EYE CONTACT SECRETS | #4 Tips To Impress Anybody!

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hi everybody I hope you're having a

fantastic day first of all I want to

thank each one of you for your lovely

support and for your amazing love only

because of your love we got more than 1k

views in less than 48 as in my last

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you thank you thank you thank you thank

you so much our rap name in a pizza

video they kaga poopa toga that there

was a little polling session which

happened and a lot of you voted to see a

video specifically on eye contact tips

throughout Koopa time your wish is my


and Here I am with some very easy

techniques and tips for you guys to try

out and a very short key body shorter

amount of time may in a short span of

time you will see a boost in your

confidence level so up make sure karnaki

abyss video co n tuck they cook turkey

up merry tips or techniques come maximum

fire out osaka-jo no time Kobe a sneak

arte let's start with the video to

subsequently we'll start with the

fundamentals fundamental point ahem that

we have to keep our eyes as calm and

relaxed as possible imagine a place a

bath Karim and I look at you like this

all the time you will feel as if this

girl is definitely going to have me for

lunch today and you will not come back

to me though yeh hai mein nahi chahiye

and imagine if I talk to you like this

ok ha won't let your bowl you will feel

as if I am NOT interested and I want

this conversation to just end and I just

want to skip your talk as soon as


so yeah batik near or you a batik near

eyes need to be somewhere in the middle

eyes need to be relaxed and calm so that

people also feel relaxed and calm in

your presence at the same time you also

want to look confident your be a pissy

social event my jaja be a pissy public

gathering measure people should take

your presence seriously one of the

easiest ways to look very confident is

by looking into people's eyes Mucha

Pattaya colas are tough especially when

you feel shy around new people or

strangers or around your boss or around

your colleagues but don't worry Mary

pass up killing a hottie easy technique

as you say have try constructive

and 100% it's going to work out for you

through sa opera the answer so now okay

all that you have to do is you have to

stare between the eyebrows yeah happy

instead of looking at the eyes and

feeling nervous up simply yeah take a

bath Carlo not here not here not here

but right here this portion is very

close to the eye or JFK Cecil Johanna

Ichabod karaage they will feel that

you're looking into their eye because

obviously it's very difficult to make

out the difference between here and here

serve up quick confidence ke saath karna

Algar happening a confidence quesadilla

trust me kisi KO bhi Escobar Maccabee

Pathan each a lega it's only a secret

between you and me and it's just a

matter of your practice the really

raised arm up my confidence on oshiro is

I then you will easily be able to look

directly into the eyes right here but

for your initial days Java Posada

shyness feel Athiya then you can use

this technique and my friend I guarantee

you that nobody will ever come to know

about your secret above subcommittee

Marisa me a cambric he lends a stomach

just seven take a bath Carrillo but for

a few seconds let's imagine he opted

Marisa man about you or about niqua

bothy amazing C story Marisa share Karev

I have to be a good listener then I will

have to sit back and I will have to

ensure that I make eye contact with you

whenever you are talking to me so jumpy

admits a bath guru I have to ensure Kim

a beach fish may respond carrucha biopsy

questions Pachuca bahawa Luca veena

Beaulieu or

eight-bar Mary I contact could thus

pondrá second ho giant it's time for me

to take a short break so let's say Abby

may play right side cutter of de Kooning

even though I'm taking a break from the

eye contact I will ensure that my ears

are pointed in your direction

Takia Kulig a that she is still

listening to what I'm saying and if I

agree probably make Nord de sac you okay

it's like another way of giving response

or egg barbarity in charge second ho

jaaye then it's time for me to come back

and make the eye contact once more

agar may up cope continuously the

ecclesia he if I keep looking at you for

minutes and minutes you will feel very

uncomfortable hora con la Vega kyun

lucky Negi Hayek's scanning machine er

you will definitely look for somebody

else just say up of me story shelters

ago if you want everybody to feel


in your presence then even if you're

making eye contact it is a must to take

frequent breaks all of these tips are

useful when we have only two people in

the conversation dis cometh lava it's a

one-on-one interaction obviously hurt

them too SNA over there are a lot of

opportunities when you have to go on

stage or when you have to deal with a

lot of people at the same time in such a

situation or in such a day the rules of

eye contact are slightly different

instead of focusing your attention on

just one person it is important key hum

apne attention could divide current time

to time if you keep looking at just one

person sitting in the crowd first of all

that person will feel very embarrassed

and they will feel uncomfortable and the

second disadvantages can Jovi log of key

audience man they will feel as if we

don't value their presence which is not

true if you want everybody in your

audience to feel engaged if you want

everybody in your audience to feel

equally important then we have to divide

our attention from time to time so

probably a basic are secure that you

look towards the left hand side of your

audience for about one or two minutes

then you gradually progress towards the

center then you gradually progress

towards the right or s a caretaker thing

everybody feels engaged in your

performance same rules apply for your

meetings as well jumpy ups a quick


push style or let's say you are a part

of some presentation instead of focusing

your attention on just your boss it's

also advised key are Beach which may sub

cater of deco so that everybody feels

equally invited in your conversation and

everybody feels that they are a part of

your conversation this is a very easy

rule Mucha potato rassa difficult to

Osaka if you feel shy but then you can

use the same eyebrow rule Yamanaka bath

IATA Jovi techniques mengapa this video

may share key if you're trying it out

for the first time then I highly

recommend you key up subset value uplift

friends kiss or try kuru family case are

try kuru pull us our confidence our joy

and then you can use it on the rest of

the world job appear rest of the world

Patrick Carlo the moocher comments

section is rude but honest and that how

many of these techniques worked out for

you and how many of them did not work

out for you either way I would love to


and I would love to read your comments

and yes with that it's a wrap for

today's video I hope I've made a video

helpful ago if yes you all know what the

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a lot to me have a very very happy new

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