8 Signs Someone Has A Secret Crush On You

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everyone now back to the video

are you wondering if you have a secret

admirer are they driving you crazy

with all these possible signs that they

like you but you just don't know for


in today's video we'll talk about the

telltale indicators of attraction

to hopefully make things clearer for you

so here are 8 subtle signs that someone

secretly has a crush on you

1. they act differently around you does

this person act differently around you

compared to how they usually are with

other people do you notice a change in

their personality

whenever you're around perhaps they

become more cheerful and talkative

or may be quieter and reserved if

someone starts acting differently around


that could mean they have a crush on you

they could be feeling flustered and are

uncertain about how to behave around you

the next time you see this person pay

close attention to how they usually act

and compare it to how they are when

they're with you

2. they try to get close to you do they

try to get close to you

do they simply seem to just like being

around you

even if they don't have anything to say

to you they just like being in close


and want to watch you from the corner of

their eye maybe they go out of their way

just to see you or pretend to run into

you hoping to catch your attention and

strike up a conversation

this can be especially true if the

person who has feelings for you

is shy and soft-spoken three

they always initiate contact has this


ever asked you for your number or

followed you on social media

do they usually text you or call you up

first even if they don't really have

anything important to say

this can be a clear sign that they're

interested in you by reaching out first

they are voicing a desire to communicate

and keep in touch with you

they want to get closer to you and spend

more time with you because they like you

and find you fun and interesting to talk


4. you catch them staring at you do they

struggle to hold your gaze

and quickly look away or do they let

their gaze linger

and stare at you when they think you

aren't looking both of these things are

signs of attraction

they might have a crush on you but are

too nervous or embarrassed to tell you

about their feelings

5. they smile at you a lot do you notice

them smiling at you a lot

does it happen more for you over others

it could be a bashful little smile

showing that they are nervous but happy

to see you or a wide ear-to-ear grin

that conveys their excitement about

being around you pay attention to this


and see if they smile this way only when

they see you

talk to you or talk about you because it

definitely means

they feel attracted to you 6. they

compliment you

a lot does it seem like this person is

paying a lot of close attention to you

do they seem impressed by every little

thing you do

if they are dazzled by you and showering

you with compliments this can be an easy

indication that they are into you

seven they keep the conversation going

here's one trick you can use to try to

see if someone is secretly crushing on

you when you're talking to them

disengage from the conversation you can

do this subtly by acting distracted

and doing something else like writing

packing up your things

or talking to someone else in the group

gouge how they respond

and if they try to keep up the

conversation with you while most people

might politely leave the conversation

someone who has a crush on you

will likely keep trying to engage with

you they are eager for your attention

and want to keep speaking with you 8.

they make themselves available for you

do they say yes to everything you invite

them to

or ask to hang out with you a lot do

they cancel or reschedule appointments

just to be with you this can mean that

you're really important to this person

and they want to prioritize their time

with you it's a strong indicator that

they care for you

have you noticed any of these signs from

your secret admirer

or are you the one showing all these

signs unconsciously tell us in the

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