How To Flirt Over Text With A Guy.12 Easy Ways to Flirt Through Text Messages.

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how to flirt over text how to flirt with

a guy over text messages wondering how

to flirt with a guy over text whether it

is your high school crush college eye

candy or just a cute guy you have been

friends with you can never go wrong in

flirting with him if you send the right

message at the right time this video

discusses ideas for flirty messages and

how you can keep your SMS chat

conversations alive get some tips and

hook him like a hungry fish with your

tricks make him think about you even

when you are not texting one don't wait

for him to message there is no reason

for you to keep waiting for your crush

to send you a text message if you really

like him and want to have a conversation

with him stop worrying about coming

across as needy a harmless little text

is not going to make you look desperate

at all flirting is a two-way street but

someone has to initiate it if he is your

crush there is no reason why you should

shy away from being the first one to

send a message to use a sweet opener

instead of just sending up hi you really

leave no option for a guy to reply to

your text message with anything other

than a bland hi if you send a boring hi

accompanied with a smiley instead use a

nice opener in your first text message

to him the best part about using an

opening line is that you will already

have a conversation rolling there will

be an awkward gap between exchanging

text messages when neither of you has

anything to follow up with after saying

hi below are some first text ideas that

you can personalize equals greater than

I could see you sleeping in class today

equals greater than your last tweet was

hilarious equals greater than I was

thinking about that yummy ice cream we

had the other day equals greater than I

am listening to your favorite band

equals greater than it was nice to have

lunch with you equals greater than I am

at your favorite pizza place equals

greater than I saw your performance

today and you are awesome on the drums

3 use a lot of winks winking face a wink

can make any text message seem flirty it

has the power to make the most simple of

messages sound sexy

along with winks increase the use of

Smiley's and other cute stuff like hugs

and kisses or other terms used for

expressing sincerity faith love or good

friendship at the end of a written

letter email or SMS text message for

instance notice the difference in tone

in these two text messages the whole

vibe of the message turns flirty in the

naughty wink adds a lot of mystery to

equals greater than we should hang out

together it will be a lot of fun equals

greater than we should hang out we can

do a lot of fun stuff together winking

face for flirt harder and tickle his

temptations subtly by playing with his

imagination the best part about flirting

with guys over text is that you can play

a lot with their imaginations you can

literally make a guy go wild by sending

text messages that can be innocent on

face value but open to many

interpretations the trick is to say

something that will make his dirty mind

starting ticking there are many other

ways to do this apart from the commonly

used I am changing my clothes text

message to flirt with guys here are some

ideas equals greater than I just spilled

water on my top while texting you equals

greater than I was tired after gym but

now I feel better after my hot shower

equals greater than thanks for coming

with me to the mall now I am trying on

some of the new tops

I bought equals greater the next time we

meet we should do something exciting

winking face equals greater than I

forgot to do my laundry last week and

now I have nothing to wear equals

greater than the results of my workouts

are awesome I am looking in the mirror

right now and liking what I see equals

greater than I am getting ready for my

sister's birthday party but can't decide

whether to wear a short black skirt or

shorts 5 handle knotty replies without

crossing the line

a guy will send you a naughty reply if

you flirt with him by sending a text

message that tickles his temptations you

must be prepared to handle such replies

without sounding like a loose girl

because that will ruin your image there

is a fine line between flirty and dirty

never cross this

let's look at an example used in the

earlier point equals greater than you I

forgot to do my laundry last week and

now I have nothing to wear equals equals

greater than him

so you are wearing nothing right now you

winking face so how was class today

instead of replying in a yes or no you

have again left him wondering by using a

wink and then quickly changing the topic

the wink has universal application when

it comes to flirting six make him think

about meeting you use suggestions in

your text messages that make him think

about meeting you don't be too direct

and say I want to meet you instead use

lesser in your face and possibly

open-ended suggestions that make him

think about being with you equals equals

greater than it was nice to have lunch

with you we should hang out more often

don't you think equals equals greater

than I think I am beginning to like

football we should watch a game together

maybe equals equals greater than me and

some friends are going for coffee after

class tomorrow

you should come equals equals greater

than I never knew you were into foreign

films we should watch one together

sometime 7 don't reply immediately wait

at least five minutes replying to all

his text messages instantly will make it

apparent that you have nothing better to

do but to chat with him it can also make

you look clingy or needy especially if

he is with his friends wait for at least

five minutes before you begin to type

out your reply there are many signals

that this waiting game gives out

including showing that you may be busy

or that you are preoccupied but you

still want to speak to him 8 spaced out

your text messages so that your

conversation lasts longer the trick to

maintaining the excitement is to span

out your messages over a couple of hours

or even days don't use all the tricks to

flirt with him in just one go as you

press the send button

he will take 5 to 10 minutes to reply

and you should take the same amount of

time to respond to him make sure that

this cycle does not happen too fast so

that your flirty conversation of 5 to 10

messages each spans out over a couple of

hours this will heighten the excitement

and give him the feeling that chatting

with you can never get boring 9 wait for

his reply before sending another text

message one of the biggest mistakes a

girl can make while flirting with her

crush has to jump the gun and send a

second message before he replies to her

earlier 1 don't hurry

calmly wait for his response even if it

takes hours you will instantly appear

clingy and desperate if you follow up

your first message with did you get my

earlier message before he replies if he

does not reply even after you have

waited over an hour play it cool and ask

him why he did not reply to your text

message when you see him the next day 10

ask him questions which need elaborate

answers even the most random of messages

has the potential to become flirty if

they are left open-ended you can start a

flirty conversation with a man by using

the same trick instead of asking a

question that can be replied to with a

yes or a no ask a question that makes

him think the answer itself should

unfold into a flirty chat between the

both of you for instance see how flirty

a question can get if it is given a

playful twist made complete with a

naughty wink equals equals greater than

so I guess you must be watching the game

tonight equals equals greater than so I

guess you must be watching the game

tonight we could have watched it

together if you explained it to me what

do you say winking face 11 compliment

him frequently you will have a guy

hooked to chatting with you over text

messages if you keep giving him

compliments it doesn't take a lot of

effort to boost the male ego just stick

to the classic ego boosting compliments

that will attract your crush like a

magnet take a look at some ideas to

compliment him equals equals greater

than I saw you for the first time in a

while today have you been working out

equals equals greater than you are such

a smooth talker equals greater than I

love your car it looks tough

just like you equals greater than I know

a few girls in class who have a crush on

you looks like you are in demand 12

don't write anything that you wouldn't

want someone else to read the most

important thing to remember while

sending flirty messages is to never send

anything that you wouldn't want

someone else to read you never know if

one of his friends might be reading your

messages avoid embarrassment and protect

your own self-image by being smart and

refraining from sending something stupid

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