottom of the box is the

card written inside the bodies obviously

you push off this top card and literally

just stick it to the bottom of the pack

steal it say there's something special

here where you get back to this in a

minute this is very key thing shuffle

the cards they get to shuffle the cards

steal stop anywhere you want is

influenced in any way okay just keep

dealing it's not for anyone

are you sure yes I told you inside of

here is a prediction right completely

now you guys see what I did I just went

like this boom and I added the card

right there as I do that I bring it out

here to assistance from here yeah and I

open this up let's see what's in here it

says you chose or stopped at the seven

of Hearts

yes see and will what the heck and very

just mind blown like I'm so does

mind-blowing this is honestly

heavy-hitting mentalism with a really

really eerie new that anyone can do I

want you to think of a number 1 through

100 ok it's impossible for me to know

what you're thinking else correct

write your number and show it to anyone

I don't want you even sit I don't want

him to get I don't want the camera tip

no one's gonna see it ok and then I want

you to put it in my hand I'm not

look okay see if I can do this actually

hold my hand if you wouldn't mind real

quick okay okay now we got the power we

got the power look straight into my eyes

you're wearing contacts yeah very enough

so much I'm gonna guess that's two

digits yeah yeah that's good impressive

right there good 95 chance of being

right the first digit is not a true but

I know it's the low one I think it's a

one if I'm not mistaken yet that you're

thinking of 13 that is right yeah

everybody know not everybody takes

everybody picks 32 a number quick yeah

13 my favorite number never bet everyone

says that everyone is 130

I was born January 13 everyone's either

born in 13th or their favorite number is

13 or they just watch 13 reasons why and

so they think of 13 no way yeah that's

not truly what's the trick here you have

to subscribe because back on flash

Daniel Fernandez to find out you need

some posters and you're going to rip one

out and you're going to tell a lovely

lady or anyone truly hi lovely lady and

you're going to ask them to think of a

number 1 through a hundred you're going

to have them write it inside beautiful

of course at this moment you're going to

be turned around while all this is

happening they're going to fold it up

once and they're going to fold it up

twice all you're going to ask them to do

is to put the number in your hand now

you turn around what's happening here is

interesting the one thing that you're

going to need is a wall with 2 1 million

gold subscribers with your hands behind

your back you're going to open up the

little piece of paper and you're going

to stick it on the wall behind you now

this puts you in a position to be able

to pretend to have the note in your hand

while you turn around and you take a

look at the number 72 it's ballsy but it

works you need

reason to turn around what I usually do

is they tell them to grab my hand and to

concentrate on the number and I think

it's right here yeah you think it's

right here of course all you got to do

is turn back around I'm sticking it from

the wall or from the million subscriber

plate that's what you need to do this

trick and now you're good now you know

the number now it's all about how you

present it one thing you could do with

this is having to draw something that's

important to them a finger or a person's

name I know when you read some of my and

it's actually some person like a name

that three it changes everything

out completely this is such an epic

trick we're not going too deep into

presentation but like I said guys it's

never about the trick that you're doing

but it's rather about how you're doing

it that matters

so be creative with it and that's how

you do the sticky note minor E if you're

coming from Rich's channel I am a

magician I travel around the world and I

do magic with celebrity be sure to


but more importantly we shot a video

over on this guy's channel by really

awesome ways to get people's phone

numbers and then the mind but it all

uses your phone technology pranks and

that's a common thing that you can find

on Rich's channel he's not only an

incredible magician he's also how to

guide so he'll teach you how to do hacks

how did you magic how do these pranks a

combination of that and you're uploading

every week 10 tutorials a week basically

every Thursday beautiful it's really

really good content I guess that he's

one of the fastest-growing youtubers on

the platform go check him out okay

15,000 likes and I'll have you back on

the channel okay we'll see some more sup

get a dream big yes but do much bigger