5 Ways to Attract the Cancer Male

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hey guys welcome back to my channel Remi

Jade astrology and today we're gonna be

talking about five ways on how to

attract the cancer male so number one

number one is ask about their family the

reason being is because they are very

family-oriented and they take pride in

their family and how cool they are how

warm they are or just who they are they

they love family and if you talk about

your family yourself they tend to

picture hmm I wonder if our families

could be together I wonder if I can take

that person to my family so talk about

family life ask about his or her

siblings mother father if you take

interest in their family they will take

interest number two is listen to what

they have to say these guys are

generally generally shy and these guys

don't usually have the timer day for

somebody to actually like listen to them

and their opinions they are kind of

always swept to the side or somebody

either overpowers them or they don't get

their word in so giving that listening

ear is a big turn-on because they can

see that you are that type of person

that can listen to their needs wants and

aspirations or goals so listen to what

they have to say and be that tech person

to Linda lend your ear number three is

suggest a nice cozy place to have a date

they like places where it's intimate

they like places where you can sit down

and chat anything romantic these guys

are really romantic once you actually

get them into a relationship they think

about the little things the thoughtful

thing so suggest anything that's cozy

romantic because if you do that they see

it like oh so this person is really

romantic as well so I can dish out all

my little tricks too so suggest a nice

cozy place that's intimate that you can


they really do like that number four is

let them take the lead these guys

although they're shy they are a cardinal

signs so if they want to do something

they're gonna do

and they're gonna start it so let them

take the lead

don't be overbearing don't be too pushy

don't you know be like oh no I don't

like that stuff like that they want to

take the lead they want to be the man in

the relationship so make sure that you

show that you're kind of soft subtle and

yeah let them be the man because they

are the man

five is take initiative so at first you

see these guys are very quiet you need

to be the one that takes initiative like

hey do you want to hang out because they

have a fear of rejection and they are

shy so make sure you take initiative

when you want to go somewhere make sure

you take initiative if you want to talk

to them make sure you take the

initiative to you know you know to have

a conversation with them once they see

that you take initiative and then

they're gonna start taking the lead

because they see that you're interested

so this is five ways on how to attract

the cancer male please like share and

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