How To Attract A Guy Who Ignores You.15 Tricks To Get His Attention When He Loses Interest

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fifteen tricks to get his attention when

he loses interest dot how to attract a

guy who ignores you whether you have

been seeing a guy for two months or

dating someone for three years when a

man starts to lose interest in you it

can be absolutely devastating many women

will do some insane things just to claw

their way back into a man's life but if

he is pulling away from you hounding

stalking and threatening him with an

ultimatum will only make things worse if

your guy seems distracted with other

things going on in his life and he's no

longer making you a priority it's time

for you take matters into your own hands

it is no longer okay for you to just sit

back and accept the situation with these

simple tricks you can regain your guy's

attention without driving him even

further away all it takes is a little

bit of time a little bit of patience and

a whole lot of focus you have to read

this article carefully this is a

sensitive situation you are dealing with

study these 15 tips to turn a cold and

lifeless situation back into the hot and

steamy love affair you once shared 15

give him space when a guy starts to lose

interest the first thing you probably

want to do is bombard him with a bunch

of questions and ask him what's wrong

but this is quite possibly the worst

thing you can ever do if you want to

regain his attention after you feel him

pulling away the best thing to do is to

mirror his actions that means if you

think he needs some space give him all

the space in the world when you leave a

guy alone all he has left are his own

thoughts and his own feelings he's not

feeling the pressure from you to be a

certain way or act a certain way by

giving him space you're letting him know

you don't need to be all up in his face

in his personal space 24/7 you're fine

and more than content to live your own

life with or without him when you give a

guy space after he starts to lose

interest you can actually reignite the

interest he felt when the two of you

first met but giving him space doesn't

always work out in your favor so keep

reading to see what also you can do to

get his attention 14 focus on yourself

while giving your guy space it's

important to not just sit around and

wait for him to snap out of it if you're

waiting patiently or impatiently for his

interest to return you'll be waiting a

while so to speed things up you need to

make sure you focus on yourself during

this time your self-esteem is already

pretty low since your guy has been

acting differently so you need to take

part in some confident boosting

activities to remind yourself that

you're the prize in this entire

situation don't mope around your house

feeling unwanted undesirable and

neglected instead understand just how

awesome you are and remind yourself that

any man would feel grateful to have you

in their life book yourself a day at the

spa or go for a scenic hike they key is

to do something that you really enjoy

dot you know something that makes you

happy if you can remain happy and stay

peaceful and calm from the inside out

your positive energy will radiate

outwards and your guys interest will be

back before you even know it

13 don't talk about the relationship

when a guy starts to lose interest a

bunch of thoughts will start to flood

your head you will wonder if your

relationship is over forever and you

will wonder if you did something to

really tick him off it's normal to want

to have a sit-down conversation with him

to hash things out but honestly now is

not the time if it has just been a few

days let him in the relationship simmer

for a bit there's really no need to have

a long and drawn-out conversation about

the relationship and where things are

headed at this point maybe he has a

legit reason as to why he has been

physically emotionally and mentally

missing in action but if you approach

him too soon you could push him even

further away this is why it's important

to let him come to you when he's ready

to discuss things 12

be honest we definitely don't suggest

that you sit and wait in silence forever

this is your life too and you have the

right to know what's going on with your

relationship if it has been more than a

few weeks and your guy is still distant

from you now is the time to speak up and

be honest it's better to know the truth

than to sit around and try to figure out

what's going on in his sad to get him to

open up and be honest about why his

interest is fading you need to approach

him in a non-threatening way don't

immediately start crying

don't get all aggressive with him sit

him down and let him know that the

distance between the two of you has been

bothering you lately and you're

wondering if there's a reason why your

relationship has changed this will allow

him to tell you the truth about his

feelings and who knows maybe it has

nothing to do with you after all perhaps

he has been really busy with a project

at work or his parents are really

working his nerves and stressing him out

by the time your convo is over you

should have a better idea about where

you stand with him 11:00 invite him on a

group outing if you believe your guys

interest is fading inviting him out on a

date may cause him to push away from you

even further so to lighten the mood a

little bit

ask him to accompany you on a group

outing if a bunch of your friends are

going bowling ask him to join along or

you can even set up a group activity of

your own that you know he would love

like a day at the amusement park or a

visit to the ball park if you want this

group outing to go off without a hitch

make sure your guy is already friendly

with the people in the group this will

make the day even more fun and laid-back

for everyone involved but inviting him

out on a group outing doesn't always

work like a charm if your guy really is

losing interest in you a group outing

won't appeal to him at all so keep

reading to see how you can get this guy

to agree to a face-to-face meeting 10

test him with the one-on-one date if

inviting him out for a group activity

didn't work you can always try to get

him to meet with you one-on-one by

setting up a date with him you will be

able to gauge his interest in person and

you will have the ability to decide if

you want to wait things out with him or

if it's time for you to finally move on

in order for this to work it's best to

already have a date already planned so

shoot him a text message and ask him if

he wants to go to dinner on Thursday

night at the cute little Mexican

restaurant around the corner from his

house don't forget to end the message

with my treat

why Thursday night because a weekday

date is a lot less stressful than a

weekend date if the date isn't going as

planned you can always use the excuse

that you have to leave early because you

have work or school in the morning

why suggest a location close to his


because it won't take a lot of

convincing or effort to get him to roll

out of bed throw on some sweatpants and

drive 1.2 miles to eat a free dinner if

he agrees to the date your behavior will

either make or break the entire

situation keep reading to see how you

can pull this off to get your guy to

regain his interest in you 9 pay him a

compliment you're not the only one who

loves to be told how beautiful you are

men like to receive compliments as well

and they especially like to receive

compliments from a pretty woman like you

when the two of you finally meet up pay

him a few compliments to boost his ego a

bit if his interest was waning because

other areas of his life demanded his

attention giving him a compliment can

really boost his confidence during this

stressful time in his life but as with

all things a little bit goes a long way

don't come across as fake and too pushy

when it comes to giving him praise keep

your compliments short and sweep such as

you look great in that shirt or you

smell amazing these compliments will let

him know although he has been acting

like a complete turd lately you're still

attracted to him

you still love being in his presence and

he's still the guy for you eight get

flirty online using social media to get

your guy's attention as an awesome way

to get him to notice you and to remind

him just how special you really are the

key to getting flirty on social media is

to attack only one of his profiles at a

time if you bombard his Facebook

Instagram Twitter and his snapchat all

at once you'll come across as a creepy

stalker so let's just focus on sending

some flirty messages on Instagram for

now shall we to pull this off

effortlessly and to regain your guy's

interest go to his most recent photo and

leave a comment that will really grab

his attention if it's a photo of him and

his buddies single him out by leaving a

comment directed towards him such as the

guy in the blue shirt as a hottie if

it's a selfie you can try a comment

along the lines of I've always loved

your eyes and if it's a cheesy

inspirational quote leave him a comment

such as you always know just what to say

to get me through my hectic day make him

feel as if he's the most amazing man in

the world and eventually he will snap

out of his phone

and come running back to the woman who

makes him feel like a million bucks

seven post a thirst trap a thirst trap

is a picture that is posted on social

media to garner attention and it's the

best way to get your guy to realize what

he's missing out on

after leaving him a flirty message on

his Instagram it's time for you to

utilize the thirst trap on your own

Instagram profile now you have to be

careful because if the trap is a little

too thirsty your guy may get completely

turned off so keep it cute keep it

classy and remember you're trying to

pull him towards you not push him away

so get yourself all dolled up put on a

flattering outfit and take a selfie that

will knock his socks off or post a

throwback photo of yourself looking all

cute a photo that he has never seen of

course stay away from group photos of

you and your girls because you want all

the attention to be on you and you don't

want anyone else standing in the way at

this point don't worry your friends will

understand when pulled off correctly the

thirst trap is effective nine times out

of 10 happy trapping six create a

challenge if you have followed the tips

on this list you should have been able

to partially regain your guy's attention

by this point now that he is calling and

texting a little more frequently it's

time to really put the ball in your

court think back to the days when you

first met your guy you were probably a

little apprehensive about giving him a

shot you kept your life busy you didn't

really care if he called you or not and

you took your sweet little time when it

came to responding to his text messages

to keep your guy's interest at this

point you need to channel the way you

felt when you first met him and

implement it into the present become a

challenge to him by not being readily

available don't be too accessible and

don't be so eager to see him he will

quickly notice that you're not tripping

over yourself just to spend time with

him like before and it will actually

pique his interest over time 5 don't be

clingy being too clingy with your guy as

the quickest way to get him to lose

interest in you men don't want to be

tied down they don't want to feel like

they're to be all in the end all in your

life and they don't want to be held

totally responsible for your happiness

thankfully if you started off being a

little too clingy you still have some

time to switch things around in your

favor now that your guy is showing signs

that he is losing interest in you you

need to nip all of your clingy behavior

right in the bud start showing him that

you are independent confident and you

have so much going on in your life that

you don't have the time to be up under

him 24/7

if you feel anxious and your fingers are

dying to dial his number call a friend


if you're feeling tempted to shoot him a

text message just throw your phone out

the window okay not really but you need

to get a hold of yourself and stop

acting on impulse if you back off from

him and remove the clingy behavior from

your life it will actually compel him to

come closer to you for pullback giving

your guy space as one thing but pulling

back is totally different

in fact many women fail completely when

they try to pull back and it only causes

more issues in the relationship

pulling back is a very hard thing to do

especially if you're already head over

heels in love with your guy inside your

mind in your heart are telling you to

call him one more time to drive by his

house and see if he's at home and to

drop off his favorite coffee at his job

if the two of you haven't been

communicating lately doing these things

can really get you banished from his

life forever to pull back means to

literally take a step back from the

relationship when your guy pulls away

because he's losing interest you need to

do the same if he's not calling you

should stop calling too if he's short

with you you should be short with him


if he ignores you when you pass him by

on the street you should ignore him too

giving him a taste of his own medicine

will definitely snap him out of whatever

is causing him to lose interest in you 3

reflect when your relationship goes from

hot to cold you may be so desperate to

get things back on track that you don't

take the time to actually figure out if

he's really the one for you your pride

is causing you to go to great lengths to

grab his attention but what is it that

you really want for yourself in your

life do you want to have to chase a guy

who isn't that into you do you want to

be confused about a guy's emotions on a

day-to-day basis

do you want to feel unwanted and unloved

every time your partner starts to lose

interest in you if you answered no to

these questions then it's time for you

to really do some reflecting on the

entire situation don't sit around and

wait for him to come up with a

conclusion on which direction he wants

the relationship to go you need to take

control of the situation on your own sit

down with a pen and a notebook and start

to write down your feelings make a list

of the kind of relationship you want and

create a second list of what your

current relationship is like if the two

lists don't match up it may be time for

you to pull the plug as soon as you tell

him it's over he'll probably start

chasing you once again it will then be

your decision to give him another chance

or to leave him in the past forever to

dress to impress you already look

amazing but if you wanted to get his

attention when he starts to pull away

from you

you really need to kick things up a

notch when you look good on the outside

you feel even better on the inside so

perform a mini revamp of your wardrobe

to really catch his eye a new pair of

flattering jeans or a figure-hugging

pencil skirt will definitely grab his

attention in a good way once he sees you

out and about looking like a million


it should definitely reignite his desire

for you and if it doesn't well at least

you're looking good enough to snag

another man who may be interested in you

when you're dressed to kill you're

sending all men a message that you mean

business you take pride in your

appearance you're confident you're sexy

and you deserve a man in your life who

realizes this and can appreciate you 1

show interest as women we're taught to

sit back and let the guy make all the

moves guys are supposed to call us

they're supposed to schedule dates and

they're supposed to pursue us

relentlessly this is why when a guy

starts to drift away most girls go

absolutely nuts they immediately think

it's a sign that he's no longer

interested but it could actually mean

that he needs to focus on his life for a

second before he jumps back into things

with you if you think your guys interest

is fading it's important to let him know

that you're still interested in him you

still desire him and you're ready to

pick up where the two of you left off

you can do this by sending him a text

as thinking of you can't wait to see you

again this lets him know that you

haven't given up on him completely

once he tackles whatever issues are

keeping him away from you he will

appreciate you even more for being so

patient and so understanding please hit

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