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hi guys welcome to my channel again and

this is my third course I have no idea

but I did a couple videos in English and

this is gonna be one of them and if

you're watching and you don't speak out

good English or you have no idea what

I'm talking about because my

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so today are gonna talk about dating a

Brazilian girl because I have seen a lot

of Brazilian girls having trouble so

there's a lot of things that you guys

should know about Brazilians and I think

sometimes is very hard because you guys

don't really know what to do of us

sometimes you guys get confused and

that's why I decide to make this manual

motivated Brazilian girls and make maybe

make things easier for you

I made a post on the group poem and the

girls who were watching that you know

what I'm talking about

this group there is some like 10,000

girls from Brazil they are all doing an

exchange program and I ask again what is

the weirdest thing that America zoo when

they're dating you guys what is the

thing that makes you guys having trouble

having your relationship with American

guys and I ask you did a bunch of

question and this made me make this

video because I think a lot of girls

wanted to you know have something to

show their boyfriends and I would like

to say that of course every single

person is different so if you having

trouble in any kind of way just talk to

your girl we are usually very open for

conversations and you don't have to feel

cute about it and yeah I think that's it

so let's get started so the first tip

we're gonna give to you

it's that Brazilian girls are nice you

know is is that's something that I think

it's one of the hardest thing for us

because sometimes just because we're

nice the guy think you're like oh my god

this girl's spring love with me oh this

girl you know she's trying some she's

trying to force something and it's not

like that Brazilian girls are nice for

nice people in Brazil is very polite to

be nice with

every single person sometimes even with

people that you don't like you're nice

so the fact that these girls being nice

to you doesn't really mean she's really

into you guys yes she's just being

Brazilian I'm sorry so yeah what I'm

saying in Brazil is completely normal

being nice to somebody and it doesn't

mean we want to get married with you it

doesn't mean we want to be your

girlfriend is we're just brazilian being

Brazilians and Brazil is very normal

based on this fact that's another thing

that we do and sometimes make you guys

very confused um we always answer you I

mean like by text or Facebook

conversations or whatever but um even

when we are not interesting about you

anymore we just be Brazilians and we

just be polite with people because we've

we feel that way we feel like you know I

had something with this guy it was nice

but it's in the past but it doesn't

really mean that I have to be rude or

just ignoring this person so first is

very I think is it makes you guys very

confused because sometimes just because

we are answering you you guys think oh

my god this girl won't be back no that

doesn't mean that but this rule does

imply if your if your

you're probably not gonna hear friends

for a very long time

Brazilian girls love texting yeah we

can't text like the whole day

and in Brazil is very normal to trade

texts like good morning good night and

even sometimes you can spend the whole

day talking with this person it also

doesn't mean we're in loving with you

it's just something that Brazilians do

but if you're like you know some some

people are busy some people just cannot

answer their phone a whole day anyways

France is very important to know that

the guy is there for so even if you're

super busy it's not gonna kill you

sending a text saying your warning or

singing and texting good night and you

can say oh baby I'm sorry I'm very busy

today but I hope you have a good day

I'll talk to you later and that's it you

know you don't have to spend the whole

day talking but first if she a guy very

kind not into you spend like two days or

three days without texting it's like oh

there's something wrong and if you guys

decide to practice after that it

probably gonna be very cold because

you're like okay I don't know what this

guy is doing I don't know if he's doing

this texting games they Americans do

become Brazilians usually don't do that

I don't know too because there's a long

time that I don't date big Brazilian

guys I don't know things change nowadays

but from me is not very polite I don't

like that and I think most of the

bruising is done so if you really like

this girl I think you should just say

good morning sometimes and for sure if

you do that she's gonna feel comfortable

she's gonna do the same sometimes so

it's just gonna be natural there is

nothing them a lot of friends told me

that guys do is you guys just disappear

for like two weeks and come back talking

true is like nothing happened and just

expecting from this brazilian girls a

very bad reaction of course like I said

we're nice are gonna answer like you

don't mean any thing for us

anymore so we're just gonna be

Brazilians and answer your texts but

this also doesn't mean we want to go

back to just being presents I don't know

if every go but I think most of the

Brazilians are very romantic if you're

dating and brazilian girl you're pulling

all that we are very sweet and you

really like to make sure that you know

that we hang love it with you so for us

Brazilians when we are in love is just

somebody that is in loving with us too

you try to do everything to show this

guy that we really like and we really

appreciate everything he does for us and

I think Muslim Brazilians are like that

we're just gonna do everything to have

you know this guy's mind froze so that's

all yet this tip that are gonna get for

you guys it's kind of sad because I hear

like a lot of friends saying that some

guys dude

rules for what they do here especially

Brazilians because most of us come in

doing an exchange program and one of the

cheapest programs we do is called a pair

when a girl come true and a host family

housing live with them for studying and

she work as a nanny and someone guys

judges like oh this girl's like 23 years

and she works as a nanny and what you

guys don't know is we have a background

in Brazil and you guys kind of like

judges like okay I don't want to do it

to school she's Annie but we are not

nannies in Brazil even if you were like

what is problem what's the problem about

it like you know the first thing that we

should should pop in your head about the

person we were lucky with is if you like

this person and you know I think this is

very stupid and I think this is very sad

that I have to tell you guys but don't

judge people by their work don't judge

people is this person's good but what

this person's do because uh we don't do

that with Brazilians when we love it to

somebody and if like we don't really

care about it most of us you know of

course there's different girls but most

of us we don't really care what you do

if you're in LA go with you we're gonna

be with you doesn't matter what and I

think most of you guys kind of judge the

Brazilians because we came here we came

for your country we you know usually we

cannot because the kind of visa we have

this allows you're working something

else we have to work as a nanny or as a

server or things like that and I also

not judging and not saying these are a

bad kind of works but I think most of

you guys judge people by what they do

and we don't do that in Brazil for this

is very uncommon I think you guys should

just enjoy the person we were with not

what this person's do this

really better most of the

Brazilian girls they have like bright

degrees and they are super smart just

because we're in your country learning

another language it should mean

something you know we were like

bilingual especially as au pairs we you

guys have no idea what is being an au


you know it's freaking hard we come for

from our countries we tell knowing the

person we're gonna live with we have to

deal with this cultural difference every

single day with your host families and

this is so hard you guys have no idea we

have to be away from our family and

friend broad year some of us stay longer

like me for example I stay two years in

America and it's not easy we suffer a

lot and if this is also something that

makes me kind of get very very close

with the guy that we are dating because

you know we don't have anybody else

besides our friends our Brazilian

friends here they usually become friend

family for us but the guy we're a reef

is just somebody else you know it's just

something that makes me kind of feel

good anyway don't want to lose that

anyways don't judge people based on what

they do is is something very stupid and

I feel very stupid because I have to

tell you that but I know it happens and

it's very sad so they told me that most

of you guys make a lot of plans in the

first day which is very weird for us

because in Brazil when we're trying to

get some to know somebody we just talked

to this person we talk we ask personal

questions and a guy just invited us to

do something very big like okay let's do

a road trip together if they're already

dating yard if this girl means something

for him so what they told me is that

most of you guys in the first thing you

guys know I have to take you for this

place have to show me around this place

you know let's travel together let's do

this to that I can learn Portuguese I'm

gonna go to Brazil with you and then you

guys just don't do it and for us like

well but he told

that this was he talking about what was

it being real and then you guys just

don't touching the subject anymore and

we really don't know if you that was for

real or just something that you're

trying to do treat process and we get

very very mad at you because you do that

so don't do that well what I'm talking

about is that Brazilian people don't

make promise if you really don't mean it

it's just like we don't do that and I

think that's another thing that goes for

my next tip because um in Brazil of

course there is a lot of jerks but

usually the guys are very honest about

what they're looking for they don't say

like I'm looking for a serious

relationship they're not they're just

honest they're like you know I like you

you're cute but I'm not looking for

anything serious and this is not rude

first he's been to know the truth is

better to know what is this guy looking

for because if you're not looking for

something serious then maybe could

something happen or I feel we are

looking for something serious we just

don't hang out with this guy anymore

you know so we are very open people we

really prefer to know the truth we hate

life for dating a girl if you just met a

brazilian girl and you're not insured

relationship her than one of anything

serious just tell her and I swear if

she's looking for the same thing she's

gonna say it she's not gonna run away or

she's not gonna you know think you're a

jerk she's gonna actually think you're a

very nice guy for being honest with her

this is one of the funniest thing

because I had this conversation with my

boyfriend and it was kind of funny but

in Brazil we are only boyfriend and

girlfriend when the guy asked the girl

if she wants to be their girlfriend so

if you're dating a girl and even if she

knows your parents even if she you know

she does everything with you she's every

weekend leave you if you don't ask her

to be your girlfriend she's not I'm

sorry that's who we are

so if you really like this girl you're

dating and you think you're dating and

you didn't ask her yet you should go for

it because she doesn't know you guys are

dating she doesn't know you guys are

exclusive for each other you know she

that's why sometimes probably she freaks

out when you say I'm gonna hang out with

my friends she's like oh my god he's

gonna get another girl in Brazil we call

this tea candle the candle means like uh

I don't know if there's a translation

but it's like um being with someone but

it's nothing serious is we're getting to

know each other we're trying to figure

out we really like each other but we are

not dating and we are not exclusive

sometimes I feel like you guys are

treated like to be honest and when

you see a girl a beautiful girl be nice

to you and you know being there for you

kind of get scary like oh my god this

girl she you know she's hurting

something in the guarantee you that's

not it

we are just very patient and kind of

people we remind people we are funny the

meaning of this video is just to make

sure that you know that Brazilian people

are nice Brazilian people are just funny

not trying to force anything with you

you're sure dating someone else from

another country every person is

different sometimes what they said that

is not gonna fit in your relationship

but I did that basing on my girlfriend's

who told me how it was a from the group

on Facebook I don't think you should

judge people based where they're came

from you'll just enjoy and try to get

know people is not gonna hurt you and

it's gonna be a nice experience I

guarantee you because Brittany's are

nice people and also I'm not saying that

American girls are not nice it's just

like I think there's a cultural

difference between us and sometimes make

you guys confuse and my last tip for you

it does not really apply only for

Brazilians but with every single person

in your everyday or you know day if

you're really having trouble and you're

especially like when you're dating

someone from another country is very

hard because this Putra difference is

really hard to deal with and I know that

because I'm I did a guy from Canada and

sometimes it's just hard to know what

he's feeling and we just talked about

and everything's fine so if you're

really having trouble with your girl and

you wanna get to know her better just

have a good conversation just sit down

and tell

are the true see I don't really know

what's going on your for another country

maybe that's the reason and I really

want to talk to you and see what's going

on cultural difference always gonna be

there and if your talk then you can skip

a lot of problems so I think you should

just talk to your girl I think

communication is the last way you know

what you get you know the personal in

your world with and I'm sorry girls I

don't have this trouble because my

boyfriend's Canadian I don't have any

kind of trouble because Canadians are

nice as Brazilians are and I'm sorry

Americans I'm just joking but anyways if

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