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valentine's Day is just around the

corner and many Singleton's are

searching for a date but if you're

particularly interested in dating

British girls then you may need to know

exactly what it takes to impress us hi


Anna English here this is English like a

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just a second that I'll be telling you

what impresses me as a British woman but

I don't speak for every woman so I'll be

getting out there on the streets to talk

to lots of different types of women to

find out what impresses them can I let

you in on a secret

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what impresses me personally I love an

accent it might sound strange coming

from someone who helps people to reduce

their accents but what I do is make sure

that people can communicate effectively

but I still do love a good accent funny

guys if you can make me laugh then

nothing else matters a funny guy is a

very attractive guy now of course it

helps if you're attractive if you stay

in shape and you have a pretty face then

I'm going to find you attractive but

what I find more attractive than

anything else is talent so if you're

talented at something it doesn't even

have to necessarily be a performing

based talent I'm not talking about

singing or playing an instrument I'm

talking about just being very good at

something I find that very attractive

people who are top of their game ahead

of the field and I guess a guy I can

rely on and trust someone who does what

they say they're going to do that's very

attractive much more attractive than

someone who says they're going to call

you and then they don't call you Oh

agrees to pick you up at 8:30 and then

doesn't turn up to line mmm I don't like

that now there are just a few things

that impress me but let's find out what

the other ladies find attractive the guy

have to do to impress you

well he has already done it he's just

bought me new car though got me knowing

he just came home with a new car for me

how's that so nice expensive surprises

yes what do you think oh he gets up in

the middle of the night and lets the dog

out the little things

something interesting surprising

something that I don't know it's taken

thought that you can tell it's taking a

bit of time out of their day just to be

something special for you

definitely not to copy not to coffee

yeah also to show a morning text for me

just makes my day okay for a good night

text as well but when they show that

that you know not interested always

wanted to be with the boys then yeah so

you have little things and not to worry

yeah not too arrogant really not so what

increase it yeah about I think if

somebody was just a little bit more

things you know the box and did

something alternative rather than a

dozen red roses which lovely okay so

something unique something something

very personal to me

exactly teddy bears and flowers nothing


no no nothing soapy but always wanted to

be presented with some really nice

lingerie that would be my ultimate


fantastic thank you to those ladies who

did agree to appear in this video I hope

you guys found it helpful if you did

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a marvelous love fooled Valentine's Day

I'll see you soon goodbye