11 Tips For How To Get A Guys Attract Attention On Instagram

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eleven tips for how to get a guy's

attention on Instagram without using

your body one take photos of your face

studies show that photos with faces in

them do exponentially better than photos

that don't have faces in them it makes

sense if you think about it our

generation relates to other people so

seeing a face works and guys they

definitely want to see your face because

girl you're cute to use a saucy caption

don't just log into Pinterest and find a

profound quote to put as your caption

under your Instagram photo if you want

to know how to get a guy's attention on

Instagram you need to be saucy and

flirty get his attention maybe a saucy

lyric or something get creative

3 use a funny caption this is the other

option for a caption that will

definitely get a guy's attention on

Instagram just be funny guys like to

make girls laugh but on the flip side a

guy will appreciate a funny gal so be

funny for follow them maybe it's just

the guys that I am friends with but

every single time a girl follows them on

Instagram they go oh who's this I don't

know them they just followed me I don't

think they really understand that

Instagram isn't Facebook people will

follow you that you don't know anyways

if you follow him on Instagram he is

going to notice you chances are he

doesn't get a ton of cute girls

following him on Instagram so you're

going to stand out 5 like a bunch of his

photos this is a ballsy move but if

you're feeling brave enough go for it

there is seriously no way that he isn't

going to notice you when his feed is

full of likes from you

this shows him that you are confident

and bold which is a quality that many

men look for in a woman

be bold ladies 6 like an old photo even

more ballsy than the last one scroll

down to the bottom of his feet and like

a photo this is going to bring it up in

his feed and this shows that you really

scrolled to find this photo proceed with

caution with this one because he might

think it is

money also he might just think you are


so like be careful with this one but if

you can pull it off then go girl seven

occasionally comment on his photos don't

get crazy but comment on some of his

photos while it might be uncommon for

cute girls to follow him on Instagram I

guarantee it is even more uncommon for

cute girls to comment on his photos also

don't just comment something lame

comments something that he will have to

respond to even if his response is just

thanks if you want to know how to get a

guy's attention on Instagram make sure

you comment something that's


eight slide into his DMS ha classic for

real ladies it couldn't hurt we're

almost two decades into the 2000s you no

longer have to wait for the guy to come

to you be bold and message him first

message him about a recent post or just

say hey if you're feeling really bold

tell him that you think he's cute or

cool or whatever man this is a surefire

way to get noticed because unless he is

a celebrity his DMS probably aren't full

of messages from girls 9 don't post too

often if you post for selfies a day he's

not going to be interested I'll just be

honest guys like a humble girl and if

you are posting that many selfies he is

going to get tired of seeing them if you

don't post as often he will be excited

when you do post also if you post less

often it gives the appearance that you

live a busy life and you just couldn't

be bothered to post on Instagram make

him pay attention to you by posting less

often works every time

10 post cute Instagram stories Instagram

has changed their algorithm recently so

your actual posts are seen by your

followers a lot less than they used to

be Instagram stories have taken over

Instagram because they still are seen in

chronological order and this means that

if you post on your story

chances are he will see your post take a

cute boomerang of your outfit or a kissy

face just be cute 11 take pictures of

your pet

believe it or not I think guys like cats

and dogs more than girls do they die

over cute cats and dogs so if you post a

photo with or of your pet he is likely

to notice it and might even comment or

like it yes use your pet to get a date


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