6 top first date hacks to impress a guy | First date tips to make him want you more

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first dates can be totally

nerve-wracking and you want to make sure

that you're able to come across as a

confident authentic woman that you are

so what I want to do in this video is I

want to give you 6 dating hacks with

that will actually make you want you

even welcome back to my youtube channel

I am a dating and relationship coach now

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comment down below thanks Renee if this

video helped you ok so I get asked all

the time what are my first date tips

well ladies and actually isn't that

complicated so I'm going to give you my

top 6 dating hacks right now number one

be on time it might seem really sort of

simple but a lot of the times impressing

a guy isn't about something that's

overly complicated anyway it's just

about understanding how men work and

then putting that into practice and by

turning up on time or at least

communicating to him why you're running

late it essentially shows him that you

are ready to respect him and respect the

time that he's put aside to actually

invest into you as well

and one of the main things that men

actually look for in their dream partner

or their future wife is the fact that

she is able to understand respect

respect of herself and also respect of

him so if you're running late or you're

making him wait on purpose that is a

sure way to turn him off and I've

actually done another video on all the

little things that we do that actually

turn men off on a first date if you want

to watch that the link for that is in

the description down below number two

ask the right questions okay gals going

on a first date

obviously you're showcasing who you are

physically and also mentally and

emotionally so you want to come across

as a woman who is authentic and

confident but also a woman who is able

to pique his interest you know like

really kind of draw him in and one of

the simplest ways to do that is to ask

the right sort of question the right

sort of questions would be something

along the lines of okay do you love your

job as opposed to so how much do you

earn in your

job right one actually shows that you're

taking a genuine interest in what he

does on a daily basis the other is all

tied to status and comes across as a

gold digger okay number three trigger

his sensor when we go on a first day

essentially a guy is wanting to feel

physically attracted to you not only

does he want to enjoy your company in a

way of he finds you mentally and

emotionally stimulating and easy to be

around but he also wants to feel

physically attracted to you

now some of the ways that you can

actually trigger him is obviously

through your physical appearance the way

that you look have you done your hair

your makeup have you actually put extra

effort into your appearance know that

you have one particular feature that men

always comment on or always drawn to

then play on that feature whether it is

a great smile then smile all the time

whether it is beautiful eyes and

highlight your eyes with the right sort

of colors whether it is your gorgeous

hair or your figure you know pick that

feature that you know it's kind of like

your weapon and then enhance that to

really making drawn in now one of the

other big triggers which I don't think

we talked about enough he's actually

smells if you wear its particular

perfume every time that he smells that

he's going to actually be thinking about

you now what I have discovered is this

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handbag or pop in your car and you can

literally spritz and be ready to go so

if you're someone that again wants to

always for that you're ready for a date

you know have a little date pack ready

whether that is some chewing gum

whether that is a perfume whether that

is a little bit of makeup or whatever it

is that you feel that's going to boost

your confidence don't be afraid to

actually put that together before you go

on a date or have it in your car or your

handbag so that when you're on the date

you can use that if you feel that you

want to enhance something especially the

trigger or his scent

now if you

want to actually get access to this sent

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have both men and female perfume number

four keep some mystery about yourself

okay ladies the reason why men pursue a

woman and the reason why they chase

after her is because she doesn't reveal

everything and she always keeps him

guessing and she always provides an

opportunity for him to step into that

moment where he can be a hero or prove

that you know she needs him so what we

want to do is we want to make sure that

when we go on a first date that we

dogged overshare even if you really are

connecting with that guy and you find

that he's a really deep sort of guy that

is not permission to then start you know

turning into a counselor or maybe

getting so far back into your histories

that you feel that you've connected for

the last ten years I get it I know what

it's like to date someone and you

finally go how this person gets me but

it's important that you still keep a bit

of mystery and that you actually still

allow that relationship to develop over

time and not just jump on the instant

feelings of connection by over sharing

on the first day leaving mystery about

yourself girls essentially makes him

want to know even more about you hints

asked you on a second date number five

be fun

ladies when a guy goes on a date with

you he wants to know that he's actually

going to enjoy the time that he's with

you and that's why dates should be fun

they should be exciting it shouldn't be

too serious too soon now you're someone

that really doesn't know how to come

across as fun or flirty because that's

not your forte yeah it was like a poem

then what I suggest is put yourself in

an environment that can be fun now

whether that is a music concert whether

that is rock climbing

whether that is one of those mystery

murder sort of scenarios okay

get creative and think okay what are fun

dates and happen we you know go on that

date and you know have a great time

without thinking to yourself this must

be fun if the guys having a really good

time with you

then he's more likely to be attracted to

you and there

he's more likely to want to go on a

second date with you and lastly number

six offer to pay for the bill you don't

want to just sit back and expect him to

pay for the bill you want to actually

contribute and show him that you're

willing to do that now that might be at

the end of the the date or whatever it

is that you're doing you might say to

him hey um let's split this okay or can

I give you some money for that now this

will also give you a good indication of

what sort of guy he could be like he

might be someone who's like ah yeah well

I was gonna ask you about that are you

happy to pay half is that cool then you

might beginning the idea that he's

someone that may be stingy with money or

he's not really ready to invest the way

that you should invest into a

relationship and I'm not talking about

finance here but again you want to come

across as a high-value woman and you

want to come across as a woman who is

ready to make that equal effort and one

of the easiest ways to do that while

showing him respect is offering to pay

some of the bill or at least contribute

in some way well there you go girls now

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first date went when you put all these

tips into practice and I will talk to

you all really soon bye for now