I Like Him But He Has A Girlfriend!

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really hot topic for you this video is

about I like him but he has a girlfriend

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new video now let's begin I want to be

clear about something here on this topic

it's about I like him but he has a

girlfriend now woman that like a man

that has a girlfriend do not need to be

judged and I just want to start this

video off by saying this is this video

is not meant to judge you this video is

not meant to talk down up to you but

it's meant to give you the best quality

advice for you and only you now I want

you before I go into the tips about why

you might like this man that has a

girlfriend and what to do I want to be

clear about one thing I want you to sit

down with yourself and really figure out

why you were attracted to this man a lot

of times when clients come to me they

are attracted to this man because he has

a great sense of humor he might be very


and he might be giving you signals that

he likes you too right well if a man is

giving you signals that he likes you too

but he has a girlfriend this is

completely unstable this is unstable and

you deserve something better than that

if this is a man that you have in your

life right now that is giving you

signals that he likes you too I want to

tell you one thing that you should do

what you should do is tell this man that

you're open to speaking to him and maybe

you're open to dating him in the future

but you want him to take care of himself

first as you have respect for you and if

you guys were to eventually venture out

into a relationship you have

respect for that future relationship and

that person that he's with so he has to

take care of what he has to take care of

and figure out what he wants with the

relationship that he's already in and

then once he figures that out and if he

lets go of that relationship is the one

he can contact you because when you do

something like this you're holding

yourself of value and you're being

present in the moment and you demand the

respect that you truly deserve now let's

go into the tips on what you can do from

here if you like him and he already has

a girlfriend number one stay off of his

social media accounts don't like every

picture don't comment on every picture

because at the end of the day the

girlfriend or the person that he's with

is going to see this and can cause drama

and you don't want to be that woman that

is the quote/unquote homewrecker

right so don't do this do not influence

the relationship do not influence drama

in his life your life or the other

partner's life just let it be and don't

even look at his social media accounts

tip number two respect that he's

unavailable and you should move on right

now the fact that he's unavailable

is not something that you want to focus

on because of the fact that you need to

focus on yourself at this point you need

to back off because he's already in this

relationship and if he is giving you

signs that he likes you too you need to

have that open conversation that I

discuss in the beginning of this video

tip number three don't put yourself in a

place where you can get hurt meaning

don't continue a relationship with Matt

this man as the other woman because

what's going to happen is you can

continue to get hurt because as a

relationship continues to fester then

you are going to develop physical or

emotional feelings for him and he's not

going to be able to give you exactly the

same because there's also another person

in this relationship so remember that

you're not going to get that quality of

a relationship that you truly deserve

and then it's going to lead into a toxic

relationship even if he breaks up with

that other woman

this is a barrier that I don't want you

to have to cross that's why it's so

important to set the standard that you

need him to figure it out and when he

does and he's not in that relationship

he can then come to you because then

you're putting yourself up here and he

knows that he has to work for it and

show up and if he doesn't there's

somebody else better that will come

along next tip is don't be the jealous


don't talk from a place of insecurity

don't get him to like you or to choose

you just because you might be better or

you're showing up to show him that you

are better than this other woman where

you're flaunting yourself you're texting

him telling him what you can offer him

you're showing up and going above and

beyond to show up at the places so he

can see you don't go above and beyond

for this man now before I end this video

I just want to remind you that when you

tell a man that has a girlfriend that he

needs to figure it out first and then

come to you you're coming from a place

of self-worth and you're coming from a

place of where you're showing your

self-worth and putting yourself first

and a place of high self esteem no woman

and no man deserves to be the second

pick now this is why I wanted to make

this video it's because at the end of

the day if a man really wants to be with

you he will make it happen and I'm not

here to say that you can't find the love

of your life that is not having a

girlfriend right now but you have to

make sure that he does it in the right

ways and also let's be real here maybe

that's not the situation and maybe you

have what I see so much women have this

particular type and they go in on what

their type of a man is and that's all

they do they have they see this through

a micro lens and that's all they pay

attention to those men those men that

are tall those men that are good-looking

those men that have a lot of money or

whatever it is and then the man that

actually has qualities like faithful

honest great communicator and stable

loyal they put them all aside and

they're only

having the man through the micro lens

and they're only seeing those men so if

that's you I want you to be cautious of

this because there are available men out

there and you're probably just not

seeing that because you're focused on

that man that has a girlfriend

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