How to make him miss you long distance - Make him miss you in a long distance relationship .

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long-distance relationships are pretty

difficult because we're always worried

that the other person is going to fall

out of love with us so how do you make

him miss you when you're in a

long-distance relationship well in this

video I'm actually going to tell you how

to do just that


hi everyone welcome back to my youtube

channel i'm renee slansky I'm a

professional dating and relationship

coach and in this video I want to kind

of give you my advice and my tips when

it comes to actually getting your

partner to miss you if you are in a

long-distance relationship now I have

done another video on long-distance

relationships and how to make it thrive

even when you're actually apart so I

recommend also watching that as well but

here are my tips right now number one

get visual the problem is is that

especially if you are dating a guy he is

more visual then say when it comes to

texting or things like that so you want

to make sure that you're trying to keep

up as many visual sort of photos or

videos of you so that he can see you

because when he actually is able to see

you a little bit more he will be

triggered emotionally to connect with

you and to actually miss you if you just

rely on phone calls or texts then you're

not really appealing to a big part of

what a man needs and that is kind of a

visual vision like I'm not an idea a

visual picture okay it's actually proven

that men even prefer sex with the lights

on as opposed to sex with the lights off

because they are visual guys they want

to see what it is that is in front of

them now because you are actually

separated over distance you can't just

pop in and out of each other's houses so

that's why you need to use what you have

such as Skype such as messenger such as

you know your camera on your phone don't

get lazy just because you don't have

this time together if anything you

should be up in the visuals even more so

send him a little videos now that

doesn't mean you have to be all sexy you

want to just show him photos and videos

of yourself as you start to think about

him when I was in my long-distance

relationship which we did for four years

was constantly sending videos and photos

to him through messenger and this was

not even waiting until he was awake

because obviously you're in different

time zones and most of the time this was

about going well I you know saw this

picture so I'm going to sending this

picture of this or I'm gonna just send

him a quick video saying what I ate for

breakfast okay well you almost kind of

want to have it so that you're giving

him a daily vlog of your life so he

feels that he's a part of it and then he

starts to really miss your company

because every time he sees you it

actually triggers that emotional

response number two you need to

communicate daily and you need to up the

communication now when you communicate

with him it's really important that you

don't always go on about how you just

wish you can be together and how you

miss each other and you come across as

really kind of needy and desperate

because that's actually going to make

him feel that you're making him feel

guilty that you can't be together or

that it's just too much hard work you

want the communication to be really

positive and you also want it to still

be kind of intimate and on the other

hand you want it to also be

conversational pretend that you do live

in the same country pretend that you do

live in the same house how would you

normally speak to each other

send him voice messages so he can

actually hear your voice

sending those text messages whether it's

oh my gosh I just ran into a friend and

this is what they said okay talk to him

like you would as if he was actually

already there and when he's actually

already there in your life you obviously

don't always go on about Nene stuff all

the time you talk about basic stuff you

talk about maybe the weather you talk

about your work you talk about

day-to-day things and then you have

moments where you talk about intimate

things when you get a little bit more

deep and meaningful either way again you

can't get slack with communication you

have to actually increase it because you

want to be on their mind and you want to

make sure that when he checks his phone

he actually sees a nice cute little

message from you or you see something

funny or he feels that he hasn't missed

out on your day and you haven't missed

out on his day because you're able to

relay that to him purely through text

and don't forget text is also a great

way to still increase chase in a

relationship because even though he's on

the other side of the world it doesn't

mean that you can't still have that

chase obviously there isn't there does

need to be more communication but you

can still create

even in that communication such as not

always answering him straight away such

as you know being a little bit cheeky

and a little bit flirty in those texts

and also making him wonder sometimes

what it is that you're doing so that he

then reaches out to you number three you

actually want to trigger memories okay

now people miss somebody because then

they start to think about them because

they realize all the good times that

they actually had with that person the

last thing that you want him to do is to

associate the relationship that he has

with you as too hard and too painful

because of the distance that you guys

actually have so you need to constantly

be reminding him of the good times you

have what I actually did is I actually

made a book that had photos of us and

everything that we did and he talked

that with him so that every time you

felt sad or lonely you could actually

look through that now every guy is

different some guys are into that and I

don't want you to come across as a crazy

you know white girlfriend but it's about

going okay well how can I trigger a

positive memory in his life mean it is

just sending him a photo

you know when Facebook brings up those

five years ago you did this sort of

thing um it might be where you went to a

great concert and that photo is buried

back in the deep of your phone and you

go in and you search it and you send it

to him say I remember when we did this

how crazy was that night and then you

start to allude into a conversation and

I guarantee if you start to talk about a

really good time he'll be like oh yeah I

miss you so much okay and he'll start

thinking about you because he'll start

remembering all the good times that he

actually had with you hence why he knows

he's invested in this relationship and

why he's going to keep being in it and

trying to make it work number four as I

mentioned before don't come across as

needy if you're coming across as someone

that's putting so much pressure on him

or emotionally blackmailing him even if

you don't mean to because you're always

talking about how sad you are you can't

be together and yada yada yada he's

going to assume that you're not

fulfilled outside of him which means

that you're going to come across as half

a woman and that you are going to put

the pressure on him to be the other half

of you which is not how healthy

relationships can work so it's really

important that again as I said before

that you need to guess communicate daily

but just make sure that when you do

communicate that you're coming across

really positive that you're affirming

that you're still

variety now you're still doing really

well that when you do speak to him it's

not to say that you've not allowed to

express your emotion and your pain

because that's important to be open and

vulnerable about that but don't make

that your focus don't make the distance

your focus you want to make the memories

that you had the relationship that you

have and the love that you have and the

strength that you have from just being

apart from each other that's what your

focus should be not you know the

neediness the pain and everything else

in between and lastly if you really want

to get him to miss you and realize how

much of an amazing woman you are hence

why he's going to keep investing in this

relationship is shocking that you are

thriving I think the number one thing

that men really love about a woman

besides being confident is seeing that

she's able to sustain herself seeing

that she has her own purpose and her own

goals and that she is fulfilled and

whole outside of him because and that

appreciates that because he's already

got a legacy that he wants to build and

all these challenges he wants to

overcome and that's just how men work

okay they're going out and they're

building these empires most of the time

we as women because when nurture is and

we're gatherers we need to communicate

to him that we know how to sustain

ourselves outside of that relationship

when he's not actually there it'll take

the pressure of him to make him feel

that he has to race back and be with you

especially if he can't he'll feel better

about himself when he's with you okay or

knowing that he's um in this

relationship with you and that's again

the number one reason why men commit

because they need to know that when

they're with you it's because they feel

they're a good man and therefore you're

a good woman for them okay so if you're

making him feel bad about the situation

then he's not going to feel good about

being with you because he'll basically

feel bad about himself so you can

communicate to him that you are thriving

that you're still doing your thing but

yes you miss him and you're sad and you

can't wait to be together with him again

but that you still goal orientated you

still got your own life going on and

he's going to see you as a woman who is

someone really independent someone

confident someone thriving and someone

that is worth respecting which is what

you want you want him to fall even more

in love with you when he has that time

apart from you and that's something that

he can do absence does really make the

heart fonder if you do it right

and one of those things is actually

showing him that you know how to thrive

and survive without him as well alright

girls those are my tips for you on how

to get a guy to miss you over a

long-distance relationship don't forget

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