How To Handle A Relationship With A Busy Man | The Secret To Dating A Busy Guy

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how to handle a relationship with a

really busy man and not go underground

my name is coach Natalie and I'm a

relationship coach and this is happily

committed happily committed is a

movement that me and my amazing partner

coach Adrian started to help people

around the world feel fulfilled in their

relationships to help them stay happily

committed to the person that they love

the very most

but whether you've been in a short term

relationship or a long term relationship

insecurities are pesky little things

that end up chipping at the stability

the two of you have created between you

when we're dating

busy men we often wonder why they're not

spending as much time with us we often

wonder is this guy into us should we

keep investing here is he just gonna

find someone new what do I do

where do I stand I want to use this

video as an opportunity to share with

you a tip that I think might be really

really helpful for you women trying to

handle dating a mega busy man as women

or nurtures or Nestor's we want to build

bond we want to build a nest we want to

build commitment with our partner it's

how we are designed but in a world with

so many expectations in a world with so

many commitments a lot of men prioritize

their careers a lot of men prioritize

guys night a lot of men prioritize their

independence and that is something that

can really get under our skin and on our

nerves so the number one way to handle a

really busy man is by getting really

busy yourself and listen this isn't a

game it's not a manipulative tactic it's

as simple as this the more time you have

to waste the more time you want to spend

with him get busy now is the time for

you to build a bucket list of sorts make

a list for yourself that you can commit

to that is gonna fill your time that

it's gonna challenge you that it's gonna

make you feel fulfilled here's a secret

confidence comes from accomplishment the

more things you do the better you feel I

see it happen every single day with my

clients so if right now you have a low

self-esteem lack of confidence because

your boyfriend or husband is too damn


you can get more confident just by doing

a few more things make a list of short

medium long term goals things that you

can achieve and commit to that doesn't

mean becoming an astronaut and going to

space that means finally signing up for

that half marathon that means finally

taking that interior designing class

that you've been meaning to try get to

know yourself experiment and explore who

it is you are and what you're capable of

and before you know it that clock that

right now

ticks really slow will fly by time will

fly by as long as you're busy and before

you know it it's 8 p.m. and look who

just walked in the door and you didn't

even realize it your husband your

boyfriend that busy man who's too busy

all of a sudden isn't so busy anymore

because you're busier now if you have

nothing to do and he has a lot to do

this is what we're looking at if you get

busier this is what we're looking at

this is what we're looking at and now

all of a sudden you're equals you are

less demanding of his time and all of a

sudden you're that cool girlfriend that

cool wife that is engaged with who she


who is attracted to herself investing in

herself instead of calling nagging

begging for her boyfriend her husband's

attention I know that this sounds

counterintuitive how is having less time

to spend with him can I make any sense

don't knock it till you try it I invite

you to make this bucket list

give yourself things to work on stay

busy and try for 30 days let's see how

you feel about your really busy

boyfriend or husband or partner in 30

days when you are very busy I am

confident that it will make you

confident I'm confident that it's gonna

make you feel accomplished and fulfilled

and it's gonna make you less needy as a

partner as someone who has specialized

in breakup recovery for so many years I

know how easy it is to ruin a

relationship I know how easy it is for

things to fall apart but it

you listen to this trick you will see

how easy it is to stay together and how

easy it is not to fall apart the choice

is yours to make

but in relationships you don't just have

to live and learn you can learn from the

experiences of others just by tuning

into this channel after coaching

thousands of people what I'm sharing

with you is proven to work you don't

need to let things fall apart and then

rush to glue them back together you can

learn here now simple things that you

can do to keep you happily committed

that is my commitment to you is to give

you all the experience I have and all

the tools I've acquired along the way

that other women and men have put into

their relationships and that have seen

success in them so my name is coach

Natalie and I would love to connect with

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