5 Places To Touch & Kiss A Man That Will Drive Him Wild

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- Now contrary to what you dirty, sexy single ladies

are thinking, there's more than just one place to touch

or kiss a guy that will absolutely drive us wild.

And better yet, if you touch a guy or even kiss a guy

in any areas that I'm gonna be talking about

in this video, it's going to build an eruption

of sexual tension more than you could ever imagine.

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Hey there Adam LoDolce from,

where I help women find love and do it with Sexy Confidence.

And this video is all about the touch and kiss method.

And this is a really playful but also powerful way

to build a lot of that tension because it's almost like

you're exploring each other's body right.

First you wanna touch and then you just can't help but kiss

that part of his body.

And by the way, in case you noticed, this method works

really well on you sexy single ladies too.

But I should say from this point forward,

you really shouldn't have too much trouble turning guys on

because just by the mere fact that you are watching

this video right now puts you in the top 5% of women.

Because you're trying to actually put effort

into your sex life.

And effort is really the key ingredient to building

that type of sexual connection with someone

that you're really into.

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So let's jump into this five places to touch a guy

and then kiss a guy to actually drive him wild.

The first place is the jawline.

And this is not a typical place that women will usually

touch and kiss a guy.

Usually they'll go further on the face or even on the neck.

But the jawline is actually a very vulnerable place

to touch someone and you can just lightly touch his face

and then give it a kiss as if it's a mark of approval.

And if you're new to talking to a guy and you really

want him to kiss you, one of the best signals

that you can send a guy is just lightly

touching his jawline.

Because when you touch someone like this

what you're basically signaling to that person is that

you wanna create that intimate moment.

Go ahead and give that a try and let me know how it goes.

The second place is the inner wrist.

And one piece of advice I've shared

in some of my other videos, as well as my premium programs

is for you sexy single is to show your inner wrists

when you're on a date with a guy because it shares

a little bit of vulnerability.

It's a very vulnerable part of your body.

And also happens to have

a lot of nerve endings right here.

You can even try it right now

while you're watching this video.

See, it's very soft.

So if you can lightly touch if you're touching hands

and slightly touch the inner part of his wrist,

and even give it a kiss, it's a great signal

that you wanna do something a little bit more.

The third place to go for is these bad boys right here.

Now men have nipples for absolutely no biological reason

other than for you to play with them.

In all seriousness, nipples are only there because

we're both developed from the same type of fetus

in the womb, until that Y chromosome kicks in

and turns half of us into males,

making them completely useless.

Now does this mean that we can't have a little fun

with these embryonic sex toys?

Hell no, I want you to be touching and kissing

because can we say nerve endings?

The fourth place is the ear lobe.

Now word of caution, not all guys are going to want

to be kissed or have their ear lobes licked.

So this is where the touch and kiss method

is very, very important.

You can actually start by just maybe caressing his hair

a little bit and then slowly, maybe touch his ear lobes

a little bit even when you're kissing.

And this is where I want you to be really feeling

for those vibes.

Is he responding well to that?

Or is he kind of backing off a little bit?

If he's responding well, then you can go from the kiss

all the way to the neck and upwards to the ear lobe.

But it's going to be something

he hasn't experienced that often.

And it's going to absolutely drive him wild.

And the fifth place to touch and then kiss a guy is a place

that most guys have never been kissed before

in their entire life.

Get your mind out of the gutter.

It is the lower back.

I know what you're thinking that's not an erogenous zone.

Here's what I want you to do.

I want you to start by giving him that massage

working your way all the way down the lower back

and really getting into it.

And then this is where you're going to actually start

kissing his lower back, right above his waistline.

It is a super vulnerable part of your body,

but because you've kind of warmed it up with the massage,

now you're going to be building that next level of trust

in the bedroom.

And here's one bonus tip, when you go and touch

and kiss a guy in any of these areas.

Try varying your speed a little bit, go really fast

and then suddenly go really slow.

Speed variation can be a great way to once again,

build a little bit of sexual tension when someone

doesn't know what you're going to do next,

that's where tension truly exists.

I wanna hear from you in the comments below

which of these places have you ever touched

and kissed a guy?

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Thank you so much for watching.

I'll speak to you, you sexy single lady next week.

Bye bye.