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hi guys and welcome back to another

video in today's video I'm going to be

discussing in high you can attract a

Capricorn woman in order for me to kind

of dive into ways and means in which you

can attract a Capricorn woman first got

to look at the keywords and the basic

traits and qualities the come with the

Capricorn energy

Capricorn's are very organized people

try sincere people and they can be quite

detached from things and because they

fight very logical and so they wouldn't

really be emotional like the water signs

for example they are extremely

responsible people but at the same time

really funny I'm really witty and why

sarcastic and as well they can be a

little bit condescending I record emails

and they give this sort of energy it's

really like a tough seriousness to them

but at the same time they're so delicate

they are also highly confident people

and I would say that they're like

natural born leaders and after all

Capricorn is all about the overcoming

the obstacles and the challenges that

get in the way also Capricorn because of

Saturn the ruling planet so with them

they know how to climb to the top really

effectively without stepping on people's

toes along the way and when they get to

the top it's really strong and it's not

so really it's a really structured

leadership type of rule what you will

find as well with Capricorn

women and just cover it in generally

then they're so weird at giving you

advice they're highly logical people at

the same time they do not have the

emotions to go with it to sort of sway

their opinion they'll be able to look

and analyze things from all different

directions so they're really great at

giving advice that way record women are

just try warm people and buy warm

sorry observe and people and whenever

they do get into relationship they're

going to be really really loyal okay

guys so let's see how you can attract

yourself a beautiful

serious funny nearly dirty-minded

Capricorn woman ously what I would

recommend is that you prove that you're

hardworking and ambitious all right it's

probably really started one becomes of

subtracting Capricorn but it's true

Capricorn people like to know that you

have everything together you sort of

have an idea but what you want to

achieve in life because she most likely

knows what she wants to achieve in life

Capricorn's are like the top dog RF

signs they are the builders like huge

builders of the zodiac so they like to

structure stuff and structure their

lives and so if you want to attract a

Capricorn woman you need to make sure

that you're structured that you're you

got together you know yes together not

saying necessarily that you have to have

all these materials unlike the big house

and a fancy car or sewing put on all

that stuff or you need to be like the

CEO or a huge manager of a company I'm

not necessarily saying that and you

could even be a minimalist for example

but as long as you are up to D it and

you just know what you're doing what you

want what you want to achieve then not

is what's really truly attractive to her

with Capricorn energy it's like they

they're so grinded okay there are signs

so anyway they have their feet firmly on

the ground but at the same time they're

always reaching for the stars they're

reaching for that job they're reaching

for a hoist reaching for family all the

stuff that they want to reach for they

are doing it whilst also firmly on the


right humble so what you'll find with

her is she is not going to be very keen

on fickle people or lazy people so don't

don't be Lizzie and try to you know how

abettors of them have a bit of stir it

and go out and achieve go out there and

just do it

hi ever that being said though I do feel

that with Capricorn

energy because it's so proactive and

they're always busy and always doing

stuff it may be good and for their

partner or for the other person's

interested in them and for them to maybe

balance the Capricorn right in a way

because capricorns are so go-go-go

so maybe just movie attracting them in a

way that balances them out and says to

them look you need to be doing this this

this and this and this all the time you

can just relax for a little bit and that

could be attractive to her but try not

to come on too strong like have that

balance yourself sure you're ambitious

but also show her that it's okay to lack

sometimes for capricorns as well the

Capricorn females actions definitely

speak louder than words so don't say to

her that you do something or that you're

a certain way and then turn around on

your action be completely different to

what you just said

honestly they will be able to pick up on

that instantly and sort of just be like

what why did you do that the main words

here are practicality and logic

different practical people so be

practical in what you're doing also the

same time be logical about it

don't just go into something like the go

into it knowing higher when I approach

it so ultimately mean what you say by

acting on the words also be careful not

to rush a Capricorn woman if you like

her do not rush her slow and steady wins

the risk with Capricorn energy so you

like her doing just come to on you know

step back a little bit approach it a

little step in my tenure is a little

Mike and goat yourself and you're just

claiming a book book book but that being

said that being said be head-on with her

don't play games with Capricorn women

they appreciate honesty and openness and

so if you're messing around with the

Capricorn woman she's going to pick up

on that so when you're around or be

yourself be your true authentic self and

I really think that the Capricorn woman

will appreciate that whilst capricorns

love to joke around and let me just say

they are probably some of the funniest

people mean Jim Carrey she's a Capricorn

they can be super super

and they crack the best jokes but well

they're like that they don't necessarily

like it whenever all eyes are on them

they don't like that spotlight and if

you attract that spotlight to the

Capricorn moment especially if it's like

an embarrassing way or something she's

not comfortable with she won't really

like that so you got to be shared sure -

um you know joke with sir and a person

like 101 you know and don't attract a

lot of attention to her as long as you

don't call her right in the middle of

guarded room and just be on the spot and

you'll be fine

all right guys so that concludes my

video on how you can attract yourself a

Capricorn woman if you did like this

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