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hey guys welcome back so today it's

going to be a how-to tutorial this is

going to be a how to dance you know sexy

over that movie you me and I know that

something's coming up so I'm going to

give you guys a few pointers on how to

make it stop

so I have a special guest that's going

to be featured in this video and let's

bring them up here man and this is going

to be for 18 and older okay not for

young girls so do not watch this video

if you are under 18 all right ladies so

the first thing I would do it's a

Caribbean building here that sit down

sit down and then

it's the first rule that I like to do

with I'm gonna share with you guys is I

think I'm all of this request so you're

gonna have your feet apart like this and

then you're going to bring both your

hands like low me rubbing down your

bodies and then I like getting to the

side you're gonna want to like load like

squat bring your hands over your knees

and like do like a second squad so

Walston you're gonna want to very slow

must be nice slow and sexy and my

attractive so you're gonna want to make

it with attractive add your own spice

into it this is just the simple move

everybody's been doing different so

facial expression you have here you may

want to like swing your hair back or

something like do something sexy you

know alright guys so now the next tool

that I think is very like sexy and then

I'd like to

I like still war on the hip and then

break around like this so it's like how

I blame is just literally like your

brain your




you know maybe a little bit


so now the work thing you probably

should do is if you know how to split

you don't want to do that

split girl okay every dollar world is

split and you can't flip I got something

for you so just wait a second

so if you do not want to flip you're

gonna want to go engines live so now if

you cannot go split don't be worried

okay you gonna let me get in front of

you mean you're gonna bend down to use

what this means here to settle like

grind your body






laughs mole which is the banker isn't

gonna make or break you back to the

music because you have to have music

leaves you don't want to line your eyes

with your music it doesn't matter how

you do it just make sure you're going to

the beach listen if you don't go to the

beach - you gotta go to the beach if you

over here back then but the song is slow

you should be fine

then you won't turn them always be like

to meet ya

okay and this is me the best gift you

ever got Franklin

now what you're going to want to do it

put this into a whole combination so I'm

going to show you guys how this is going

to look in a combination with your own

style your flavoring spice whatever you

want to call it but make sure you put

your all into it