How to Treat Escorts, According to an Escort

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don't send us photos of your dick we

don't want to see that unless we're

getting paid that is non-consensual and

no one cares do read people's ad copy or

websites almost all of the answers to

your questions will be there and if

someone says no to you let's know do not

speak explicitly via email or text

obviously that's not a smart idea when

you're doing an activity that is a

frowned upon by the law definitely not

the how much for a and blah blah

blah like just basically spelling out

illegal activities that is so sketchy

it's always best to provide all the

information that's asked for in the

first email that would be your name if

that person screens which I do I

definitely have like code of conduct

that worked for me then I do not speak

for other sex workers for sure do not

negotiate or rates

cash is always green cash is always king

get it together

go to the bank we've taken the time to

get ready for you and to set up time for

you and it takes a lot of time to do

this you should take the time to go to

the bank like a big boy

I've had people show up just assuming

that I took PayPal payments PayPal is

notorious for shutting down sex workers

and you can cancel a payment and right

after not paying a sex worker is rape

you've tricked someone into having sex

with you that is not a true consent

a lot of us will offer you a shower and

you come in don't decline that's so rude

we shower then like our about to get

really intimate with you that's like the

least you can do don't make dead hooker

jokes if you're interested in any kind

of BDSM you must talk about this before

communicate do not make assumptions very

long time ago

had someone like hit me in the face in

the middle of session you know and like

everything stopped he's like oh I

thought you do this in movies so I

thought it was okay and I'm like guess

what not the point stars they won't

necessarily do everything that they do

in the movies that is a whole other

situation not the same thing we're also

not mind reader's so if you have a

specific idea and mind and you come in

and we don't fulfill it because you

didn't say anything that's on you

you are not buying a person you are not

buying a body you're buying a service

there's this like selling your body

thing that really irritates the

out of me I take my body home at

the end of the day I do have not given

it to anybody I have not sold my

autonomy it is still there you're paying

for a service but it does not an

all-access pass do whatever you want

you're still interacting with human