51 Perfect Text Messages That Will Make Him Smile And Miss You More

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51 perfect text messages that will make

him smile and miss you more one I don't

think anyone makes me laugh as much as

you do - you make me feel like the

luckiest girl in the world three I'm so

glad we met four thank you for always

being there for me I really don't know

what I would do without you

five can't stop thinking about you today

six you me take out tonight seven I hope

you know how wonderful and great you are

eight our relationship is perfect you're

my prince 9 you're the most beautiful

person I have ever seen 10 I'm so crazy

about you 11 I wish we were together

right now

cuddling 12 thinking about you really

does brighten my day 13 hey sexy 14 I

had such a good time the other day I

wish every day was like that 15 you're

so hot

16 I'm ordering food later you in 17 I

can't fall asleep you're all I can think

about 18 why do I smile like an idiot

when you're texting me 19 we go together

like Nutella and a spoon 20 you take my

breath away 21 when can I see you again

22 you're the most interesting person

I've ever met

23 are you even real you're so dreamy 24

nobody understands me like you do 25 I

just want to be curled up in your arms

right now 26

I think our lips should have a meeting

ASAP 27 I can't to eat food together and

have a good time

28 I really miss you 29 a kiss burns

like seven calories a minute want to

work out 30 how's your day going I'm in

need of a handsome man later 31 you make

me blush when you're not even here 32

all my friends are jealous of our

relationship they want a man like you 33

thanks for always killing the spiders

for me when I'm too scared

34 when can I see you again 35 I'm in

serious need of a cuddle 36 wow you're

super smart 37 I'm so glad we met

38 shall we just call in sick tomorrow

and spend the whole day together 39 no

one else compares to you you're my

one-in-a-million 40 you look so hot in

your new Instagram photo have you ever

thought about going into modeling 41 my

bed is way too big for just me do you

want to come and keep me warm

42 you're my whole world 43 you never

fail to amaze me with how perfect you

are 44 I'm so proud of you 45 I can't

remember a life before you and I

wouldn't want to you light up my life

like nobody else 46 if you want to stop

by my house tonight

I'll make it worth the journey 47

forever still isn't enough time with you

48 you're my Lobster 49 you still give

my stomach butterflies like no one else

50 I adore you 51 I love you download

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