How to become popular in 6th grade or middle school

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hey guys today is the day I'm going to

be telling you how to become popular in

sixth grade school well I'm in fifth

grade and everyone's trying to be

popular so it's summer and in your hat

so let's get started okay so first this

is gonna win a brush and you're gonna

brush your hair better if it's straight

but it doesn't play matter son brush it

okay it's my style in high school which

is Henrietta

um it's crazy but that's what I'm going

to be doing so you want to flip your

hair over you just want to brush upside

down in the back and your head back you

want to pick the sides up of your hair

and try to get it in your hand like

you're gonna do a ponytail but you're

not going to do it pine top you're going

to do a crazy month and you're going to

keep if you need to you can just

brushing that to get it in and you

always do that because you do and you

try to make it high not like a low

ponytail cuz it's not low and then you

want a hair tie and get it on your wrist

you want to wrap it around as tight as

you can

or until it gets too tight that's when

you want to make it into a bun and then

for the leftovers all I do is I just

wrap it around the middle of the bun and

then I tuck it in tuck it into I just

took it into the hair so and then if you

want some the classy style

English you get a headband I just got

this the other day at academy and it was

very cheap it was like I don't know but

it was pretty cheap is that on so there

we go with the brush and then for the

makeup I already have it on so all you

need to do for the makeup is get some

blush or concealer but the powder kind

and put it rub it all over that's what I

did just try not to look like those

girls out there that gotta look all

perfect just be yourself and if you want

to stop something and then all I did

after that was put some mascara on is I

this is like it was in my hands and I

just closed my eyes like three or four

times and I just did it to the other one

and if you want you can have lip gloss

or lipstick up it doesn't matter but I

didn't put it on because I don't want

those girls have started about okay now

is the clothing so let's get started so

now I really like the Under Armour

clothes some - Under Armour and it's

just I got this the other day with this

heavy but it's really cute it says even

my slag has slag I love it so with that

I have some pants to go with paper they

are luckily they're not pants they're

just leggings kind of but they're the

Reebok Harvey X and they go really cute

with this shirt

because it's blue and then the blue but

I really like Nike Reebok and um Under


that's just really the style at our

school and then you really want in Nike

that's what I like I don't have them

right now so I can't show you but yeah

this sucks that they go like up to here

up to here to your ankle they're really

cool with some Nike tennis shoes

that's all I like okay so that's all

it's for today hope you liked it don't

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