What To Do When Your Crush Likes Someone Else

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hello YouTube Kaitlyn here and have you

ever found out that your crush like

someone else okay this is life-ruining

know so I've talked about being in the

friend zone before and going through a

breakup but I realized that there's

another type of heartbreak that I

thought you might have to deal with at

some point the mist place love syndrome

this is a very unfortunate disease to

contract maybe you have expressed your

undying affection to your crush and they

have outright told you that they're not

interested in you and they're interested

in someone else oh it stings or maybe

you've been observing them closely

enough to realize that they like someone

else I could ask them to a dance or a

date or something pretty obvious like

that no why not me I am right here in

love too maybe if you're already close

friends with them then they've told you

who they have a crush on and asked you

for advice about it without realising

that you're interested in them well this

is awkward

leave me alone I'm gonna go Travis nope

that is not allowed pick yourself up

brush yourself off and follow these

foolproof steps what really but this

seems hopeless

step one okay I know it sucks it

absolutely sucks to find out that the

person that you've been crushing on

doesn't like you and like someone else

for that matter and if they're serious

about whoever it is that they're

interested in then you have to move on

move on I can't do that you were asking

way too much of me I'm in love with him

waiting likely there's a guy or girl out

there who's pining after you and you

don't even realize it yet you really

think so it's certainly a possibility

step to the side if you can continue

being friends with them it's simple

logic don't put yourself in the friend

zone if you don't have to if it's going

to cause you more pain than good to

continue remaining friends with them

then you just can't do it oh don't take

away our friendship to suck it up

recruit on step three when did I sign up

to be a recruit what is this the

heartbreak army remember these important

don'ts don't try to break up your crush

with whoever they're dating no one likes

a homewrecker don't embarrass yourself

trying to get their attention stand tall

with dignity and pride my friend don't

change yourself to try and be like

whoever they are crushing on you should

never have to change who you are to win

the affections of someone else and


don't stalk them whether it's on social

media or real life it'll just make you

more miserable and then really creeped

out by you let them have their life and

then you go get yours uh what is the end

of the world he was my everything no no

he was not and it is not the end of the


do you see fire raining down from the

sky or people ascending into heaven no

then you're gonna survive this and find

a new crush absolutely so what do you

think how do you get over a crush that

likes someone else have you tried any of

these strategies can I still cry a

little Oh crying is still an acceptable

form of grief and heartbreak but just

don't overdo it okay remember to Like

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