What Men Love In Bed.15 Things Men Want Women To Do In The Bedroom

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fifteen things men want us to do in the

bedroom what men love in bed number

fifteen he wants you to want it the

traditional relationship dictates that

the man initiates the sex that might

have been fine back in the nineteen

fifty but we are in the 2000 Plus now

men want us to want sex too otherwise

they think that we just aren't into them

and who wants to be in a relationship

where the other person doesn't desire

them reach out to your man and let him

know when you are in the mood for some

action give him some surprise sex and he

will love it even more 14 be prepared

believe it or not guys like it when we

are prepared for sex

according to Women's Health magazine men

actually like it when we come over with

a condom instead of thinking we are out

on the prowl for sex they are happy to

know that we take responsibility for our

own sexual health carrying a condom

shows that we are mature and stable

enough to be in an adult relationship

with someone who is also concerned about

his own health 13 say yes the game of

cat-and-mouse and pretending you don't

want to have sex gets old real fast for

guys according shape men view sex as a

way to express their love when you

consistently turn your man down

you are hurting his feelings and making

him feel rejected instead of giving him

an absolute no tell him why you are not

in the mood for sex and schedule a time

when you will be less stressed or

feeling better 12 let him look men love

to look at our bodies we are beautiful

to them even if we think we are less

than perfect stretchmarks belly fat and

a bit of extra rump don't matter to him

what matters is that you are willing to

be open an intimate with just him so get

up on top to give him the full view or

make love to him in front of a mirror

give him all that he wants and more 11

tell him what you want guys are terrible

mind reader's they can only guess at

what we might want and even then they

wonder if they are doing it right take

the guessing out of the game and tell

him exactly what you want in bed guys

think it is hot when a woman knows what

she wants in the bedroom and are all too

often willing to give us exactly what we

ask for 10 the hard problem guys get

devastated when they can't get or keep

an erection but they don't want us to

make a big deal about

and they definitely don't want us to

take it personally it just happens

sometimes the best thing we can do is

use the downtime for some snuggling back

massages and have him perform some oral

on you get his mind off his situation

and back into the game of love 9 give

him praise

men love to hear a bit of praise between

work and life other obligations praise

is probably one of the things that is

missing from his life so give it to him

in the bedroom men like to know what

they are doing right instead of always

being told what they are doing wrong in

fact if you keep pointing out all the

things he does wrong he will begin to

feel that nothing he does is right and

he will want to give up give him

encouragement and when he does something

that makes you feel good let him know

about it 8 don't take skin flicks

personally men are visually turned on

and that is one of the many reasons why

skin flicks are so popular among men it

is not that we aren't everything in the

world to our man he just likes to watch

and yes get turned on studies are

showing that more and more women are

also watching adult movies for pleasure

it is not cheating and as soon as we

realize that we can relax and maybe

enjoy a few adult genres in our spare

time to seven say his name when you are

in the throes of passion with your man

say his name

scream it croon it and purr it in his

ear men love it when we say their names

while making love it makes a man feel

like the king of the mountain and like

he is the only person in the world that

matters to you six make some noise one

of the biggest complaints I have heard

from my guy friends is that their

girlfriends don't make any noise when

they are doing the deed this really

confuses guys who expect at least a bit

of a moan or some heavy breathing break

out of the silent treatment and give

your man some clues that he is pleasing

you while you don't have to break out

with a loud o yeses of an adult movie

queen you could easily give him a soft

uh yeah when he hits the right spot five

key likes foreplay as women we know what

it is like to be treated like a slab of

meat on the bed but what we don't

realize is that some men feel that we

treat them as though only the penis

matters men do like foreplay

they love the slow buildup in the tease

if you feel that your man doesn't want

foreplay it could

that he thinks you are not interested in

it take initiative and slow the bedroom

action down tease him with light touches

and tell him what you want in return for

willing to try men want to share their

fantasies but worry their wives will

shame or judge them remove you man's

fear of sharing his sexual fantasies

with you by having a conversation with

him make him promise that he will not

judge you for your fantasies and that

you will not judge him for his take back

and forth turns talking about things

that turn you on and things you both

would like to try make an honest effort

to fulfill a few of his fantasies and no

doubt he will want to please you in

return 3

he loves the lingerie we have all been

there we spend an hour picking and

choosing the right lingerie set to turn

him on and when that special moment

happens he barely even notices the

effort we put in for him

according to Women's Health magazine

guys do notice the lingerie and they

like it too it is a huge turn-on for

them and that is why the lingerie is so

quickly removed and toss onto the floor

he wants to get to the prize underneath

the wrapping to talk dirty to him drop

the prissy - perfect for smut act he

gets that you earned a [ __ ] but he

wouldn't mind it in the least if you

would get a bit dirty with just him take

the time to drop a few sexual hints in

his ear before he heads off for work it

will drive him crazy for the rest of the

day text him a few thoughts on what you

would like to do to him the next time

you see him piqued his interest and get

him going men love it when we talk dirty

to them 1 be spontaneous missionary sex

in the bedroom can get boring after a

while don't be afraid to change things

up guys want us to be more spontaneous

in the sex department this includes

doing it in different places trying

different positions and even trying out

a few kinks sometimes nothing says I

love you better than handcuffs in a

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