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If you want to impress a British British guy you should be able to tell a good

joke. Looks, personality. The most two things I guess is the looks and personalities right.

A good cook. Cool plenty of


Something that probably you wouldn't do for the rest of the year so

perhaps quite an expensive restaurant or something like that that really pleases

me a lot. Okay so to treat you. You like to be treated me well.

To impress me I think the best thing

would be if she bought me a video game that would

literally make my day honestly.

Being a man with the girlfriend I think the

thing about my girlfriend is that you can kind of, she's obviously very

beautiful but you can you can just kind of tell when she walks into a room that

she's just like a really good person as well, yeah very smiley and as you say she

makes me laugh and she laughs at my jokes.

I like it when a girl is very caring and loving.

So what does the woman have to do to impress you? Um be interested in me yes

in my case I find myopia helps.

So now you know how to impress them all I can

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