How to Impress Your Boss (TIPS TO BE A STAR AT WORK)

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If you want to get ahead at work, one of the key people that you have to impress is your


Your boss can make or break your professional career and either make your work day a pleasure

or a pain.

So in this video, I'm going to give you some tried and true tips that are going to help

impress your boss.

And if you stay to the end of this video, I will tell you how to get your hands on a

guide that will wow your boss.

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Hi, I'm Adriana Girdler, a business productivity specialist with over 20 years in the business.

Every job is different and every boss is unique.

I'm going to share with you different tactics that you can use to impress your boss, no

matter the field.

So let's jump right in.

Work Smart.

Take a look at your tasks and try to make every task effective and efficient.

And the best way to do this is look at things that you're doing constantly and repetitively.

So if you have repetitive tasks, like you're doing the same kind of report over and over

again, can you standardize that?

Can you put it in some sort of template so that you don't have to reinvent the wheel

over and over again?

Or if there's another task that you have to execute and it's the same thing you do over

and over than create a checklist so that as soon as that comes your way, you're just checking

things off, getting it done.

The cool thing about that is you'll probably even get things done faster, which will totally

impress your boss.

How do you work smart to impress your boss?

Please share with me in the comments below.

Be Proactive, not reactive.

So if you come across a problem at work, just don't go to your boss saying, "Here's a problem."

Come up with a solution that is a proactive behavior that your boss is going to appreciate

immensely and is going to put you in a really good light.

But take this pro-activeness one step further.

Take a look at what your organization or your department does.

Are you constantly in reactive mode?

Then, can you take a look at where that reaction is happening and can you change it so it's

now proactive?

Can you predict anything and change the way you do in a sequential way so that now you're

proactive versus constantly being reactive?

I promise you, you will be pointed out as a star for coming up with solutions to be

more effective and efficient.

Be a team player.

Remember, work is a team sport.

You are not working on your own in a silo with not having any interaction with anyone.

You're interacting with people, whether it's in your department, whether it's your colleagues

around you.

It could even be within other departments.

The fact is there're multiple people wherever you work, so what your boss will really appreciate

is if you're not the one causing problems from a team dynamic perspective.

Really get to know your team, be a team player, help other people out.

It is huge.

Your boss will so appreciate it, but it'll also make your life easier.

You'll get more people on board.

And the last thing you definitely want to do when you're a team player is do not gossip.

Gossiping kills teams, not worth it.

Check out my video on some more tips on that whole gossiping portion, but be a team player.

It truly will skyrocket your career.

Ask for feedback.

Set up perhaps every two to three months some one-on-one time with your boss and ask, "Hey,

how am I doing?"

Now, if you get a lukewarm reception, when you ask that question, don't get defensive,

all right.

I know our ego wants everyone to say to us, "You're awesome and you're doing a great job,"

and you know what?

Perhaps you are, perhaps you're not.

The feedback you get is the feedback you get.

So listen to it.

Thank your boss for it.

Analyze it.

Is there some truth behind it?

And put some goals together on how you can even become better with the advice that you

were given.

Your boss will appreciate and know the fact that you really do care because you listened

to what was said.

Have a great attitude.

Having a great attitude, and more importantly, checking your luggage at the door.

And what do I mean by that?

That's the emotional luggage that every single one of us carry.

Some people are really good at checking it and others take it with them.

So what does that emotional luggage?

Triggers that get us to whine and complain and gossip and do all those negative things

that hurt our career.

I promise you, we're trying to impress your boss.

You want to wow them.

Well, you're not going to wow them by constantly complaining.

So check your luggage at the door and if it's something you can't do, you know what?

Give yourself a break.

It's okay.

Perhaps seek some professional advice so that you can learn how to do that and have a more

really happier centered life because you have a really positive attitude at work.

Stay focused at work.

Yes, I want you to have some blinders on so you're not distracted by all the noise that

is around us.

The last thing you want is you're at your computer and then your boss walks by and sees

that you're on social media or you're shopping online, which would be not a really good thing.

You're supposed to be at work doing work.

So take note that there's nothing wrong with having a break at an inappropriate time, perhaps

going elsewhere and checking out those things.

But at the present time, when you're working, put all your effort and energy into the stuff

that you're doing and even maybe do a little good power hour so that you can get that chunk

of stuff done.

Your boss will appreciate it and see what a great worker you are.

Take care of the little things.

So what do I mean by this?

If you want to really make a good impression on your boss, it's the little things that

can make a big difference.

So for example, if you're going for a coffee, knock on your boss's door and say, "Hey, I'm

going for coffee.

Would you like one?

I'm happy to get it for you."

I'm not asking you to pay for it.

But definitely, the thought that you going to get it is really sweet.

Answer your boss's emails as soon as you can.

You don't have to do it properly because if you're busy working, your boss wants you to

work, but do it in a timely fashion.

Do not ignore it and think they know where you are and what you're doing.

And more importantly, be honest.

Have integrity.

That makes a huge difference.

Your boss knows that they can count on you.

You don't have to lie for anything or try to cover up if a mistake is made, own up to


That is what you do as an adult.

That's professional responsibility that you have, but that little act has huge positive

benefits and will show you in a very positive light and truly impress your boss.

Now, if you want even more tips on how to impress your boss, look at my free checklist

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