5 Ways To Impress A Guy On A First Date | Unusual First Date Tips

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hey it's market from make him yours and

today on the channel we are going into

five unusual ways to impress him on a

first date these are really cool stay




all right unusual ways to impress a guy

on a first date now we all know the

common ones we all know confidence is

impressive we all know passion is

impressive we all know intelligence is

impressive things like that but what are

some more unusual ways to impress a guy

and what are some things that guys are

looking for that really stand out well

the first one is simply this have other

people want you you see on a date it's

really easy to get focused on the one

person and men do this as well and

forget everyone else who's around one of

the most impressive things I've seen and

what I've spoken to men and they've seen

as well is when a woman's able to make

amazing impressions on others who are

around so when the uber driver or when

the waitress or even an elderly

gentleman in an elevator when they

respond to you in a warm excited way and

the guy sees that that is going to be so

impressive to him see men are so used to

having someone focused on them during

the day and when you show that as part

of your world you radiate a light that

just draws others in and warms others

and they want to spend time around you

it communicates to the guy that you have

a presence that he is going to want to

be around in the future the second one

is this be willing to break rapport

you see again when we're on a date we

really want things to go well and we

want to share common interests and find

common interests with that person so

it's tempting when we like someone a

little too much to not want to disagree

with them at all let's say for example

you're not a strong dog or cat person

but you tend to prefer cats and he makes

a statement like god dogs are so much

better than cats like that friendly and

they're cool I just I'm such a dog

person can't believe anyone could be a

cat person and he says what about you

it's tempting when you hear this to want

to kind of agree with him and go yeah no

dogs are pretty cool in that way or even

if you're on the fence to just say look

I could go either way

but what really stands out to a guy is

when you are willing to hold your own

and speak your opinions to him when you

say no I actually are more of a cat

person I I think they're more

independent and just playing cooler and

you can get into a fun little debate

with him about that a guy's going to

respect that because he knows you're not

going to change who you are or your

opinions for him no matter how much you

like him and it makes him see you as a

cut above number three

show him you don't have an agenda no one

likes agendas in dating if you've ever

had a guy come at you and just want sex

and to just talk to you because you can

sense that he has an agenda and just one

sex you know what a turn-off that is

well men are also used to meeting women

who come at them with an agenda for a

relationship so when you just show that

you're there purely to get to know him

you're not wanting anything out of it

you're just spontaneous and enjoying it

for what it is a guy is going to notice

that it's going to stand out he's going

to go

who is this high value woman and how is

she so happy in her life that she

doesn't want anything from me she's just

happy exactly where she is she's not

putting pressure on she's just getting

to know me the irony of this is that he

then wonders why you're so high-value

and wants to get you into a relationship

even if you're really into him if you

show men that you're still expecting

them to qualify themselves to you and

you're still just taking things as they

come and enjoying it for what it is a

guy is going to be seriously impressed

number four offer to pay for yourself on

dates I cannot tell you how big of a

turn-on it is when a woman offers to pay

yourself and pay so share now whether

the guy chooses to be chivalrous and

reject your offer or choose to accept it

it's the offer that's most important

when you offer to pay for yourself it

communicates something really powerful

that you believe you are his equal this

is seriously impressive to men you see

no one likes entitlement right he

doesn't want to feel like you have this

entitlement opinion where you're

entitled for him to pay just because

you're a female just as he shouldn't

feel entitled to sex because he pays no

one likes entitlement in dating it's a

huge turnoff so make sure you offer to

pay for yourself show that you believe

you're his equal in that way and that

you want to contribute and hopefully he

rejects your offer and will be

chivalrous regardless this one is simply

there out with him if you can have fun

little social debates with a guy where

you outwit him

in our faciem here is going to be so

impressed on a first date like let's say

he says to you see I'm a dog person

this is why I'm calling you I'm actually

fun to be around and you say to him oh

yeah right so this means you come when

called and I get to tell you what to do

ya know you and me we're going to work

out really well here if you can have fun

little debates like that with him and

put him on his heels he is going to be

seriously impressed by that now it does

take practice it's not something that

certainly didn't come naturally to me

and doesn't always come naturally but

the more you practice the more you get

out there and meet men have fun and just

be in the moment the more that relaxed

sass is going to flow through you and

you are going to have fun little debates

where you out with men well those are

the five unusual ways you can impress

him on the first day thank you so much

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