10 Sure Signs a Guy Likes You

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ten sure signs that a guy who likes you

there is an adorable beauty to be found

in the period when two people fall in

love they are incredibly shy in the

company of each other and afraid to make

the first move but there must be a few

signals that a guy subconsciously sends

that can reveal that he's into you right

and there are but what are they let's

find out together but before we start

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never miss a new video number 10 he is

nervous around you

when we talk to our crush wait stutter

do and say awkward things and act like

the weirdest person ever and the guy you

like it's the same look carefully does

he get nervous in your company any

nervous laughter or sweating palms that

you detect are clear sides of his

nervousness toward you or maybe he

quickly tries to look away if you catch

him looking at you that's a pretty good

hint too of course

it can be hard to look for all these

things as you probably get just as

nervous as he does but you can always

ask your friend to watch him and then

tell you their thoughts afterward maybe

it'll give you some serious stuff to

think about as well as the strength to

open up about your feelings to him

number 9

his body language says so body language

is a very powerful thing and it's a way

for our subconscious to tell the truth

even if we've decided to lie in her book

master dating Lisa Jimenez revealed a

very interesting fact while women have

around 50 - body language ways to say

that they're interested men only have 10

it looks like you really have to dig for

them so here's what you should be

looking for if you want to know whether

he likes you or not a guy in love will

be looking at you a lot watching your

every move he will lean towards you and

try to make eye contact as much as

possible another good indicator is the

direction of his feet if they're pointed

toward you it's a subconscious sign that

he may be interested biologically

speaking according to body language

expert Patti wood huge pupils can say a

lot about his attraction to you - as

dilation is a brain response that occurs

when you like and are attracted to

somebody if at least a couple of these

signs are to be found in your guy

there's a great chance that he truly

does like you but is afraid to be


number eight he touches you often

physical interaction plays a very

important part in establishing whether

somebody is interested in you or not if

you like the guy you want to spend more

time with him and hold his hand right

well guys feel the same urge as well so

they try to get closer to you the next

time you see him pay attention to how he

touches you and how he reacts when you

touch him he may hug you tightly when he

sees you or touch your hand it can be

anything this all hints at the steady

possibility that he's into you and if

it's combined with a good response from

you touching him like not moving his

hand when you touch it and not flinching

away or getting tensed up and

uncomfortable that's an even greater

signal but keep in mind the kind of guy

he is

playboys usually don't pay attention to

such stuff while shy guys surely won't

be able to hide their true feelings

number seven he treats you differently


if the guy likes you he will start to

behave protectively towards you and

perform gentlemanly and caring moves

look closely for such signals if you

want to know how he feels about you do

your problems concern him does he give

you his jacket when you're cold is he

pulling your chair a little bit closer

to his if the answers are mostly yes

then there's certainly something to

think about there if you have the same

group of friends try to notice other

little details like whether he talks to

you more than everyone else listens

carefully to all your stories or tries

to spend as much time with you as

possible these very simple things can be

his way of saying I like you so watch


number six he shows a sudden interest in

your hobbies for as long as you've known

him he's never been interested in

drawing then he suddenly asks you about

your passion for it and wants to see

your work he wasn't really into rock

music but after you've mentioned that

it's your favorite genre he asked you

for a couple of recommendations and

later said that he'd checked out all of

them he was never really a drama kid and

one day you see him in your drama club

smiling widely at you in saying he

signed up all this sudden interest in

what you're doing can be a sign that he

really likes you when we fall in love we

pick up our boyfriend or girlfriend's

hobbies because we want to know more

about them and their world maybe that's

exactly what he's trying to do plus it's

one more topic he can talk to you about

so there's no way to go wrong here

number 5 he turns up in places you don't

expect him to be


if you continuously bump into each other

outside of school work or any other

place you see each other often it might

mean that he's deliberately looking for

opportunities to accidentally bump into

you and as a result spend more time with

you just think about it and try to

remember how many times it's happened

and whether he couldn't have known that

you were going to be there if it has

happened a lot during a short period of

time it can't be a coincidence it's

simply a sign that he's finding time to

go to your favorite places hoping you'll

be there not a bad signal to have right


number four he constantly asks you



do you like this what do you think about

that can you tell me more about the time

you did this if your crush keeps asking

you questions and trying to find more

and more details about you it's no

mystery he was in dear asking questions

shows his interest in you and indicates

that he either wants to keep the

conversation going or wants to know

every single thing there is about you

each of these variants is very pleasing

to note right so watch closely if he

takes a special interest and does all

ears when you're telling your stories

for sharing your opinions this is just

another winning signal for you number 3

he remembers everything you told him

guys don't usually pay attention to lots

of the stuff we girls find important and

most of the time they only hear parts of

what we're saying but not a guy in love

who is trying to catch your attention if

during a conversation you often notice

that he remembered what you told him a

week or two days ago the name of your

favorite band or the fact that you hate

olives that counts for something it

means that he's interested in you and

cherishes all the information he has on

your preferences and opinions

he may even refer to something you said

earlier in a similar type of situation

and if this happens here's some good

news for you he's most definitely into

you number two his friends act a bit

strange around you

his close friends probably know he likes

you and that's why they connect a little

bit strange around you or give you

special treatment pay attention to them

and how they act when you to talk do

they look at the pair of you or often

tease him about you maybe they're

smiling or smirking like they know

something you don't when they see you

just like your girlfriend's joke about

your crush and smile mysteriously as you

to approach each other his friends

behave the same after all why would they

pay any attention to you if you were

just as classmate or a girly nose right

be careful though if it's the only sign

that matches up this way him liking you

is definitely not a sure thing so

proceed with caution number one he

doesn't use his phone when he hangs out

with you in our era of social media

everyone is always on their phones and

it's no wonder since everything is there

news photos social media accounts and

much more most people spend time on

their phones even when they hang out

with friends constantly checking

something out and if your crush doesn't

do that and is completely focused on you

instead congratulations there's a high

chance that he feels the same once again

it means that he's interested in your

personality and values your conversation

and time together and such a level of

dedication is found very rarely and

truly shows that he finds you

captivating so maybe if most of these

signs can be applied to your crush it's

finally time to tell him how you feel

yes it's scary but do you really want to

miss the opportunity of being happy with

someone you love if you master the guts

to do so after watching our video don't

forget to tell us how it all went in the

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have you ever confessed your love to

somebody how did it go for both of you

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