7 BEST Ways to Impress ANY Girl | Do This to Get Noticed! | Alex Costa

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what's up everyone my name is Alex Costa

and let me remind you guys of something

very important girls are always trying

to impress us guys they try harder than

us they put in the work to look amazing

so why shouldn't you guys do the same

now I know for a fact that if you pay

attention to a few key things alright

you will be able to feel really good

about the way that you look and you will

be able to impress the girl of your

dreams and I'm not talking about

completely changing who you are

alright I'm saying there's a way to look

your best and that is what we're doing

today so don't worry guys I got you

covered because today we're going over

the seven best ways to impress any girl

starting with number one

let her talk the number one mistake when

talking to a girl is focusing focusing

just on yourself that girls want you to

listen alright that's the fact they want

a guy who understands them it sounds

easy right but it's not

you see we guys always looking to

impress you know we're trying to impress

the girls because well we have to

because if we don't somebody else will

so sometimes what we do you know we can

get carried away by focusing on

ourselves too much we're talking about

what we do who we are

blah blah blah trying to impress this

girl but if you just shift the focus of

the conversation to her instead of you

it's gonna show her that you're

interested in hearing more about what

she has to say it will make her feel

much better plus you don't want her to

think that you're a cocky arrogant guy

like let her speak let her finish her

sentences answer her questions trust me

if a girl would snow something she's

gonna ask you second way to impress any

girl is by of course smelling amazing

how awesome does it feel when a girl

compliments you want your smell like but

girl hugs you and tells you wow you

smell so good

I mean you automatically get these great

vibes your confidence level goes up like

it's amazing right well if you want to

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thank you yeah I'm gonna leave the link

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these girls that you're trying to

impress today all right next one is used

clothing to your advantage guys

impressing a girl can be hard right but

there are some easy fashion tips and

tricks that enhance your body to make

you look even better than you already do

like wearing darker colors if you're not

in great shape right if you I get it

you're probably on the grind you're

exercising right now to be in great

shape in the near future but if you

haven't achieved your fitness goals yet

then guess what wearing black is gonna

hide that extra weight that you put on

during the holidays everyone does that

right and if you're not super tall then

don't wear baggy clothing skinny jeans

are gonna give you a better appearance

that they're gonna make your your legs

look longer so definitely go for that

instead of baggy jeans another thing

that you should do I didn't always think

about this is how should I dress for

this specific occasion for example don't

wear like all your supreme hypebeast

stuff when you're going out with her

parents or even worse when you're

meeting her parents for the first time

cuz that's not gonna impress anyone a

pro tip that I'll give you guys as well

when it comes to clothing is notice what

she is wearing like look at her and be

like wow that's a nice shirt skirt shoes

whatever like figure out her fashion


talk to her about it and she is gonna be

so happy that you asked where they give

you a compliment gave her a compliment

and also it's gonna make your

Valentine's Day which is coming up a lot

easier so you know exactly what her

style is and what you can get her number

for take care of your personal hygiene

the days of guys not being clean those

days are way gone they're over alright

no girl wants to be with a dirty dude

the same way that I don't really want to

be with a girl that has bad hygiene do

you I get brushed your teeth you know

but also yeah

it's cool but floss go step above that

you know washing your body is nice but

how about moisturizing your body a few

times you know or do you like having a

she dirty gross elbows and knees come on

guys let's get it together

that's not be embarrassed because these

things they don't work anymore all right

we should be taking better care of

ourselves not even for the girls to be

honest with you just for your own

well-being like I like being clean and

let's be on it's bad breath that's got

to go there is no way in hell that

you're gonna make out with this girl if

she thinks you have bad breath she's

gonna turn around and run so work on

your personal hygiene starting now and

also guys try to get a fresh haircut

before a big day you know one of the

only ways to instantly grab a girl's

attention for us guys because we don't

have too much we can do is rocking a

fresh haircut especially before a big

day like I feel my best after a fresh

haircut I feel like a new man I feel

like I'm fresh fresh fresh that could be

you know the best version of myself

you're gonna feel more confident which

is gonna make you feel more comfortable

and that's another way to impress girls

when girls look at you and they're like

wow this guy's confident he's

comfortable that is what you need to be

doing bonus tip is for you guys to try a

hairstyle that you can change it up you

know something versatile like I can wear

this up like that or it can wear it to

the side like this and like change it up

once in a while and surprise her and and

she's gonna be like wow this guy's got

some some fashion sense that's really

cool some sense of style and if you need

hairstyle inspiration of course you can

follow me on instagram at Alex Kosta

because I post a lot of different

hairstyles there and you can take

pictures and videos to your barber so

you too can get an amazing hairstyle

number six on the list is actually a

very important one not only for girls or

whatever but for you man drive safely a

lot of guys think that they were

impressing a girl when they're driving

crazy and aggressive you know what I

mean they're leaning back it's actually

the opposite it is very uncomfortable to

be in a car with a driver like that all

right like you don't want that guy or

girl nobody wants to be in the backseat

of a crazy driver you never want to put

anyone in an uncomfortable situation

like that especially when it involves

both of your safety now my dad used to

always tell me you're not driving for

yourself you're

everybody else too and that's stuck with

me until this day so drive safe guys

don't try to show off because if she's

impressed by your driving and your

driving crazy and then let me be the

first one to tell you she's not a good

girl she's not the one for you and next

one guys

have fun hey nobody wants a boring

partner boyfriend whatever like the

truth is girls get bored easier than we

do I think so

this might sound like an easy tip but it

is one of the hardest ones on this list

a lot of guys like myself I'm guilty of

this I spend a lot of time working and

sometimes I forget to to have fun you

know I mean balancing things can be so

difficult but along the way make sure

that you don't forget to enjoy the

little things have fun

plan a surprise day bring your flower

its land like rock climbing bowling

something's different you know make

memories that you're both going to

remember try new things with her take

her to different places and she is going

to love it and of course we're date for

men when you do those things all right

this is gonna be linked in the

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haha so Thank You Jeremy fragrance for

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but I have a big party alright thank you

guys so much for watching and I'll see

you again very very soon peace