How to Talk to a Guy You Like: Tips to Attract Him

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to this day I can carry a conversation

with almost any guy that stands in front

of me that's not the problem but isn't

that how it usually works the guys

you're not interested in you have no

problem being yourself around and

chit-chatting away

the real lesson is in how to talk to a

guy you like when it comes to a guy you

think is super cute or sexy you suddenly

have lost all words you stutter your

tongue gets twisted as you ramble on

tripping over your words you think this

doesn't happen to me oh it does and when

it does it's tragic when my friends see

me stuttering and sweaty they try to

help me out but it's too late I've

already fallen too deep into daydreaming

about being with this guy but for the

past couple years I've worked on the way

I speak to a guy the first like let me

tell you it's not easy most of the time

I just want to drool and stare at them

while they speak I have to look

confident to give off the illusion that

I'm not head over heels for them

sometimes I'm so obvious even my mother

can tell so it's time you learned how to

talk to a guy you like that way you

actually have a conversation with him at

least one that doesn't consist of you

giggling the entire time you can do it

ladies just think of how nervous they

are one stop focusing your attention on

what he's thinking about I know you

worry about what he's thinking but you

shouldn't be this is the first thing to

do if you want to be as relaxed and

comfortable as possible

stop thinking about what he's thinking

it doesn't matter if he doesn't like

your thoughts or opinions he's not the

one for you two don't lie this is just

because I don't want you creating all

these lies about yourself just for him

to like you plus you have to keep up

with all the lies you make which is not

an easy task so just be honest this

isn't for him it's for you I know you

want to tell him what he wants to hear

but if it's not honest then don't say it

and plus no one likes a liar three let

him talk about himself if you have

nerves talking to him the best thing to

do is ask him a question about himself

people love talking about themselves so

it gives you some time to relax and

gather information about him the best

way to do this without looking like an

interviewer is by asking open-ended


meaning questions that cannot be

answered with only a yes-or-no reply for

example if in class together you can ask

him what do you think about this group

assignment we have to do for laughs

everyone likes to be around people who

they share a laugh with in addition it

helps you relax once you laugh together

now if you're not a jokester that's okay

sarcasm and dry humor are also really

funny if he says something funny laugh

if you say something laugh as well why

not five flirt it up girl there's

nothing wrong with flirting in fact it's

what builds the sexual tension between

two people if you like him flirting

doesn't hurt smile at him give him a

playful wink touch his arm when he says

something funny these nonverbal cues

show him you're interested in him and if

he's into you he'll most likely flirt

with you back six talk about what

interests you there's nothing more

interesting than talking to someone

about a particular topic which they're

passionate about you see the light in

their eyes and the bursts of energy they

get when they start talking now if

you're really passionate about something

there's nothing wrong with sharing it

with him he sees where your passions lie

and that can be a huge turn-on 7

communicate on a regular basis if

possible that is this helps you relax

and become comfortable around that

person also by frequent communication

you get to know each other on a deeper

level discussing topics which aren't

just considered small talk and at the

end of the day that's what you want 8

communicate on social media now usually

I'm against heavy communication on

social media however it can be used in a

positive way to help break the ice

everyone loves memes so if you tag him

in a

one it shows him that you're comfortable

with him thus he shares memes and funny

posts with you as well now what you

don't want to happen as you only end up

communicating via social media 9 don't

over text him you know exactly what I

mean if he doesn't reply to you in five

minutes don't send him another in

another text message leave him alone

he'll reply if he doesn't reply in a day

or two then text him again if you over

text someone it's flat-out annoying and

becomes a huge turnoff but if you notice

he's not replying or giving you one-word

answers he's probably not interested in

you 10 don't force the conversation I

know you want the conversation to flow

magically and then you immediately fall

in love but it may not happen that way

some people take longer to warm up to

others he could be nervous or he could

not be interested in you but don't force

conversation if he wants to keep the

conversation going he'll say something

or ask a question 11 use mutual

interests as a way to hang out if you

just found out he hasn't seen the new

Star Wars that's great because neither

have you maybe you could go see it

together boom I just landed you a night

out with a guy you like see it wasn't

that hard to do but I recommend waiting

until you are on friendly terms before

you suggest to hang out 12 avoid X

related topics yeah no one wants to talk

about past failed relationships at least

not at this stage you don't want him to

start talking about his ex in front of

you either why because then you change

the relationship from a possible love

interest to a therapist once you've

become their therapist it's a hard spot

to get out of thirteen just be yourself

I cannot emphasize this enough

understanding how to talk to a guy you

like means you need to be yourself don't

try to change your interests or sense of

humor just to suit him no it never lasts

if you do this be yourself laugh at

things you find funny talk about things

that interest you and give him a real

idea of who you are

if he doesn't like it it's his problem

14 if he's not into you it's okay

listen you may do everything right but

the fact is he's just not that into you

I know no one wants to hear that but the

sooner you accept that the better it is

for you now go after another guy someone

who may like you back this doesn't have

anything to do with you you don't need

to lose weight or change your hair you

just aren't compatible now that you know

how to talk to a guy you like there's no

reason why you can't carry a

conversation with him and have him fall

for you you can do it if you liked the

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