Older Men With Younger Women (Attract Young Women!) 😎 2021

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so how do you attract a younger woman

who's not just interested in your

wallet well in this video i'm going to

give you 15 tips for attracting younger


that have nothing to do with money if

you're new to my channel my name is anna




okay yeah so there's always going to be

hoes and gold diggers who will just want

you for your money

but if those aren't the kind of women

you want

then there are some things you might

need to do

to up your game and value

in other ways for a younger woman so

let's just get right into it

tip number one just the tip update your

style which includes your wardrobe

your hairstyle and potentially your


hairstyle if you're still sporting the

magnum pi

mustache that might work for women your

own age

but younger women might not find that

quite as appealing

now the key here is that you don't want

to try and look like someone

in an age range you're not but you can

still upgrade

your style to be stylish

for a man of your age and the best thing

you can do there is just go to a good


not one of those you know 10 haircut

places go to a decent barber

and ask what they think don't try to

give them ideas about what

suits you go with what they think suits

you because they'll go with something

that is attractive but also

age appropriate because if you try to go


inappropriate that just looks like

you're trying too hard same thing with

uh clothes go to a decent

menswear store and find someone who's


10 to 20 years younger than you to help

you out if you go with someone

much younger than that they're going to

put you in clothes that are age

inappropriate so that's number one

number two improve your health and


if you want a woman who is genuinely

going to

love you and want you for you not just

your money which

i went through those details in another

video i'll put

here then you need to be healthy

she wants to make sure you're going to

live a long time not only that but the

healthier you are the better you'll feel

the more confident you'll feel this goes

for any age range

but especially for older men the more

you will have

appropriate stamina where it counts

now if you are low in testosterone

there's a

test you can do from your home i'll put

a link here or below

somewhere that you can have that done

just in case you need a little extra

help there

number three accept that father figure

is going to be part of the allure even

if she doesn't have

daddy issues even if she's just

interested in mature men because maybe

she's an old soul or maybe she's just

really mature herself

part of your appeal is going to be as a

father figure now that doesn't mean

you get really kinky although you can if

you want to

that's something you're gonna have to

discover with her number four

provide for and protect are traits that

older men are more capable of

than younger men younger men are just

simply unable

and uncertain in the world so yes

provide for

doesn't necessarily mean money

it can mean money if that's in both your

best interest i went over that a little

bit more detail in that other video

but provide for can also mean providing


support wisdom advice things that a

younger man can't provide for her

five if you want to attract younger


or a younger woman you need to know how

you feel

about children because the younger she

is the less likely she knows if she

wants kids

when she wants kids and realistically

depending on where she is in life she

may already have kids now if they're

grown and gone no big deal

but if not then this is something that

you can't just ignore and hope that it

works itself

out because you have attraction rongo

bongo that doesn't make sense but

anyways so

figure out where you stand on

her kids having kids future kids your


the whole kids thing six this one's

really important

so you can't be insecure about the age

gap you have to not only

accept it but you have to embrace it you

have to mentally

know that it's a benefit to her

right so you can't sell something you

don't believe in so you need to know

the advantages that you have as a mature


for her that younger men don't have and

again i went through a few of those

in the other video so watch that if you

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just the tip tuesday videos okay next

one seven

stay authentic to your lifestyle

your friends your hobbies don't try to


something that you're not to fit into

her world she needs to fit into your

world that doesn't mean she abandons her


but you definitely do not abandon your

own world i think that's


if you have any questions write them in

the comments below eight oh

eight was that don't try to fit into her


she fits into your world okay there we

go nine understand

that younger women use social media

differently than you do

so the younger she is the more she's

gonna use it the more irritating it's

gonna be

but that doesn't mean you start using

social media the way she uses it you

just have to

accept that she's using it differently

and also

set your standards about what's

acceptable so for example if you're

taking her out for a nice dinner

and she's got her phone out you need to

let her know that that's not okay

so you can talk about that in advance

and that's part of leadership and if

she's a reasonable person

she will acquiesce your request

i'm a poet i didn't even know it and if


then you need to question her maturity

and decide if you really want to be with


that's selfish and immature because

there's a difference between social


usage and selfishness also see my video


signs she's a narcissist social media

science she's a narcissist

next one what are we on 10. understand

that the younger she

is the less she knows who she is or what

she wants out of life

so she may think she wants to be with an

older man now but

she grows and matures and discovers

along the way that maybe she doesn't

and you may end up growing apart she may

end up no longer finding value in the

relationship at some point in time

and it just may not last so that's just

a risk in reality really it's a risk and

reality of any relationship

but more so the younger she is and the

bigger the age gap

eleven have fun and don't play

games so you want to keep it a little

bit light

because you know having that maturity

can sometimes make it seem more serious

than it needs to be

so make sure to keep some fun and

spontaneity in there but then also keep

mystery alive so you don't want to be

playing head games but you also don't

want to reveal too much or

get too attached too quickly because no

matter what age she is

mystery is attractive and so

you need to be able to do that at any

age actually

12. act age appropriate

so you're going to use your own language

even if

it seems like it's old or old-fashioned

if you tried to use language of a

younger generation you're just going to


really creepy desperate and

actually insecure i actually heard this

old guy

i'm saying old guy he was old say

use crib do you know what a crib is

yeah it's what young people call a house

or pad or place or

whatever don't use that word it's such

it's such a turn off anyways don't use

any language

that's not appropriate for your age


otherwise it's just no no no don't do it

okay and this one is true for any age

but probably especially for older men

dating younger women because you may

have some insecurity about it

so the tip is to have an abundant

mentality this means that you know you

have lots of options in the world you

have lots of dating options in the world

you have lots of beautiful women dating

options in the world

if you know this she'll feel this and

she'll follow your lead

on knowing that that's true and


reality is that women want what other

women want

so even if you don't have a bunch of

other women you know

waiting in the wings if she thinks that

or believes that

then she will see you as having extra

value and she will want to lock you down

so that those other women don't get you

14. don't

focus on the age gap don't bring it up

don't use self-deprecating humor about


otherwise it again makes you look


unless 15 she brings it up

and if she brings it up then

you make it out like she's the one

that's lacking because of the age gap

she's lacking in maturity or knowledge

or wisdom or experience

or whatever but not seriously you still

want to be

playful and teasing but you don't want

her to think that

you are deficient because you're older

she's the one

that's potentially deficient if she

brings it up if there's an age gap

and remember not just women but all


work harder to prove themselves when

there's been a challenge

so if you sort of subconsciously or

overtly tell her that she's the one

lacking because of the age gap she's

going to try harder to be more mature to

win you over

and that's actually true in any age

category and then the bonus tip

is chivalry young men really don't know

how to be

gentlemen if you're watching this when

you're younger guy

then you may want to

try some of these things like walking on

the outside of the sidewalk which is how

to protect her

protect and provide right so you're

walking close to the traffic to protect

her from the traffic

opening doors for women i don't care if

this is sexist you should i just wrote a

post on sexism

someone called me a sexist man i tore

them a new one let me tell you

that's my accent for

whatever anyway um what else

opening doors walking on the outside of

the sidewalk pulling out chairs that

might be a little excess for

if you're a younger guy but do all this

chivalrous things

that an older more mature man might do

and there's a big difference between

chivalry and chauvinism

big difference don't be a jerk be a


lead her hold her hand and lead her

through a crowd if you're allowed to be

in a crowd

and remember that there are some younger

women who appreciate

the maturity and the experience

and the skills that an older man has

from having either longer term

relationships or experience

and just being more confident and

comfortable in their own skin

so definitely if you are attracted to

younger women then

don't discount them but as i said in the

other video

if a younger woman doesn't want to date

you it may be because of the age gap it

might because of something else

completely different don't ever try to

convince a woman

to date you for any reason and this goes

for all age categories

never use logic to try and convince a

woman of something that she needs to


with her heart and other parts

other parts yeah and remember that all

relationships require

effort consistent effort over time so

you can never never never stop courting

not saying that she she's got to do her

part too but

if you want to keep the woman then

you've got to keep

courting her for the long haul

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