4 ways to impress a guy | How to make a guy like you

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what's good YouTube today's video is

gonna be about four ways you can impress

a guy that you like jumping right into

this number one be fierce guys love a

girl with a little bit of backbone you

can be soft and delicate but it's really

attractive one we noticed a fierce

streak in you now notice I didn't say

ferocious I said it fierce you know bold

resilient what those aren't fierce but

they're kind of like fierce those two

say what's on your mind and don't be

afraid to get dirty sometimes while men

are natural protectors you being too

fragile makes protecting you more of a

chore than a privilege Beyonce's

alter-ego Sasha Fierce is a great

example it is like the time she fell

down the steps on stage instead of

showing pain she did some wild head

shaking [ __ ] and got right back to her

act damn she may falling down the steps

look sexy to a guy seeing that type of

inner strength and a woman is

intoxicating now the second thing that

you can do to impress a guy is be sure

of yourself have an opinion too often

girls like a guy and seem to go out of

their way to agree with everything he

says or laugh and every joke he tales

even the shitty ones this is as kissing

at the highest level guys love when a

girl stretches them intellectually only

laugh of good jokes and only praise good

ideas brown-nosing makes you look

desperate and weak it's also an

indication that you may not be willing

to let him fail with you because you're

so attracted to him and once you stop

fake laughing and false agreeing you

might realize that his ass isn't very

interesting at all

resist the rose-colored glasses resist

the third thing that you can do to

impress a guy you like is have a hobby

and a full schedule don't volunteer too

much information about where you're

going and who you're hanging out with

make him wonder besides if he's not

asking he most likely doesn't care

thinking about someone makes them a

bigger influence on your life making him

wonder what you're doing and how you're

spending your time will make him think

about you more and therefore make him

like you more and besides staying on his

mind is the goal the more mysterious you

are the more he will fill in the blanks

of you and his mind with thoughts of

grandeur so with that said the fourth

thing that you can do to impress a guy

you like is allow him to discover your

best qualities and talents don't tell

him everything don't qualify yourself to

him most people usually lie or embellish

a bit when describing who they are and

what they do well most guys who have any

sense at all just don't listen to that

[ __ ] it's crap and you shouldn't listen

to a guy when he's telling you how great

he is either I'm not jealous said every

woman who's ever key to man's car or

slit his tires after our breakup

my point is actions speak louder than

words show him who you are with your

actions and allow him to discover the

layers that make up who you are for

himself it also doesn't help if you have

a hidden talent and you conveniently let

him catch you performing it guys love a

girl with the talent it's the best kind

of pleasant surprise but you shouldn't

tell him about it let him see you doing

it catch him off guard with your talent

with your good qualities those pleasant

surprises will make a guy fall in love

with you

anyway that's all I got for now write me

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