3 Ways To Be An Unforgettable Kisser - How To Kiss A Man

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Mark: How to kiss a guy. How to kiss a man. Three ways to make the experience unforgettable

to him and have him obsessing with you and your kisses.

Hey, it's Mark here from Make Him Yours.

Jermia: and I'm Jermia here with Mark this morning.

Now, it's not just about the kiss itself, it's about the entire experience that the

guy gets from you.

So we're going to be showing you today how you can create that experience for the guy.

Mark: Three ways to do that.

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Mark: Three secrets to kissing a guy and making the experience unforgettable.

Jermia: Uhuh so have a think about it.

Whenever you've gone on a holiday, it's not just the holiday itself. It's always so exciting

thinking about the trip that you get to go on, you know it can be months ahead and you're

still so excited and exactly the same with after holiday you come home, you get to tell

your friends, you get to relive it and all the amazing memories that you had.

And kissing is exactly the same.

It's not just about the kiss itself, it's about before, during and after.

So when you're kissing, don't just think about the kiss.

Think about the great experience all around it.

Mark: Yeah, we've done a couple of other videos on how to kiss the guy and there's some fantastic

techniques in there.

How to get a guy to kiss you, how to kiss a guy.

I'll link those in the description below, but if you want to be an unforgettable kisser,

you want to make it just as Jermia says like it's the whole before, during, and after experience

of the kiss that the guy gets to go through.

And one of the best ways to do that is to build him up

starting from well before you kiss him.

So a fun way to do this can be through texts and texting.

You can create ample excitement or you can create really powerful excitement by saying,

"Hey, I love the way you kiss me.

Can't wait for your kisses tonight.

Can't stop thinking about your kisses."

All of these little things that you can do, or even just as you say goodbye, I can't wait

to kiss you again before you leave, right?

There's all sorts of things you can do that can get the guy excited for the experience

in the same way you'd be excited for a holiday.

Jermia: Number two is hygiene.

I cannot stress this enough.

Look after your oral hygiene.

That means brushing your teeth, making sure you have a mint or something like that.

Even good hydration, having a couple glasses of water so that you're fresh and clean in

your mouth.

I don't care how good of a kisser you think you are.

If you've got bad breath, you've got no hope.

Mark: Yeah, you might be an unforgettable kisser if you forget hygiene, but it'll be

for all the wrong reasons.

I can think of a couple of times that's happened to me.

Unfortunately there's just no desire for me whatsoever to ever want to kiss that person


It's instinctual.

Number three.

Jermia: is teasing.

So, exactly the same as a holiday, right?

As you get just before you go on the holiday, the couple of days leading up,

Mark: I just like the day before, I'm so excited!

I don't want to go now.

Jermia: That's when everything is at its peak and kissing is exactly the same.

Just before your lips meet is when everything is so heightened and amazing and so exciting.

So why not give that a little bit more time and draw it out by teasing.

It's a couple of different ways you can do that.

First one is what we like to call hold the gap.

So it's basically when you go in for a kiss but you don't quite make it there, you hold

it a centimeter back.

Mark: Just adds a bit of experience.

Jermia: Just a little bit.

It doesn't have to be very long at all, you know, like a couple of seconds even, but it,

it really draws out that experience and it makes for an amazing like, Oh come on, just

give it a holiday.

Gimme the kiss!

Mark: It's like you're sitting at the airport about to go to Fiji and they're playing all

these videos of Fiji and you're like, I just want to be there now.

Jermia: Number two is.

Mark: Lip glide.

Jermia: Lip glide.

It's basically when you're about to kiss, you don't fully press in, but you'd let your

lips run along each other's so,

Mark: And it really makes you just want to go in and go further with it.

So you will be controlling this one.

So even though the guy might come in to kiss you, it's kind of on you to actually do it.

You just glide your lips along.

So you're just doing these ones here.

And as I go in to kiss, she's just, she's still teasing there.

Jermia: It's like dangling.

Mark: It's a little bit easier to do that one lying down.

So when you're in a lying down position, it's easier because it comes a bit more naturally


Again, it just adds to that experience.

Jermia: And number three is the false start basically where you go in for the kiss, but

you pulled back just a little bit.

So he can't really get in there the whole way.

Here's a little example,

Mark: so you're kind of getting excited and then you're like, ah, what?

And the guy's going, I just want to kiss her.

It's done slowly and it has to be done well.

And when it is done well, it creates this really like, Oh, I just want, I just want

this more now.

I just want this more.

If you do it too much, it can get weird, so don't overdo it.

Just make sure you have a bit of fun with it.

Do it a couple of times.

The guy will usually be a bit like, what the hell?

And then that's when you giggle and actually kiss him.

It's all a fun way to add to the experience.

Jermia: That's it!

Mark: That's the video.

Thanks for watching.

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