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this is me sliding into your YouTube

because today Shalin ours first of all

welcome back to my channel we're going

to talk about how to slide into a boy's


namely a famous boy I've been getting

quite a few questions lately about how

to catch the attention of a guy who's

like Instagram famous or maybe regular

famous maybe he's an athlete maybe he's

just kind of like the popular dude in

your hometown maybe he's got that

delicious little blue checkmark on his

Instagram profile like I do not like

it's a big deal

here's what you can do to catch a guy's

attention so first of all look can we

talk about this YouTube set I love it I

know it's kind of weird if it's like I'm

behind a bar but I'm sort of into it

like I'm vibing on this first of all you

have to understand with a famous guy

there's a certain type of personality as

a man that wants to be famous that type

of personality is not necessarily

consistent with a guy who wants a solid

steady girlfriend okay so then you need

to ask yourself what role am I willing

to play in this person's life what is it

I'm truly looking for if you are trying

to tame the beast if you're trying to

take the local soccer star and make him

wifey you are in for an uphill battle if

you are trying to take a local

influencer just a regular influencer in

general and get railed out by him one

night and having never speak to you


your odds are a lot better but you need

to be honest with what you truly want

and this is what I've realized with

famous dudes it there are boys we have

in our lives which I refer to as a Hurt

Locker I dated someone very famous like

I don't know seven years ago or

something is a very famous hockey player

and it took me pretty much all those

seven years since to get over him and I

realized that it's not because I loved

him so much

it's I love the specialness I got by

being with him I felt when I was with

him and I was like I'm his girlfriend or

you know that I'm like finally I am

actual as my specialness that I've

always wanted and known that I had is is

real now because it was like splashover

from him

I'm mattered because he matters and

that's really hard to get over and I

call it a Hurt Locker because I place

all my hurt all my like broken parts in

him and so I wasn't really mourning him

ever I was mourning the specialness that

I lost and I think that's a reason a lot

of us girls are attracted to super

famous guys because we're almost always

attracted to the popular guy at high

school why for those same reasons they

were like baby famous you know their

high school famous and we think like oh

my god if I could just date the lacrosse

captain I will therefore be okay and

complete and normal and popular bike by

extension and by osmosis and who doesn't

want that who doesn't wanna feel normal

and popular and special we all do so

here's the problem with these famous

dudes they got options and there's a

phrase that I love it's an old saying a

man is only as faithful as his options

that means if he can bang a ton of

chicks if he can trade up and up and up

and up he gonna it's kind of human

nature and it's definitely in a dude's

nature I'm not saying all famous guys

were like this but I am saying almost

all of them are owned by a vast majority

so how do you stand out to this guy now

normally if we're talking about you know

like the high school guy I did a whole

video on how to stand out to the popular


and it's basically like don't chase him

because everyone else is but that's

great if you're interacting with someone

on a day to day basis what if they're

digital like howdy okay cool I'm

ignoring you Shawn Mendes come for me

like it doesn't really work that way you

know God if I she would come for me

though Shawn I love you so much

I'll take Cameron dalas - it was like a

back of does not have to be Shawn so

this is what you can do and this is

what's worked with me dating famous

dudes how I got my famous ex-boyfriend

how I've had several famous boyfriends I

used my job as like an inn I'm an editor

- magazine and when I was a writer or

reporter it's like the greatest Inn in

the world because you have a reason to

talk to them you have reason to ask some

questions hey was wondering if you

wanted to do an interview with my

magazine with my newspaper with my

website and then you get a rapport going

and interviews can become conversations

so what do you do if you're not an

editor in a magazine because this is

kind of a long way around it's like well

first you have to know the New York and

get my job use my tips and ask some

questions not necessarily the question

that everyone else is going to ask them

for example my hockey player and I like

we got along so well together and he was

hooked on me because I never brought up

hockey never I wasn't like the grid it's

in the world let me see the Stanley Cup

never I talked to him about things that

no one else thought to talk to him about

because all day long he talked about

hockey he did want to talk about it with

me he was not like it was just like but

it was like ad nauseam do you want to

talk about your schoolwork with a dude

you date not really you want to talk

about other things so I'd be like oh my

gosh eel by Lake like do you have a jet

ski and he was like yes I have a jet ski

and so we were able to connect in ways

that were so fresh and refreshing for

him so kind of look at that alright so

say you're into a dude who does music

and he's like super popular on YouTube

as I am I would say slide into his inbox

ask him a question that's about music

but like adjacent be like okay say say

we're sliding into Shawn Mendes is Dan

which God knows I want to and let's just

pretend for a minute he's not getting

tens of thousands of dance a day pass

them something do your research very

important to do your research if there's

like some niche band they like if

there's some team they went to be like

hey I obviously you're into music I was

thinking about doing some cover songs of

Tom Waits like what are your go-to deep

tracks on the Tom Waits album I have no

idea who Tom Waits is by the way but I

only know that name and that he's a

musician because a different famous ex

was obsessed with him and that's what we

talked about on our first day and I was

like oh my gosh yeah tell me all about

him and so he got to like educate me

talk about the thing he knew about music

but not his band specifically you know

so we got to say other things if say

you're into a fitness guy I would take a

different approach if you're into a

fitness dude dudes love to be asked

questions and they love to feel useful

musics kind of like hard to fulfill that

because music so creative it's not like

a like a use based thing like how do I

do this how do I do that you're not

going to slide into a musician cm so

you're like how do I play the guitar

don't do that slide into a fitness suit

and be like hey I feel like you're an

excellent person to ask like what do you

think about like fasted cardio versus

having a little snack and whatever and

be like and by the way if you're ever in

my name

like totally let you train me like wink

wink come up with some flirty little

lines that have a question he can answer

and then a little like personality segue

that's a little bit flirty err okay

however like I said these dudes are not

hardwired to be faithful they don't have

to be why would they be and the thing is

the girls you're competing against our

Instagram let's be honest their

Instagram who are selling fifty

and showing their ass for the gram and

you probably if you're on my channel

you're probably not like that so you're

probably a very quality complex deep

rich person and it's hard to get that

across online you know what I mean so

you're competing against not just every

normal girl in the world every height be

in the world and those girls are

willing to do whatever it takes to get

this dudes attention because they are

thirsty AF and you aren't so it's going

to be really tough for you to stand out

in this sea of plastic you're gonna have

to ask yourself if that's worth it again

I think you should go back to the idea

of a Hurt Locker what is it this guy

means to you strip away his name strip

wearing what he does what is he what

fear is ass waged if you're with him

what worry is no longer there if he

falls in love with you that's the

question you need to ask yourself that's

the question we need to ask ourselves

about any guy because until we feel

complete on our own as much as humanly

possible we are going to have hurt

lockers and we're gonna spend seven

years getting over a guy you briefly

dated right and you're gonna get all

twisted about someone who sucks because

it's the only option because we're not

completing here so I know that this is a

bit of an esoteric thing you guys want

to hear the perfect message but

sometimes we need spend more time

crafting the perfect message to

ourselves instead of some boy with

the blue checkmark because who cares

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