How to flirt with Canadian women? (Toronto)

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I'm serious that when you go out like

guys are hunting you like prey and

you're hunting food like prey and all I

want is food when I go out so I guys

like hey come with me down this dark

alley I'm like I just wanted to get food

this is a getting on board as my name's

Pedro what we're talking about is dating

specifically international dating now

Perrineau toronto has gotten a bit of a

rap as being a tough place to date for

guys the lowdown is that girls in

Toronto are standoffish and crew know I

think that's a very patriarchal

sentiment you know I mean girls aren't

rude necessarily maybe we just don't

want to thank you know it means I have a

new friend so I

oh you've a boyfriend

well they expect a lot because there's a

lot of variety the transient city

yeah where there's a ton of weird people

around is there you think so

how about touching what can there be too

much touching yes I cannot seem kind of

thing it is actually we are sharing

energy which is one of the amazing too

much proximity is a normal process it

meets like this there's pretty close I

don't know I did this today

like is this close this is a little

closer like this this is a little far a

little boy like how close is close in a

normal situation

like if I was just going to talk to you

like okay if you can feel their body

heat that's too close but you should be

able to like reject that's very

sensitive how much is too close yeah I

say that's too close this this time oh

nice yeah good hey I was trying to make

it awkward but I guess I was a little

bit more on but uh yeah

so what do you guys think about I got

like attention to you actually that's

more like what are you trying to do like

reduce me

are you guys for lesbians where they are

these we are the lies are you talking

yeah I can see kind of through but yeah

so absolutely it's very important is

there such thing as too much though

yeah am i doing it too much right now

you're not knowing each other very well

oh yeah that's not don't look at me like

there I think we're just afraid to kind

of like look at each other yeah how much

eye contact too much eye contact I'm

just accepting that you yeah it's just

staring at you like you when a guy makes

eye contact with you and you're like you

know so now looking deep into the pools

of each other's eyes screaming I think

it's fitting Canadian

in China if someone gave you eye contact

look at your smile is merely yes it yeah

you want to get away it's just too much

eye contact right now to prove that

girls are not and office in Toronto I'm

gonna close my eyes and make a kissy

face I'm just going to teach towards you

can be the reciprocate or back office of

the oscilloscope you're gonna make it

your Soviets very


now I need you to be there back away and

leave me hanging or reciprocate the kiss