How to Get a Guy Who Has a Girlfriend

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how to get a guy who has a girlfriend

sometimes you meet mr. right but he is

already occupied with another

undeserving girlfriend in fact she has

mean controlling and takes him for

granted should you take him away from

the other girl if you believe the

circumstances are right and there's

merit for him to look for a better

girlfriend here are steps you need to do

to show him he can do better the fact is

some guys are so dumb they will stick

around with a dead-end girlfriend and if

you truly like him perhaps you can show

him the error of his ways this needs to

be very tactful and discreet since if he

hasn't forgotten his girlfriend and you

jump in too soon

you will find it hostile and break your

friendship if you want to take over the

role of girlfriend for your favorite boy

you will need to have a strategy it's

not enough showing him that you are

better more supportive and dressed

sexier for all he knows you could be

going through a new phase or just trying

a new style of fashion I'll be at sexier

you've got to take the risk and tell him

upfront eventually of course when you do

this there is no going back if you have

a group or circle of friends you may

wish to consult with mutual friends of

course there's always the risk of back

talking tactics one of the best ways to

indicate interest without raising an

eyebrow is to suggest it to him subtly

you can get more physical with him and

everyday things touch him more and see

how he reacts perhaps you can bring him

dancing and then go out on the dance

floor with him if he's willing to do

partner yoga with you make him go to the

class if he has more contact with you

and he seems to indicate that is okay

keep going

give him more hugs pretty soon he will

be scratching his head at your change of

behavior and heart when this happens it

is time to let him know tell him what

you think of him and see how he reacts

you don't need to

hack his girlfriend verbally since he

may still have feelings for her he has

to completely weaned himself off those

feelings otherwise he might not have

room in his heart for a new girlfriend

that is why you should take it slow one

of the best things about friends of the

opposite gender is you can always have

mock dates these are just outings with

you one-on-one with your female friends

just take it up a notch ask about more

traditional dating material events this

can be going to the cinema to watch a

movie yeah just the two of you if you're

uncomfortable having just the two of you

that can indicate your relationship

strength however you can also go with a

group at first and then spin off later